Friday, June 27, 2014

Quantum Trackers
(begun Thursday 26th at 4.55am)

*Despite the glaring evidence that the final piece of twisted pair installed on our streetlight yesterday afternoon seems to have ensured we've taken a step backwards, and are now being run from Agent Balliram's pole again, I'm going to have a go at my update anyways.*

Something's up. Someone's grumpier than usual, and it ain't me. It must havebeen 4.25am when I'd surfaced properly, and I'd lain there trying to decide whether or not to leave my warm nest. After ten minutes, my dithering had irked my 'Guardian' and someone had let loose at my hip area with their cattle-prod, to the extent that after five minutes they'd made my mind up for me, and I was out of bed. baaa.....
You see now why those sillies at the CIA and their 'We're gonna control our population through their electrical appliances' was only half the story?

That they'd judiciously refrained from adding that their control was to include your health and well-being, and that the employment of pain was to feature at the top of that list? Were my ears burning while I slept last night? Does a bear shit in the woods? Shame. For reasons that escape me, I get the impression that Someone is being obliged to reaffirm their fealty to the glorious Cause, by hitting me so relentlessly earlier, and I can only pity them.

You saw the question I'd asked on FB yesterday? What is the difference between the New World Order and George Soros' Open Society? Nothing much to choose between them, right? You don't find it odd that both the Ruling Party and the Opposition are happy to accept funding from the same source? That it's most likely the Soros quantum Empowerment fund that's given Malema the means to hop back up on the stage and claim the spotlight?
If indeed this Open Society is a front for the New World Order, it makes perfect sense for them to fund ALL the political players in this country, not so?

How on earth did the ACDP escape Georgie's clutches? See, I don't think they did. Not for one minute. As I've already suggested, I think the books in that organisation are being carefully cooked, in order to keep their members appeased. That Soros' contribution was most certainly gratefully accepted, but only after a back door was set up to disguise his involvement, and to keep the good people from the ACDP in the dark.
When I'd posed the question to Michael Tellinger not that long ago, as to whether he supported the hugely invasive quantum laser/wireless technology, he hadn't given me a satisfactory answer, although he continues to insist that growing numbers of people are becoming aware of the effort to enslave the world's population.

Are you one of those enlightened people? Did you buy into another type of Trojan Horse Sales Pitch, as did so many of the loyal ANC members? Did you sign up for the Smart City quantum Project believing that you could work from within to eradicate the rot? Haibo!
And now? Nearly a decade since the technology's initial installation, how are things going for you in that department? Bugger the uBuntu Party, you're having way too much fun out there on the airwaves to worry about anything much?
Goodgod Debbie Love! WhereTF are you when I need you?
Man, I'm all for the Good triumphing over Evil thing, but you've bloody well left me high and dry, to stagger on, on my own out here. Am I just too stupid, even for the genuinely good guys, and therefore too dangerous to your own Cause? Bummer.

What am I to do? I've no direction at all, and spend my days in what is probably a futile effort to warn others of the signs to look out for, that will indicate that they've been added to the quantum chain, whether they like it or not.
There ain't no-one going to pat me on my suppurating back and tell me I'm doing okay, so it's impossible to judge whether I'm on the right path or not..
On second thoughts, it's not like I have a choice, so with or without your affirmation, I'm going to have to plod blindly on, regardless.

LATER at 1.30pm

Seems like last Thursday's mischief-free outing was too good to be true.
We'd been heading up Cowies Hill at 12.30pm today, when the Polo's engine suddenly started missing badly, and it grew steadily worse. Another of the four little sparkplug coil connections that Alpine charge a whopping R1500 to replace? Two of which have already mysteriously packed in, making this one the third? More corruption achieved remotely by the wireless-bearing lasers? Does the Pope wear slippers?

Had my morning Trackers not cared much for my conversation at that point of our journey? We'd cut our outing short and had limped back towards home, while I tried to explain to my frazzled and disbelieving spouse how these surveillance agents operate. How they will fall on the most banal of remarks passed in the 'privacy' of our home and expand on them to create an amusement.
It had been barely a week ago that we'd been chatting idly about our mutual ingrown toenails. I'd said that I keep my nails really short, and they give me no trouble at all.
You may blow me down with a radish if my Shift Monitor hadn't woken me at 3am the very next morning, with my big toe on FIRE! I'd said nothing at the time, and they'd eventually moved on elsewhere.
Sadly, not long after the toenail conversation, the GW had remarked that all our problems were costing him at least an extra grand per month, so I can hardly claim surprise to find the Polo has been tampered with yet again.
My old man has asked me not to write the details of the phonecall he took from the Blue Security Accounts department, as we lurched through Westville yesterday, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for those juicy happenings.

Turns out they did climb our streetlight pole while we were out, and they've removed the last strand of copper remaining. Oddly enough, both my Excellent Neighbour and ourselves continued to have electricity, despite those two naked poles. Magic.
When I get home for good in the afternoon on Thursdays, I generally line up the Yale lock on our top gate so that Penny can let herself out shortly afterwards and lock it behind her. Silly ja, and I won't be doing that again anytime soon.
I'd barely put my shopping down in the kitchen at around 1pm, when I saw a head peering down over our top wall by the streetlight, and another ducking down next to it. Hey! I'd yelled, and they'd both run off, shouting that they'd been looking for work. Bullshit! They'd been told that lock would be open, and they were going to try their luck, but for whatever reason, on this occasion I'd snapped it shut behind me.

Had that been the end of the mischief for the day? Not by a long shot, but you'll have to wait for the next update as I have things to do.

Friday 26th June 2014 at 7.57am.