Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Business as usual..
(begun Wednesday 25th June at 10.50am)

On checking, I find that yesterday I'd logged Rocky next door, going off like a rocket at around 6am up by the street. A few minutes after that I'd heard a heavy vehicle drive off and had promptly forgotten about it.
It had fallen to dear godschild in the end, to call me last night and point out that the last remaining copper between our pole and Freddie's, had been cut, all but one remaining strand, or I'd probably still be none the wiser. Less than a minute into his call to my Nokia, corruption to the line had kicked in and I'd been unable to make out what it was he was saying, so I'd thanked him and rung off.
My 'Protectors' must despair of me, as I'm anything but a Miss Marples, and I need a brick up my nose before I notice even the most glaring of theatrics.

The GameWrecker had mentioned just the evening before, that when he'd headed out to the shops there'd been work being done on Frederick's waterline, which was exposed, and one of the workers had strolled down past me, bearing a section of seriously corroded piping as I'd waited at the gates at dusk for the old man's return.
All with the usual carefully executed timing, easily achieved by the Monitors watching my every move, and my text messages and calls.
Coming so hard on the heels of the most recent cable 'theft', since which our new freezer is finally operating as it should (for the moment at least), I can't begin to guess what this latest production is designed to achieve, though I've little doubt that City Lightz will pitch up tomorrow while we're out and about, to make the latest alterations.

Sitting out here now on the verandah, in the warm winter sunshine, it occurred to me to keep our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban in the loop, so I'd typed out the following sms: " Last remaining copper between us at No. 8 and Cochrane at No. 12 cut, prob. early hours yesterday. MORE changes? Good or bad for us? Jane at 10.35am."
My Shift Monitor apparently took immediate offence, for, to my amusement, even before I'd hit Send a text had flown in to my Inbox from Hollands, offering me Funeral Cover for about R79.
I've had this silly threat once or twice in the past under similar circumstances, and you'll forgive me if I spit at your Funeral policy and raise you with a bucket of transparency instead.

Is Allen Spence becoming tired of my reports on the dangerous games being played by the unqualified Agents he's handed the powerlines to? Has YOUR Project Area Controller got a certificate in Electrical Engineering? Probably not, hey Al, hence the increasing number of inexplicable electrical fires across the city and suburbs.
Accidents are bound to happen as the Project Agents struggle to access your DB box and your power supplies, and one over-enthusiastic attempt too many, could, I'm guessing, have that box or a nearby wall switch, burst into flames.
The majority of us simply don't have the financial means to install surge protectors to the DB box, and the ones we have on our wall plugs are hardly a match against a dedicated and malicious Operative.

By the by - I'd had a Friend request from young Dominic King yesterday, which I'm going to have to decline, due to my trust issues with the chap.
I don't care for what's happening to the residents over in Capell and Renaud, never mind Barns Road. If Dominic himself were to deny that he is a so-called Smart City quantum 'warrior' who spies on his neighbours over their powerlines and employs Petruccione's computerised laser program, you seriously need to question why.
If this is such a noble cause, why would anyone lie about their participation in a movement designed to change the world to a better place for all?

Has Mr. King been persuaded to believe that he'll be one of the Elite 500 million of the earth's population left standing, once this vast culling operation is complete, or is he now incapable of thinking that far ahead, enraptured as he is by his own self-importance, and the power he wields?
I'd picked up my Nokia brick yesterday afternoon at 3.50pm, only to find the signal was down to one bar and the battery had dropped to just 2 bars. What if I'd needed it for an emergency? Would my panic button have worked, or would it have been blocked remotely? My spare phone's signal was 100%, and once I'd switched my brick off and restarted it, it had recovered.
Like I keep telling you, the realisation of just how vulnerable we ALL are now, since the introduction of this controlling and invasive quantum technology, would probably send you into over-drive, whether you've signed up with the Elite or not.

Am I duly appreciative of the caution which, after nine years of reckless abuse, I appear to be treated with during daylight hours? Am I happy to be suddenly mostly pain-free, apart from the occasional jabs to remind me of my humble status? Hell, yes. It's a start, and I love her for it, despite that I'm aware it's not mutual.
Even though I'm a non-voluntary Labrat for this monstrous experiment, I feel honour-bound (some of you may need to look that up) to continue reporting on the nocturnal activities that continue in both our lounge and bedrooms.
A blow-by-blow (literally) account of the Operatives who continue to feel they have a free licence to abuse the targets within their reach, more especially after dark.

Freddie? You're going to pass the buck, just as your good buddy and idol has attempted to do?

LATER at 1.22pm

I was still busy updating this post when I'd had to disconnect and go up to open the gates for the GameWrecker. It was 1.10pm, and I'd gotten up to street level to find a Muni Water bakkie pulled in at the stop street, while an employee fiddled about with something in that manhole before replacing the cover, and they'd driven off towards town. Interesting?

Wednesday 25th June 2014 at 12.55pm.