Sunday, June 29, 2014

The partnership.
(begun Monday 30th June at 4.55am)

Have you called her yet, Frederick? As hard as it is for you to grasp, that would be the right thing to do, plus it would take the heat off you for the unpleasantness involving her child, that occurred on when? Saturday night?
See, that's what I would do if, godforbid, I was stood in your shoes. I'd call her and give her an intro to the best paediatrician in town asap.

You've got kids of your own, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, and say that there was no intention of causing harm to the baby. That Arlaine's thread on the Sydenham Community news FB page merely ensured that the quantum monitoring technology to her streetlight and power supply was activated not long after your exchange on that thread.
Let's say you weren't to know the kid had pneumonia just a fortnight earlier, and that it might be badly affected by the increased EMF flying about inside their home?
Whether the callous treatment they subsequently received at Parklands was anything to do with your lot, is unknown, but let's just say it was more unpremeditated bad luck, shall we?
If you want to preserve what's left of your carefully created cover, all you have to do is pick up the phone and fix it with her, by seeing that she's referred to the best paediatrician in town.

I've danced around the edge of your relationship with Agent Balliram for years, have I not? And it was you yourself who'd finally slotted in that missing piece of the puzzle. (BTW, as I'd begun scribbling this draft here at the desk ten minutes ago, my jumpy Owner next door had chirruped his remote to increase his connection to ours).When she'd proudly told me some years back that my Nemesis was now tutoring, and also working in all the major hospitals, I'd been duly impressed, and had gone on to speculate on my blog what it was that he was up to, at those institutions.

I'd guessed that his title would include something along the lines of IT Security Consultant, and that he'd spend a considerable amount of time hacking into both staff and patient's files for the benefit of his superiors, in between teaching the locals the art of employing Petruccione's computerised quantum laser program.
His ties to our Mr. Cochrane? However skilled the Spy who loathes me is, at illegally accessing online information, I'm guessing that when it comes to finding his way around balance sheets and accounts, he's not so hot. Enter the Numbers Cruncher from No. 12 Harris Crescent, and you have a partnership made in heaven.
Pinky at No. 6 will hack into the desired files, giving our Fred the Brain, the access he needs to ferret about, stealing the desired information. Perfect.

If you were to run this operation by your average Joe Soap, chances are they'd buy into the idea that this was a good thing, and that every avenue of corruption needs to be thoroughly investigated, and that these two guys were doing sterling work.
You're sure of that? You're comfortable knowing that it could be YOUR medical details being accessed next, and that knowledge and details of your health problems could in fact be used against you, by your local laser-wielding quantum recruits?
You're an outspoken member of the community who has diabetes, and you've already had a mini stroke? Step out of line again, and there's now a very real possibility that that could be the frequency employed by your Area Controller to land you back in hospital.
Keep shooting your mouth off about George Soros and the billions he's pouring into the various political parties out here, and it's quite possible that you'll take one spike to the head or heart too many. Ugly thoughts? Maybe, but they're the result of being on the receiving end of these Thug's mischief-making for going on a decade, and in my humble opinion, experience counts.

If our so-easily manipulated ex-City Manager hadn't blotted his copybook irrepairably with the honest citizens of eThekwini, he could've jumped ship and crossed the floor to the Opposition without a problem. As it stands, it couldn't be done without risking losing the support of hundreds of ratepayers, so they've done the next best thing, and that foul little criminal now has a firm foot in both camps. Bruce is cut from a very different cloth? Really?
See my shopping trolley? See how it's already over-loaded with bullshit, and there's simply no room for anything more?
Whether the PTB like it or not, it's Sutcliffe's brother's recruitment to the ranks of the DA that's going to cause a great many voters to do a double-take, not that it'll make a blind bit of difference in the long run. Our Mikey has been batting for both teams since the inception of both his Smart City quantum 'communications' system, and his fabulous fibre network, and you'd better believe it. His boetie's enrolment to the Opposition ranks merely strengthens his position. Brown paper bag, anyone?

My tormentors are treating me with ominous kindness this morning, and I've hardly endured anything worse than a slight increase in the BackFire frequency since I sat down here at the desk. Make no mistake, they're as usy as ever overnight, although at last they're making sure that their attacks are kept to a level that won't wake me properly. The clue? The incredible heat that I so often wake to, to find great pools of sweat swimming under my eyes, despite the cool night air, and the open windows.
Why has it taken nearly ten years for these goondas to display any kind of caution at all, and who are they taking it out on instead?

While I would happily hug all of these bastards tomorrow, the mere idea would send some of them into a blind rage. A rage that's guaranteed to manifest in one form of mischief or another, in the very near future.
Was it Fred or Balliram who'd come up with the idea of causing problems with our upgraded Blue Security system account?
Are you still determined to go that route, and to drag that company into your stupid and costly games, as you manipulate certain of their employees to do your bidding?
It goes without saying that the decision is yours, and I hope that as you read my scribbles here at the desk, you make the right one.

I'd also appreciate if you could see to it that the GW's Polo has the third sparkplug coil connector that you wilfully damaged, replaced at no cost on Thursday, and that you quit jerking my old man's chain. You laugh? AT me, or With me? See what an optimist I am? All references to my stupidity are justified, but I'm an honest fool, and I can at least be trusted to tell the truth in this lying game that swamps the land.
Yes - I do feel that this astonishingly advanced technology could be used for the good of mankind, but right now, that's not what's happening out there. Quite the reverse in fact.
While the growing army of quantum recruits sit day and night, thieving their neighbour's privacy and causing them all manner of health problems in the process, evil is being allowed to flourish, and it's going to take an almighty miracle to change the status quo.

LATER at 6.30am.

Was it pure bad luck that I'd been standing at the freezer next to the microwave just a moment ago, when I'd been hit by a wave of something so powerful that I'd literally staggered? That my old ticker had immediately gone into overdrive, and is still racing?
Is that your answer? Can you see my hands shaking?
You have a surfeit of recordings showing how skillfully you may manipulate and control both the humans and animals in our home. How our assets may be tampered with and destroyed, and our security breached with ease. Isn't it past time that you did the job you outwardly claim to do?
To employ this invasive quantum technology to PROTECT and GUARD us from harm, as opposed to the methods you've been using for going on a bloody decade?

Monday 30th June 2014 at 7.33am.