Sunday, June 29, 2014

Springs eternal...
(begun Sunday 29th June at 5am)

Does it tie in with the rest of my tale? You bet it does, but how or why, is likely to remain a mystery. 
I'd been sitting out on the front verandah just before midday yesterday, and hadheard it just in time to catch it disappearing over in the direction of Sydenham Heights. So enormous and so low, that it somehow doesn't look 'right'. The BA A380 airbus is back.
If that wasn't enough luck, I'd been halfway down the stairs at about 1.30pm when it reappeared over St. Theresa's, before it hung a right, back into Sydenham.

As you'll know, I'm not familiar with the term dignity, and I confess I'd jumped up and down waving like a loon, as it went by. Was it packed with passengers at the time? All manner of interested parties, involved in the continued and deliberate degradation of our country, before the anticipated take-over?
As low as that behemoth was flying, what on earth could they see from up there, or was the cockpit crammed with some sort of additional measuring devices to record the airwave patterns above Sydenham? Wild speculation, or near enough to the truth? Whatever. It made my day.

The GameWrecker had finally called the Electricity Fault line at around 10.30am on Friday, to say that while City Lightz had been round the day before to install Twisted Pair on the gap between our pole and Fred's, they'd failed to reactivate the two lamps. Fault Ref. 2481478.
It had been almost exactly 24 hours later at 10.30am yesterday, when I'd looked up to see a cherry-picker parked next to our pole, and I'd grabbed the Panasonic and gone up to thank them for their prompt response, assuming they were there to get those lamps working again.

I'd made it plain to both the driver and the dude in the bucket that I was delighted by their arrival, and had reminded them both that our report had included Freddie's lamp as well. I'd stood there for a while watching, as the dude had fiddled and fiddled with the cowling's innards, before I'd left them to it. Had they backed up that huge vehicle to fix the light outside No. 12, once they'd done ours? Sadly, no.
I'd gone back up once I could no longer see the truck from the kitchen, but they'd disappeared, and when night fell, both of those lamps remained as dark as before.

Course, if I could've been bothered to go up, I would've seen that deep inside the dark cowlings those tiny lights were very much alive, but hey - it wasn't worth the effort.
Some sort of message, Agent Balliram? Freddie? An effort to confirm that you outrank the officials down at Springfield by a mile? Or is it simply that the alterations to our Fred's water/sewage lines haven't been completed yet, and those lights must stay off until the job's done? Curiouser and curiouser....

I'd found a comment on Facebook yesterday, saying that there were For Sale signs up in both Everton and Waterfall Roads. So what? A small enough remark, but one that caught my interest, and I'd dearly love to know the reasons for those boards going up.
Have the would-be sellers acquired health issues over there, since the massive renovations to the storm water system, and the additional fibre cabling that would've been added for the quantum Project?
Or is it simpler than that, and it's the hugely increased foot-traffic generated by Mr. Dawood and DUT's student accommodation up behind Hugo Road, that's led to some residents attempting to relocate?
Did you get to watch that Agenda 21 clip on my update? It certainly appears that Sydenham has been targeted for some sort of stacking system. Herd them all together in close quarters, and they'll be easier to control?

It would seem that my antics no longer please either my Owner at no. 6 or his colleague at No. 12, and they'd gone after me with a will last night.
At 10.50pm I'd surfaced properly to the introduction of the Carey Colon frequency. A nasty if ever there was one. I'd wandered about for a bit before attempting to settle back down in bed, but they were having none of it.
I'd duly hauled out my little Olympus camera, replaced the batteries, and snapped off a whole slew of pics in the bedroom.
It's been ages since I've gone sphere hunting, but there they were, hanging cozily together on the wall at the foot of my bed HERE.

The only two perverted bullyboys present at the time? Where were YOU at 10.50pm last night? Hanging out with your quantum homies in my bedroom, watching with glee as they went out of their way to hurt me? Don't give me that Guardian/Protector bullshit, as nothing could be further from the truth.
You weren't on that shift, and are therefore innocent? Hey - you know exactly what's going on, and your continued silence has you tarred with the same brush, like it or not.

The clouds have gone and it looks set to be another lovely day. You might spare a thought for the many like us, deemed useful by the Project Authors as cattle-fodder, to be used and abused by their quantum recruits as entertainment. There will be hundreds such, dotted across the country, who are being set upon just as we are, only they haven't the means to share their trials and travails with you here as I do.
Defeated? On the occasions that I venture out, people are, pretty much without exception, charming and friendly, and I'm still greeted with smiles wherever I go, so why would I not face each day with hope, despite the odds?

Sunday 29th June 2014 at 7.52am.