Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The lying game.
(begun Sunday 6th July at 6.55am.)

We used to swim in the Durban harbour. Sure we did. My mum had some larnie friends who'd belonged to the Bluff Yacht Club out there on Salisbury Island, so for a couple of summers during school hols, we'd join them on the grubby strip of sand in front of the clubhouse. I must have been about fourteen or so, and me and my sis would swim out to the two ancient flat-bottomed barges that were anchored in the deep water, and pick our way gingerly through the sharp barnacles up onboard, to dive back off into the water.
I remember how once I'd been swimming in the channel just off the 'beach,' and I'd gone down through the dirty browny green murk to see all the rusted spars and litter lying on the bottom. Nothing like the clear turquoise water you see in the Costeau re-runs. I'd surfaced at the precise moment my sis had chosen to toss an old glass bottle she'd found floating next to her, and it had come down and bounced off my head.
I'd probably been momentarily peeved at the time, but I couldn't understand the fuss that followed, and I'd thrown a hissy fit when I'd been told we had to go to hospital and get me stitched up, as the blood was fountaining out with no signs of stopping, despite the pressure applied, and I still bear the scar to show for it.

My better half hadn't fared well when that intruder had repeatedly smashed the brick against his head, but I'm betting there were a few sniggers from the Watchers when he'd resorted to hurling a brick at me, and it had literally bounced off my head and left me standing. Even that almighty thwack across my skull that had broken my gran's sturdy walking-stick in two, had no effect on me, apart from my roars of rage growing louder. So ja - I guess we can all agree that for the most part I'm a thick-skulled and stubborn old mule, and I'm not prone to headaches either, other than the occasional thumper in summer, as a pressure front moves in.
When I take the dagger-like jabs to my head it's a dead giveaway that a nearby laser-wielding recruit is amusing himself/herself, and I duly log the assault, while emitting several choice expletives...

Whats my point? I'm simply trying to get you to recognise the difference between 'natural' pain, caused by a genuine health problem, and the erratic and inconsistent knives that these thugs unleash on specific parts of your body with their so-called 'virtual' quantum laser program. Endure and accept those attacks silently, and you could end up as I did, with infected joints or worse.
My pseudo-scientist 'Guardian' had gone after each of my elbows in turn, before turning his sadistic attentions to my wrist, and he'd had my knowledgable (sp) GP baffled on both occasions, as to the cause of the swelling and inflammation. A scan had shown that the cartilage around my thumb had mysteriously melted away completely.

So let's be quite clear. These attacks are not, and never were, 'virtual', and are being used to decimate the population on a grand scale. The Telecom's Strategist's feigned snorts of derision at my ongoing allegations, are probably becoming more strained by the day, and hopefully he's at last been forced to concede to at least a few of his confidantes that this is the truth. That the frequencies being piggy-backed through the air by Stefanus Roux's ultra-short lasers are in fact a form of advanced wireless weaponry designed to cull the population, while leaving no proof of it's employment behind.

Why do you think the authorities have taken to handing out the shiny silver laser-attracting sheets of zinc so freely to shack-dwellers, once they've lost their humble homes to one of the judiciously laid fires in their settlement?
Are you not astonished by the number of DStv satellite dishes that adorm so many of those meagre dwellings? Have you been led to believe that the technological control of the masses will exclude you and your colleagues, as you're part of the Elite?
Lawdie, lawdie, lawdie - May I remind you again that I'M the numbskull here, and that it's time you sat up and paid attention to what's happening right under your noses, FFS?

Tellinger and his Ubuntu Party? Is that the way to go? Buy one of his books, or a ticket to one of his events, and in return you'll get the secret of how to avoid becoming a sheeple? Hell, I haven't a clue right now. It's you that's been blessed with untrammeled grey matter, so get those thinking caps on fast, before it's too late, and you fall under the spell of the Smart City quantum technology, as thousands are doing each day.

Sunday 6th July 2014 at 8.50am.