Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A sparrow falls..
(begun Sunday 22nd June at 5.45am)

I certainly saw no threads speculating unkindly on the demise of the lady over in Mary Road. Lots of comments requesting that people respect the family's feelings, but that was all. How many members of the Sydenham Community News page on Facebook have taken the trouble to type my name into their Security Settings to ensure I can't see their posts or comments, and why would they do that?

I find I'm full of questions this morning, so here's the first. Any of you fine quantum Project warriors done a head count on the number of diabetics living in Grindrod or Mary Roads?
I'd been up top after dark some days back, and had glanced over to beyond Freddie's front yard, towards the playing field and Grindrod Place (?), to find a really keen participant has set up their property to resemble a mini power station, with a hectic number of outdoor lights.
So, I'll ask again. Any diabetics over there, whose health has suffered mightily since the arrival of the surveillance technology? Someone who suffers the agonies of the damned, more often than not after dark, when the airwaves are cranked wide open?

Who's the Controller for that section? The owner of the property with all those additional outdoor lights, on the edge of the playing field?
Time to go into denial mode guys, as here's an awkward one for you...
What was happening over the airwaves in Mary Road at the time that lady took a tumble and died?
Have you got all your ducks in a row? You're claiming that there were NO Monitors practising their skills in her home at the time? No teens huddled nearby as their Controller ushered them into homes unseen, causing all manner of fluctuations to the power supplies, that might well have been the reason why that unfortunate lady had collapsed with her low blood sugar? Really?

Maybe it's time you googled the effects of electro magnetic frequencies on diabetics, unless you wish to continue pretending that these atrocities aren't taking place as a direct result of the quantum laser/wireless technology flooding our suburbs?
You've heard of HAARP and their chemtrails, you've heard of Monsanto and the genetically modified food being fed to the population, and I guess you can now safely add the quantum laser surveillance technology to this world-wide culling experiment.
Alas, I'm incapable of writing about anything I've not personally experienced, but if I may suggest you visit YouTube to watch Dr. Rima Laibow holding forth on Codex Alimentarius and Nutricide Depopulation, you may just get a better idea of what's going on out there.

Don't get me wrong FFS. I love that in Glenwood at least, there are growing numbers of residents banding together to make a positive difference to their area. Could such a thing be achieved here in Sydenham, or is it already too late? Would the residents and their offspring rather shut themselves indoors and hunch over their PCs and laptops to invade their neighbour's privacy, than get out there and make a visible difference?
I'm guessing there are at least one or two Muni employees over in Glenwood with the clout to assist in making that magic happen?

Will the likes of Jecholia Holdings or DD Projects go on to buy up a piece of prime property smack dab on Nicholson Road, in order to put up a tower block or student res. apartments, or is that larnie area for some reason exempt from the corruption that infests our Town Planning Department?
You've judged me to be a rabid doom-sayer, and negative in the extreme? If this were so, I doubt I would've lasted as long as I have, you nanas...
The single biggest mistake you've made was to believe Stefanus Roux's claim that this quantum laser technology is safe. Given into the hands of criminals to operate, I figure I've more than shown you that it's anything but.

What you do with that information is your business, but I've an idea you're already so entranced by it all, that you'll sit back and let someone else figure out a way to eradicate the rot, just as the Project Authors had known you would.

LATER at 8.40am
I'd stepped out front around 6am to feed the birds, and was met by the familiar stench of sewage. A personal gift from our Frederick, borne on an artificial puff of wind, purely for my benefit, or something that all the Elite surrounding us are happy to put up with, in return for their fibre connections? Crazy...

I've just been on Facebook to discover that the creator of the Bulwer Safety Comm. page is in trouble. Tummy gripes, or phantom period pains?
Would Allen Spence care to find out who the quantum Project Area Controller is, for Ms. Rorick's property? Would he dare to suggest to that person that the frequency/combination of frequencies being pumped into that good woman's home cease immediately?
I'm darned if it doesn't sound as though someone is experimenting with what I refer to as the Abdominal frequency, or her water supply has been breached and contaminated deliberately.

I'd go with the former, and I'd appreciate it, if good old Al would let that Controller know that he's keeping an eye on them and their behaviour.
It'll be the graveyard shift Monitors for sure. The laser wielding mobsters that roam the streets and powerlines in the wee hours, each trying to outdo the other with their mischief. Nip it in the bud, Mistuh Spence, for the Glorious Project is becoming well known for all the wrong reasons.

Sunday 22nd June 2014 at 9.30am.