Thursday, July 31, 2014

(begun Monday 28th July at 5.30am)

Who was it that had suggested Zuma's 25 year-old daughter would be perfect for that obscenely lucrative position in the Telecoms Department? If the appointment was designed to reassure the many First World countries who've invested so heavily in our version of the quantum Project, that we're getting there, then it's job done.
Jannie? Any idea who gets the credit for that particularly ridiculous display of nepotism? When I'd checked yesterday, not one of the bright sparks over at the mybroadband forum had remarked on the year that Jacob's daughter had spent at State Security, and that omission itself, stank to high heaven.

When it comes to the inhumane quantum laser/wireless surveillance project, it's the telecoms industry that are calling the shots worldwide, and without Telkom and it's bedfellows, you can forget about controlling the masses.
I'd lay odds that whatsherface isn't too shabby when it comes to operating the computerised quantum laser program, and that she's pretty nimble when it comes to leaping into a home unseen, to thieve and record the occupant's private lives.

Does she still own a boxed set of The Sims computer game, given her as a gift over a decade ago, and had she shown a remarkable proficiency at controlling those virtual characters, even back then?
You might just want to dumb down your outrage and accept that the young lady is as much a pawn as you or I, albeit a very wealthy one. Who knows but that she'll go on to distribute some of that filthy lucre to those less priveleged, unlike her poor over-manipulated papa.
Has she worked with this astonishing technology long enough to realise that her father's heart problems have been created deliberately by the forces controlling the surveillance to his residences? Mac? Any idea who that is? *studies Zuma's whisperer...

I'd lay odds you've been privy to the 'Plan' since way back, and hopefully your own quantum Project-friendly kids have explained to you how it works? Take the President's health to the brink with the wireless weaponry and he's OWNED, and he'll do anything his mischief-making advisors suggest, as long as he's allowed to live to enjoy the luxuries he's amassed? Deja vu, anyone?
The PTB had employed the same script with good old Jackie Selebi, and they'd pushed his health to the edge using the wireless weaponry, before telling him that as long as he kept his mouth shut, he'd be permitted to live to a ripe old age, and to even enjoy the occasional round of golf with Agliotti or Schabir, just as he has in the past.

So much sci-fi balderdash, and such an advanced weaponry simply doesn't exist? Has your young teenaged offspring adopted a slightly patronising air towards you, since you allowed them to be recruited the the Smart City quantum Project? Can't quite meet your eyes when you ask them to explain exactly what it is they do over the airwaves, and whether there's any truth to my claims? Do they shrug you off kindly, and change the subject?
Fingers crossed that they have strong characters, and that their fledgling moral integrity will have them assigned to the so-called Good Team for a long time to come.
They will of course be broken down eventually by the sub-conscious brainwashing that's rife among the ranks, and they will be made to see that their innate compassion for man and beast will be proven to be a major drawback to their advancement.

And ja - I'd finally checked with Cottage No. 17, and while she'd not been experiencing the pains to her neck and the base of her skull during the past fortnight, she's been suffering bouts of nausea and backaches.
Somewhat different to the symptoms displayed by myself and No. 33, I grant you, but nonetheless a clear indication of a further increase in the wireless levels flooded into our homes, and one that would affect a diabetic in the extreme.

It's now 6.30am, and a sudden flurry of jabs to my skull here at the desk, announce an increased interest in my activities. I could feel the damage done to my hips overnight, long before I'd even attempted to get out of bed, and unsurprisingly, it's faded since to a dull ache. Do I desire to frighten you with my tales of the truth? Hell no. All I wish for, is that I may pique your interest sufficiently to wake you from your slumbers and that you accept that your privacy no longer exists. Breached, not necessarily by those whose corruption is openly displayed before you on a daily basis, but by those whom you've grown to trust.

How're they hangin, Mario? Your enthusiasm for your job had you going just a tad over the top on Facebook the other day. Internet Solutions is it? A division of the bunch of crooks at Dimension Data? A quantum graduate who's been elevated to Area Controller status down that way? Interesting.

Monday 28th July 2014 at 7.40am.