Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spy vs. Spy
(begun Wednesday 18th June at 5.10am)

I don't know what time he'd pulled the blue Beemer in next door, but he'd begun making his rage felt from 3.45pm onwards, when Someone had begun jabbing me hard in my left side, and it had gone downhill from there.
It's a shame when you think of the years of pleasure and entertainment I've provided for him and his Monkeys, and will no doubt continue to provide, until my last breath. Yesterday's trigger? Your guess, folks.
It may have been the few calls I'd made earlier that had brought on his red mist, but of course, I'll never know for sure.

That pic I'd posted on Facebook of the red-suit up Fred's lightpole? (I'm betting on City Lightz), I hadn't thought to check once the job was finished, and it never occurred to me to actually study that work since then. The GW had called me shortly after he'd left for the shops yesterday, to say that they'd replaced the most recently 'stolen' copper with twisted pair, from No. 12 up to No. 16, and that the only copper remaining, was from our pole to Frederick's.

Remember how I'd told you that No.16 had called me again, once their power had gone out, and I'd suggested he contact Richard of Raw Power or Howard Electrical? I'd said that as they were contractors for the quantum Project he should insist they replace the tempting copper with twisted pair to match the rest of the street, and so it was...
You need further proof of the corruption and control going on at ours? Then come out and see for yourselves the ludicrous sight of the only remaining copper lines slung between our pole and Mistuh Cochrane's pole. Hau!
When my old man had told me the good news, I'd been so pleased for Cyril that I'd called him yesterday to say so, although since that replacement the Muni have announced the resumption of the load-shedding, so his new cabling won't help him much anyways..

I'd also called Charmaine's mum to say I'd found someone on Facebook who was looking for builder's rubble, and she should call him about clearing the mess lying in the yard at Cottage No.11. During our conversation she'd told me that at some point on Saturday night/Sunday early hours, thieves had broken their way into that empty cottage at No. 11 and had ripped out the old geyser and made off with it. They'd also torn out a ceramic sink and vandalised other stuff. You've driven past that modest abode? You've seen the amount of razor wire that surrounds that property?
You cannot deny you're aware of the invasive surveillance technology that covers every inch of our street, both indoors and out, and yet, in full view of this fine array of quantum warriors, this latest 'theft' was allowed to take place, without any of them sounding the alarm.
Care to remind me again what the quantum Project is all about, and whether the Author's ultimate goal bodes any good for you at all? Elite or otherwise?

She and her family were due to move across into that empty cottage, but thanks to Agent Balliram and his latest engineered mischief, there's set to be another long delay.
I'd also had a word with No. 17 straight after, and we'd discussed the probability that some greedy developer had their eye on the piece of Trust land those five Moth cottages stand on, hence the Flame Lily Trustee board allowing them to fall into decay, and the carefully engineered collapse of No. 11's walls all that time back.
Who's been whispering into those Trustee's ears like that, with promises of great rewards in return for that land? Jecholia Holdings, perhaps? A virtual company, with virtual offices? If you were to dig around, would you find Rajiv Narandas involved in any way? Mr. Dawood?
Another lucrative deal offered to him by DUT, to put up even more student res blocks, once they can get rid of the pesky occupants of those five cottages?
What further horrors are those families set to endure before all five homes are abandoned, and which if any, of the Flame Lily Trustees are set to benefit from a murky deal, somewhere down the line?

There's been an enormous amount of work taking place down by the Freeway bridge, and for some reason I can now see the giant overheads that stand on the far side of that bridge, which I couldn't before. Trees taken down, or were they inactive up until recently? It's been two or three weeks since they began with their huge machinery and it's still ongoing.
Would you be happy to know that as the potholes and sinkages in and around Durban increase, and the water runs unchecked everywhere, your hard earned cash is being poured into this little corner of the world?
That every minute spent on that area down there is designed to allow the quantum Warriors easy access to the blocks of student apartments, both on the far side of the bridge and up next to Hugo Road? Block upon block of living, breathing, human labrats, for the likes of Agent Balliram and his cronies to experiment with?

Like I said, there'll be a fair sprinkling of students themselves who'll be recruited to this glorious Cause, but for the most part, the balance will be easy prey for the monstrous activities that take place over the airwaves after dark. Rest assured that I've grown used to your scepticism and disbelief, and I pity you for it.
Your thirteen year-old son has shown he has a flair for computer games, and you've already approached your own Area Controller about the possibility of enrolling him to the quantum Cause? They're never too young to join, right?
Does the idea appeal to you? A youngster, with no life-skills whatsoever, ushered invisibly into unsuspecting resident's homes to capture and record their private lives, to be stored on a data base in the sky? A thrilling concept?

Your young teen is going to spend more hours with his/her Controller than they do with you, and how will you know what it is that they're being encouraged to do? They will be told at the outset to abstain from sharing the details of their activities with you, for fear of adding to your daily stress. Isn't that right Zane? Prameet? Mum apparently doesn't have a clue, and you'd prefer to keep it that way, despite that you're no longer teens yourselves?
Speaking of which - Every now and then I find a mail in my gmail from a 'Simone'. The only Simone that I know would be my Excellent Neighbour's young daughter.
What would happen were I to eschew caution and click on those mails, instead of deleting them as I do? Mischief? Despite your best efforts, she is still the only candidate I consider worthy of being called a quantum Protector, and she leaves the rest of the thugs in the dust.

Before I forget, you'll be wanting a report on the GameWrecker's reactions to the systematic breakdown of our immune systems since his retirement? On Monday afternoon around 3pm, I'd been sitting at the PC, while the old man dozed on the sofa behind me. He'd suddenly jerked awake, and said 'what was that? Percussion?' I'd asked him what woke him, and he'd said it was some sort of pressure in his ears. It may have been later that same day that he'd asked if I could see some sort of rash on his side, and I said no, although he could feel it. A rash? Pressure in his ears? Headway at last? Oink, oink.

Wednesday 18th June 2014 at 9.34am.