Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The veil.
(begun Monday 23rd June at 5.30am)

Smoke pollution? We've had a lot of really big fires lately, so could that be what it is? That almost sheer, but not quite, veil that hangs in the skies outside this window, over Sydenham? I can see the familiar solitary star on my right, but that's it, although I see no clouds per se..
Easy enough to blame it on the fires ja, and not many people are going to be looking up at the heavens at this hour. If they're out and about, they're probably concentrating on dodging potholes and hijackers anyway.

I can't remember offhand whether it was last summer or the one before, that had me outdoors with the Panasonic one morning at sparrow's.. A bank of mist had moved in over the valley, and back then I'd still been galloping about trying to capture Professor Roux's spheres on camera.
The results on that occasion had been astonishing, and although I'd gone on to share them with you, I doubt you fully grasped the implications. You couldn't put a pin between those densely packed spheres that choked the air, as the heavy mist had forced them nearer the ground. I'd even climbed up to the road and had taken more pictures, only to find it was just the same up there.. So when you say smoke pollution, I'm not so sure at all..

I wouldn't be surprised were it the sheer density of the spheres above us that are allowing only the brighter stars to shine through. Spheres caused by the constant collision of Stefanus' ultra-short laser showers, as they flood the skies overhead. What sort of long-term studies had the Professor done, before he proclaimed to the world that his technology was perfectly safe?
No-one had actually dropped dead during the initial 2-week trials when they'd first unleashed the technology, and that was good enough for him?
What about now, nearly a decade later? Would Roux still go to the wall, insisting it's safe?
Perhaps it is, though there's so much crap flying about on the ground between the streetlights and overheads, you'd be hard put to differentiate between Roux's showers and the efforts carried out by the so-called ground level quantum warriors.

Either my current Shift Monitor can't be bothered, or there's more than one of them sitting at my shoulder right now. The BackFire to my cancer is up, and there's a nasty dull ache at the base of my skull that has no business being there, never mind the pinch to my sides that had kicked in even before I'd rolled out of bed earlier.
Always grumbling, Missus Kazee? Here, try some of my discomfort, knowing as you do that it's being administered by your offspring's peers, and let's see if you can stay silent and smiling, shall we?
A charmingly friendly person, and I have to wonder now whether she realised how useful some of the stolen information could be, to her cousin, the erstwhile Ward Councillor for Sherwood. The eavesdropping and recording of private conversations held in most of the homes in our area, would've been passed on by Nayager and his then IT puppet Agent Balliram, to whomever may have been interested.

Does young Narcissus up at No. 16 often shush his parents in mid-sentence, and change the subject? Is he aware that their home is in no way exempt from uninvited visits made by Pinky and the Suit? After all these years, there are still any number of parents and spouses who have absolutely no idea of the depths of depravity taking place over the airwaves, once they're safely tucked up in bed and snoring, and I'd suggest that more than a few of them would curl up and die of mortification were the truth to be revealed.

It was well after 9pm last night, and I'd been trying to get the dogs out for their bedtime pee.
Sophie had been at the waterbowl on the floor in front of the TV when Someone had seen fit to nail her right between the eyes, and she'd gone straight into petite mal mode, swaying and circling about, oblivious to our concern or anything else for that matter.
To my knowledge that was the lengthiest assault carried out on the animal that I can ever remember, and though it probably lasted for less than five minutes, it had seemed to go on forever.

Which of you heroic quantum Protectors lurking in our lounge last night would care to claim credit for that disgusting display of cruelty? Which of you allowed yourself to be persuaded that there's no permanent damage done to the dog, and to try it out? Freddie? Although your good wife loves her dogs, you are the very opposite of an animal lover, as shown by your fondness for deafening incendiary devices. Any idea who was in ours after 9pm last night? Your idol Agent Balliram had joined you briefly for a little fling, perhaps?

Way too many community members are aware of the real role you play in this monstrous Experiment, and your own cloak of respectability is wearing mighty thin of late, though I imagine you're pretty much beyond giving a damn? Saying that you're tarred with the same brush as Agent Balliram, would in fact be regarded by you as the highest compliment you could wish for? Sad.
This update should in fact have been about all the positives that have come about since the 'changeover', and I would dearly have liked to take up Se-Ann's recent post on the #100 Happy days.. I would have no problem at all taking a photo each day, of something I considered wonderful, and posting it on FB for you to share.
In fact, I'd be spoiled for choice.
Will the day ever arrive that I could safely insert my camera card directly into our PC without fear of it being contaminated on the spot, and my ten-year old trusty Panasonic taking a lethal hit as a result? One can only hope.

Do you thankgod daily that your children escaped the drug scene? I see it's Drug Awareness week, and I find it ironic that you're forced to sacrifice your children to something that's 100 times more addictive than tik, whoonga, or heroin... The Smart City quantum laser surveillance technology is easily the most powerful and addictive drug available, and those who've succumbed to it's charms include academics and intellectuals from all walks of life, right down to the lowest scumbags, whose lack of moral integrity ensures they'll be appointed as Area Controllers across the country.
Uhoh! I'm rambling again. Have a wonderful and safe day.

Monday 23rd June 2014 at 9.14am.