Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mightier than the sword?
(begun Saturday 5th July at 5.50am)

Not always. In fact, very often my pen works against me... I'm absolutely floored. There has to be a reason why she's being targeted in this fashion, but typically, I can't figure it out. She hadn't reared back and crossed herself when I'd introduced myself to her briefly a few weeks ago, and I'd given her a hug. She'd come across as exactly what she purports to be. A person trying her best to help her community in any way she can. So why go after her like that?

My word Stephanovitch, but you let me down there, and your ranting generalisations on the Bulwer Safety Forum FB page last night did you a disservice bigtime. If, in one of your less volatile moments, you could sit me down amicably and explain SLOWLY and CAREFULLY to this Idiot, just why that page is proving to be a problem for the quantum Project, I'd really appreciate it. I'd be the very first to admit that I know little of the background workings of this mammoth experiment, and that my scribbles are based on guesswork and speculation.
Is it simply that I'm considered unworthy of being told the truth, or has Truth in fact left the building forever? Henry Kissinger apparently referred to the elderly collectively as "useless feeders". Whether fact or fiction, do you support this remark? Would you carefully say yes, but only when it applies to simpletons like myself? Pfft..

I'd mentally cheered when I'd read that you'd relocated your abode, thinking you'd take all manner of precautions to protect yourself from both the technological fall-out and the thugs that roam the airwaves so freely, and yet it seems I was wrong again, and that you're as vulnerable as ever. How long ago was it that I'd suggested you were suffering from some sort of Mast rage, and that you should get out of your office and away from that radio mast, if you wished to retain your sanity, never mind your health?

Too late to save your knee I grant you, but I'd foolishly thought that you could perhaps save the other one. Do you not see the signs, FFS? How your counterpart at Sydenham SAPS blows his stack on a regular basis, for no apparent reason at all, almost as if he's come to regard the rest of the population as ignorant beyond belief?
Which of course, a great many of us are. Denied the privilege of joining the quantum Warrior ranks, to be taught the art of spying upon our neighbours, we're doomed to be kept in the dark forever. By golly, I'd love to help you, I really would, but it's become glaringly obvious that giving me so much as the time of day is dangerous to your health, and you take enough risks in that department as it is.

I understand more than you know. That you have to do what you have to do, but I beg that you don't end up like the Communications officer at Sydenham, condoning unimaginable injustices, while bleating that you care for the safety of your community.
I've no idea of the stress you're under? 'Scuse me? After going on a decade of knowing precisely how vulnerable we are in EVERY avenue of our lives, thanks to Agent Balliram, I figure I can safely empathise on that score.
Can you undo last night's unpleasantness, or is it too late?

The lateness of that post on the Woollies beggar smacks of a deliberate mischief-making set-up, and the ridiculously aggressive and foul-mouthed comments that followed would seem to confirm the idea. Unkind and uncalled for, but what do I know...? In the laughable event that my support of the Bulwer page is in any way a part of the problem, you only need to say so. Oh wait! You're not allowed to do that. What a shame. (Edit added later at 9.59am: While I'd gagged slightly at your reference to people who wear two faces, I'm pleased to see that you seem to have recovered since last night's let-down. Whew! You really had me going there!)

Something positive? Can do. Blue Security had called on Friday to say that after their deliberations, the GameWrecker's account would be adjusted to show the correct cost that he was originally quoted. Halleluja! Our overly-sensitive panic buttons seem to have settled down as well, and fingers crossed, they'll work correctly in the event that they're needed, without so much as a 20 second 'hesitation' before the claxon goes off. If I were to have to press that button twice to get it to operate, and I survived to tell the tale, you may rest assured I'll share it here with you.
Have a happy day and

Saturday 5th July 2014.