Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turning a blind eye?
(begun Saturday 19th July at 5.30am.)

Remarkable! I'd discovered the quantum Elves most recent area of interest the minute I'd sat up on the edge of my bed at 5.15am. The spine? The old hips? No, no, this time it was a simultaneous twinge from the top of my very well-rounded calves, I swear and declare.
Another first, and how they'd matched the damage done so evenly, beats me... Do they sing as they peg away at me with their lasers, first the left, then the right - both together now, tralalaa?
I slept badly last night, but I figure that's to be expected. Each time I'd surfaced properly, it had been to extreme heat, and I shouldn't be surprised if my Shift Monitor's orders had included for them to speed things up.

How're they doing down in the Bulwer Road/Umbilo area? No, not the larnier properties in upper-Glenwood, but the little houses down by Davenport, and the blocks of flats, where the residents are stacked together like rats in a trap, with no escape?
I read on Facebook that powercuts are the order of the day down there, as the Smart City quantum Project contractors swarm up the poles to make each new adjustment to the surveillance technology. You haven't seen their vehicles with that distinctive logo? Maybe that's because many of you are shut up tight inside your homes, hoping that you won't end up a target on any given night?

Perfect, hey Mikey? Things are all going swimmingly, if a tad slow, are they not? Poor old boetie, welcomed with open arms by the Opposition, has made you all just one big happy family, ne? And ja, I have to agree, he doesn't look anything like you, and I guess it took some considerable pressure to force him into the headlights like that.
Course they'd have preferred the real deal, but as you've blotted your copybook so publicly, they've had to settle for second-best. No worries, at least it's a foot in the door.

*My Master's remote chirruped ten minutes ago, at five to six, and the pincers to my lower spine had been applied just moments later.*

Saturday now 9.55am

I'd been digging out back in the garden on this stupendously beautiful day, so I hadn't noticed the power had been cut at 9.10am, until I'd gone back indoors a while later.
Recouping some of the wastage? Doing some hasty adjustments to the technology? I'd seen a no-name bakkie-load of red suits heading up the Crescent earlier, which maybe should've raised the warning flag, but hey-ho....
It's a lovely day, and I'm happy enough out here on the verandah, skiving off as usual.

No word from our landscaper, young Vincent, as promised, and I figure he or his Handlers had decided ours wasn't on the To-Do list for today. Besides, did I not read there were problems over at Palmiet, and it might be safer were he to stay near home...

LATER at 12.30pm

I'd been napping fitfully out here in the sunshine, when the sharp sound of airbrakes being released, followed by the rumble of an engine, had me wide awake.. Someone back up Freddie's pole while I dozed? Do they intend to crank the levels even higher in ours, until I explode like an unpricked egg in a microwave?
Our power was restored shortly afterwards, at 12.15pm. A respectable three-hour saving, although I see the giant overheads down by No. 2 are back to activated in the bright sunshine.
Our iBurst connection has gone south again,since the powercut, only this time I've got a neat little video showing the modem lights jumping about, and the interference being caused to the signal. Would Mr. Poole give us a discount?

Saturday 19th July 2014 at 2.15pm.