Friday, June 20, 2014

The whine factor.
(begun Saturday 21st June at 4.30am)

What's keeping that vile little man from heading off into the sunset to enjoy his ill-gotten gains? I confess I'd experienced a touch of nausea at the sight of his name in that newspaper article published on the Save our Berea FB page yesterday, but it's hardly surprising to find he continues to lurk down there by uShaka, now is it?
*The little miner's light slung around my neck has just flickered here at the desk, to confirm I have company. A recently replaced battery is clearly proving too much of a temptation for whichever Bullyboy pulled this shift, and they can't leave it alone. It looks as if the side outdoor spotlight was blown last night as well, so at least whoever it is this lot answer to, will see that their puppets aren't sitting idle. *

So ja - there sits Sutcliffe, all too ready and keen to chip in with his .5cents worth at the drop of a hat, knowing he's untouchable.
Employed as City Manager for the sole purpose of overseeing the installation of this exquisitely invasive advanced surveillance technology, and to plant the seeds of corruption that now swamp City Hall.
What does he do for recreation? In between reassuring the likes of Jacquie Subban, Martin Cele, and Julie May that they're in the clear, never mind all the other idiots that he steered and manipulated down the crooked path during his term of office? Does he own a tame quantum Controller or two, who regularly spend the night at his larnie beachfront apartment? Do they share 'special moments' as they glide unseen together into his neighour's homes, to slaver over their target's most intimate private moments? C'mon Mikey - you can't fool me.

I've had it straight from an Intellectual's mouth just how addictive this technology is, and a weasel such as yourself would've fallen into the trap way back when it was first introduced...(It's now 6.36am as I update here on FB, and Rocky began the chorus, which now includes my two. What set them off like that Freddie? Any ideas? *winks)
In fact, I suspect that it's your addiction that's keeping you here, Mikey. I doubt there's another country in the world that could offer you such freedom over the airwaves right now, and your appetite for voyeurism is huge.

Was that empty cooldrink can placed there as a marker, or not? I'd spotted it sometime last week, sitting right on top of the renovated retaining wall at Cottage No. 11 HERE, and it had bothered me enough to have me call her and suggest she use a stick to knock it from it's perch just in case, which they'd done, and I've since binned it.
We'd chatted for a bit, and I'd been about to hang up when she'd come out with something fairly interesting. Apparently they'd had a meeting with Trustee members to discuss the increasing risks those occupants are facing, and she was informed that two ex-army guys are moving in to No. 11, and will be keeping an eye on the place until the latest repairs are completed. (the stolen geyser and the ripped out sink etc.)

I'd automatically asked whether they'd be SADF or Brit army, but she hadn't been given any details. Will this latest ruse be of benefit to nearby residents, or is it misinformation designed to cause further stress and misery on this stretch? And ja, the previous tenants at No. 11 most certainly had connections to the British Army, and it's guaranteed to have been Project related.
Whether it had been that revelation that had led to their ultimate forced evacuation of the cottage, or whether Agent Balliram had simply taken a dislike to the quantum Graduate and her light-fingered teen, is unknown.
What can be said however, is that she doesn't appear to have seen it coming, and that she and her gardener were forced to remove every bit of the creeper that was holding their retaining walls together, on orders from the Trustees.

If I could be bothered, I'd look back through my pics and blogs and tell you how long after that it had been, before a torrential downpour had both of those walls collapsing in a heap of mud and bricks at 1am in the morning, damaging their garage and her car inside it.
That would've been around the same time it was decided to enrol the previous Labrats at No's 5 and 33 to the Project, thereby silencing them forever? Neato.
And now we have the promise of two new players in this monstrous game, due to occupy Cottage No. 11 on a date as yet unknown, and I wait with keen interest to see the outcome of their arrival.

I could've hopped in and deleted yesterday morning's mini update on Facebook, once the GW had shown me the cause of my struggles to download images to my Pictures file. I didn't. That's not how it works, and never has been.
After all these years, readers will be aware of my tendency to leap to conclusions when I encounter problems on the PC. Problems that have often been proven to be User errors, leaving my feet riddled with self-inflicted bullet holes..
The point I'm trying to make here, is that I truly have nothing to hide, and that it's my lack of credibility alone that has kept the likes of the telecom's Strategist Jannie van Zyl, from closing his grubby fingers around my throat permanently.
I'm no threat to this gigantic operation and never was, although I've provided much needed entertainment among the ranks of the more criminally-minded quantum Recruits. Why, even the convicted murderer himself had blithely informed me on FB chat that he and his family have a good laugh at my blogs and updates, although I'm not sure they're still laughing.

What exactly is our Freddie's position over at King George? Head of IT security, or second-in-command to my own poor Sod next door, the redoubtable Agent Balliram? When the Accountant came out swinging at Arlaine's request on the Syd Community News page, did you not get a strong whiff of the Omnipotence Disease that ultimately comes to affect all the mortals given such control over people's lives? Despite his later scrambled efforts to dumb it down and inject some humour into the situation, the damage was done, and can't be retracted. Oops?

I'd sent our Superintendent of Electricity another text the other day, to say that while our new freezer appears to have at last recovered, we had subsequently gone on to lose other items, and that our TV had taken to buzzing eratically as well. You may now add my Nokia brick to that list, as my veangeful Owner has hit it's battery to within an inch of it's life.
People continue to suggest that withholding rate payments might improve service delivery..
Are they NUTS? Do we not provide an ongoing example of the means available and methods used to stop any such dissension in it's tracks?
There are more than enough quantum recruits now dotted about each and every suburb, to take on any number of would-be protestors, and I assure you, you would live to regret stepping out of line.

Saturday 21st June 2014 at 7.06am.