Thursday, July 17, 2014

A martyr?
(begun Tuesday 15th July at 10.05am.)

Were I to single out any one of my nearby Monitors for a positive criticism, chances are that they'd be forced to sit silently and watch, as retaliatory measures were taken against us, in order to reaffirm their fealty to the glorious quantum Cause.
I understand the good cop/bad cop routine very well, though I'd question how much pressure is put on the good cop team to have them comply and play the game, or whether they are willing and eager participants..

I've blogged repeatedly of the methods used to recruit members from all walks of society, who ordinarily would be seen as totally upright and honest. Of how all manner of mischief and pressure is put on them, until they're deemed ripe for the plucking by the Recruitment officers for the Project.
Be it a relative, a benefactor, or even someone you've long considered a friend, they'll somehow manage to squash any misgivings you may have, and persuade you to sign on the dotted line.

You're a good person and wouldn't harm a fly? While that may well have been the case prior to your enlistment, it won't be long before the quantum Project's party line is being fed into your subconscious, on a regular basis.
That the ignorant masses need protecting from themselves and their small and petty lives, and the quantum 'Guardians' are hand-picked for the job, are they not?
The likes of the Cracker Balliram, Rajiv Narandas, and Lance Moodley would've been considered a fine catch by the Project Authors, if not entirely for their characters, then for the number of contacts they have out there, and their own powers of persuasion.

I'd gone out onto the front lawn at 8.45am to see whether Rocky's furious barking was heralding the arrival of a monkey or two. Nope. Instead, as I stood next to the bird feeder, looking over the wall into the valley, I was treated to the sight of a great deal of water running freely in the sunlight, as it formed yet more lakes and pools below No. 10.
Would you deny that as one of the initial test areas for the Smart City quantum surveillance project, we are of some importance at least?
Would you deny that those of your quantum recruits who've sat through the sights and sounds in the 'privacy' of OUR home, deserve to be rewarded more than most for their fortitude?

No, not Agent Balliram, or the Suit, Frederick Cochran, for they would no doubt happily carry out their duties without compensation, if simply for the thrill of administering pain to their quarry.
Is the fairly recent acquisition by godschild, of what appears to be a full-time, live-in assistant, seen to be some sort of preferential treatment given this hard-working and devout young man?
It's simply not good enough. Why could one tiny fraction of Soros' billions not be employed in sorting out my Excellent Neighbour's fibre to the home, once and for all, and the ongoing problems they have with their waterlines?

Why can the authorities not lay an additional pipe below their property in the valley, that could at least carry all those vital run-offs and water wastage down to the stormwater drains unseen? Sure, the damaging sewage-contaminated run-offs onto our property appear to have ceased for the moment, but I question why these good people should have this problem in the first place, although I pretty much know the answer to that one already.
Some people are blessed with innate kindness towards their fellow-man, and no matter how their Project orders are designed to disprove this, it continues to shine through. Hardly an asset that would be admired by the Authors, but one that could, and is being used to the Project's advantage.
Will she be obliged to hurt me for my praise? Quite possibly. The thing of it is, that I understand the why and the wherefore totally, and it doesn't change my opinion of them for one minute. Why don't you put that in your collective pipe and smoke it?

Wednesday 16th July at 10.35am

I had to smile at that piece in today's Times... 'Studies' claim that Facebook users who change their profile pictures often are vain and narcissistic. You think? Vain? My word, all I've ever wanted to do was to slide by your radar without giving offence, and look at me now!
Some years back I'd invested in a teeth-whitening kit from the UK, and I'd glanced at the instructions and had found them to be complicated and messy, so I'd put it away and fogotten about it until recently.
Back in the days when I would spend hours baking my fair skin to a crisp, my fangs hadn't looked that bad against a brown backdrop. Course, nowadays the only brown on my face are my liver spots, and my large chrome-yellow teeth are a dead give-away of my fondness for coffin-nails. On the plus side however, they're all mine, such as they are, and though I'm toying with the idea of trying out that kit, I doubt I'll bother in the long run.

Could YOU be comfortable, hanging invisibly in the home of a particularly unpleasant neighbour, watching and listening as they go about their no-longer private business? Personally, I'd rather gouge out my own eyeballs, but to each their own...
Once you'd been taught that the technology you were employing could in fact affect your mark physically, how could you resist handing out a bit of payback when they were being more nauseating than usual?
Encouraged by your gung-ho Area Controller/Tutor to cause a sudden irresistible itch to your target's nether regions, or an unpleasant burn, and to watch as they deal with it, would be considered by some as highly amusing entertainment on an otherwise boring shift of monitoring.

Tame and harmless fun? Ah, but that's just for starters. I've attempted to describe in my stumbling fashion the myriad ways that the innocent can now be physically assaulted in their own homes by studiously brainwashed quantum recruits.
Would YOU martyr yourself for this fantabulous Cause? Would you risk being linked in any way to a bunch of rampant airwave thugs who derive pleasure from torturing their charges? You'll take a chance? And just how long will it be, my dears, before you yourself are totally desensitised, and join in with the worst of them without a qualm? Suckered.

I rang through a report to Water Faults yesterday, and this morning they'd phoned to ask for directions to the leak in the valley, though there's been no sign of a crew arriving yet.
Someone has chosen to target our PC's modem today, and it's been quite some time since they last resorted to that ploy. Deja vu indeed. Could it be that I'm due to mail out the latest CPF Minutes today, hence the blatant tampering with our iBurst connection? Captain Lazarus? Care to volunteer an opinion on this latest mischief? I didn't think so.

Wednesday 16th June 2014 at 2.33pm.