Saturday, July 19, 2014

(begun Thursday 17th July at 5.50am.)

Pure fluke that I'd seen it at all, but there it was at 4.50pm, coming out of the East at high altitude, leaving four clear streamers from it's wings, as it headed west.
I'm new to taking videos but I managed to catch it as it headed into the setting sun, although the results were disappointing, and show just the one thick trail behind it. Hopefully, I'll do better next time.
It means nothing, right? It's just some airline's new flight path, and pretty soon I'll be so used to seeing them that I won't bother to run for the Panasonic?

I dunno. I'd sat outside on the verandah steps at bedtime, and had seen how faint the stars were. No moon at the time, and yet it did appear that there was a thin veil of something in the sky, that seemed to diminish the star's brightness. Smoke from winter fires, maybe? The thick blanket of Roux's spheres, or something else added? I'd turned my face up to the sky just in case. Nada. No strange drops of drizzle-like moisture on my face at all.
This morning it's the same, and I can only just see the stars shining behind that sort of thin veil. Oddness. Does the idea that we're being sprayed freak me out?
Au contraire, I continue to find all this skullduggery wildly fascinating...

Judging by our modem's normally rock-steady lights that were playing up so badly all day yesterday, I guess it's safe to say that our iBurst signal is being interfered with, just as it was once before. On that occasion my so-logical husband had insisted the fault must be with the device itself, although he'd gone on to be proven wrong.
Another call to tradepage to push my luck with the unfortunate Bruce Poole? I don't think so. Not yet, anyways.. I'm off.

Friday 18th July at 5.55am.

The heatwave that just hit me here at the desk is fading already, although my face is still tingling.. Bliksem! I'd been rearing up since 3am to scribble notes on the pad next to me, and when it comes to the savagely applied lower-back pinch, I figure those notes make for interesting reading. Nothing personal? Se GAT!!! You want I should write em all out here? You need further proof that the astounding number of aches and pains I go on about are anything BUT normal? Keep up guys, or maybe do a runner..

I blew your cover? Man, that's a shame, but you have to remember that I'm swinging out on a brittle limb here, and there's no way I can discriminate between what I share and what I should keep to myself.
I'd have to guess that you were perfectly happy participating in this cruel game for years, before it sadly got a bit too hot for your liking? Shit happens, hey Frosty?

The give-away lights that are always active up at the Westville Farmers Market when I arrive before 9am, were doused yesterday, and I'd like to think the wireless had been shut down as well, although of course it wasn't. Who knows what I might say to the Physics Professor's wife if you were to leave me to my own devices? Are they already feeling the effects of the monitoring noose being tightened on their home, since that series of powercuts last week? Bah! Humbug!!

I'd like to show you what flew overhead while I was there at the Market, but of course you'll have to wait a while for that. Remember that tiny aircraft circling way above the choppers at the Comrades? Yep, that's the one. The GameWrecker says it's a Beechcraft Baron, for what it's worth, and I'd love to know what it's up to.

There's some proper-looking cloud moving up from the south right now, although I doubt it'll bring any decent rain. Our iBurst signal had settled down nicely by the time I'd booted up last night, and once again those five modem lights held rock-steady. Young Mr. Poole might like to put out that he doesn't need his customers looking sideways at him, simply because one dumbass powerdrunk quantum Area Controller feels like a bit of irresponsible fun, and interferes with the connection that Brucie's clients pay for.
Grumpy? No ways, I'm so darned blissfully grateful for the things that most people take for granted... Stay safe.

Friday 18th July 2014 at 7.50am.