Friday, June 27, 2014

A pocket-full of sunshine..
(begun Friday 27th June at 6.30am)

*and she's SO right. You've gotta laugh and keep hoping for miracles, or die trying..*

I've just been out front for a sec, where I'd turned my burning face up to feel the soft welcome rain. The hadedas had done their shout-out earlier, and the BackFire frequency had kicked in accordingly here at the desk.
Where had I left you last? Ah yes - Sans any cabling at all, between our pole and Freddie's. (the GW had said much later that we clearly share Balliram's feed, while my Excellent Neighbour will be getting their power from Fred's pole, hence we both still had electricity.)

So there I was at 2.35pm yesterday, busy catching up on my gmail and Facebook, after Penny had left earlier. Ten minutes later the GameWrecker had called to say he was heading home, so I'd disconnected the modem and had gone up to open the gates. As I waited, the blue Beemer had come down the Crescent and he'd shot into his driveway before I'd watched him literally run down to the Chickencoop. Why the rush?
I found out soon enough. By the time I'd shut the gates safely behind my old man and gotten back down to kitchen, it was to find the power had been cut, and the GW came down to say that the City Lightz truck and crew were back to finish the job.

They'd finished connecting the Twisted pair cabling by 4.15pm, and our power was restored. It had been after dark when I'd realised that our streetlight still wasn't functioning, and I'd nipped out onto the front lawn to see that Fred's was still off as well.
I'd booted up the computer just before 7pm and was intrigued to find that google refused to load in either Chrome or Firefox. It had taken my old man till around 8pm to discover that the date had gone haywire, and to restore it to the current date, making us good to go.

By the way, the GW had called Blue Security's Brenda in accounts, soon after he'd gotten home yesterday, and he'd also spoken to Henry, who'd said he'd get back to us. As I have the company on my Facebook Like list, I went over and checked out their Customer Service option. All I got was a blank page with a sad (smiley) sitting in the centre, so I'd left them a comment to that effect, to which they'd replied with startling speed, and said they'd investigate the problem.

Saturday 28th June at 6.15pm

The GameWrecker has had to book the Polo in for next week, and in the meantime he'll have to slum it, and use my old banger.
Could this costly run of bad luck (including having to replace the little chest freezer) be put down to coincidence alone? Or could it be ascribed to some form of retribution taken by our Agent Balliram, as a result of my insistence that the correct feed to the freezer be restored?
Had I crowed here with delight when, after several nearby cable 'thefts', the replacement freezer finally began operating as it should? I had not.

And yet the apparent rage at my cheek has been palpable, and the mischief since then has escalated ten-fold, to now include more tampering with the Polo, and some seriously interesting goings-on with our recently acquired Blue Security upgrade.
Is the fact that the two guinea-pigs at No. 8 Harris Crescent are now never far from those dinky little Panic buttons, presenting some sort of problem to the Master of Organised mischief, next door?
Is an attempt being made to have the GameWrecker close our account with Blue, and abandon the upgraded alarm system?

Blue's officer had been the first on the scene once that intruder had run off at the end of March, in response to the GW's call to their Emergency number, and again, some weeks later, they'd been the first there to assist Penny when she'd pressed the panic button. Admirable.
Once the rather dodgy goings-on with our account have been sorted out, I don't see why my old man would consider giving up their Service.
My beef is with the ease with which the Panic button's signal may be blocked by a quantum Area Controller in an emergency, and not with the Blue Security response crews.

At this point, we've not heard back from Blue, and hopefully they'll call on Monday to say the problem is sorted. Meanwhile, I'm keeping a careful note of everyone that my husband has spoken to, and just what they've said, which may prove handy down the line. Will the mischief created by the Poor Sod next door lead to another reputable company's name being dragged into the mud?

Saturday 28th June 2014 at 8.05am