Saturday, June 07, 2014

A stab in the dark?
(begun Friday 6th June at 3.40am)
Anything I say, can and is being used against me, so I should maybe tread softly? Julle jok vir my sekerlik? Whether silent or mouthy, my Tormentors ain't about to give up on their prey anytime soon, and I'd been woken well before 3am to find they'd focused on my hip, and weren't going to let up until they'd driven me off Cloud 9.
As is mostly the case, once I'm up and here at the desk, the pain has disappeared completely, and they've taken up their position at my shoulder to follow my scribbles.
More than one of them? Impossible to tell, but my previously silent cancer has flickered into wakefulness, and the piercing whine of my 'tinnitis' has increased remarkably within the last few minutes.

What was it that had been discussed by the Breakfast Club some weeks back? Were they told that only female quantum operatives should handle the bathtime monitoring, as my accounts of those particularly abusive sessions were starting to draw the wrong sort of attention to the glorious Cause? Easy enough to play along and agree, right? After all, how would she ever know who was really in attendance? Pinky and the Suit were never going to adopt any form of compassion, despite all the smarmy assurances that will have been made, and so it was...

Who'd handled the tracking duties yesterday? Any newbies on board? Was my Master giving a demo to impress someone? They'd had me limping even before I set off for the shops, with a brand new pain in the groin area, and once I was behind my trolley inside Pick n Pay, they'd unleashed the Backfire frequency. Charming.
We'd ended up at Wimpy for lunch. It was raining by then, and we'd taken cover at Sanlam Centre in Pinetown. I guess we'd been seated for about ten minutes, before a sudden sharp jab to my head had announced the arrival of a gung-ho Operative, to join us invisibly.
It had been sometime later and we'd gone back to the undercover parking and I'd opened the passenger door to feel a sudden massive jolt of that strange groin pain again, and I could barely lift my fat leg to get into the car. Magic, hey? Course, the discomfort had vanished by the time we'd gotten a block from that Centre and it hasn't recurred since, but they'd made their point at the time.

Is Mr. Grundy serious when he advocates that citizens of eThekwini withold their rates en masse, in an attempt to improve service delivery amongst other things? Is the good chap genuinely oblivious to the consequences such a move could incur to those who chose to attempt that route?
The authorities are way ahead of you Sir, and believe you me, they have more than enough quantum laser 'warriors' stationed in each and every suburb to deal with any number of dissenters.
Just for starters, they could have your nearby sub-station 'vandalised,' and you could be without power for a week. Although such a blackout would affect many of the Smart City recruits as well, they have long been brainwashed into accepting these trials without demur.

Alternatively, they could surge the nearby waterlines until a massive break occurred, and you'd be without water until they chose to repair the damage. You'd make a plan? You'd somehow cope? How long before your nearby Area Controller began flooding your home with a variety of the more debilitating frequencies they have at their disposal? Before you or a family member take to coughing uncontrollably, to the point of blacking out?
One of you is diabetic? Then you should be aware that diabetics are way more susceptible to the effects of EMF emissions than you or I, and that person will probably pay a hefty price for your temerity.

Your electrical assets can be spiked and burned out with ease, in case you haven't been paying attention. Denying the trough feeders access to your hard earned cash by way of your rates, could have serious repurcussions for both you and your family, and I'm not just talking about the possible loss of your home, but the loss of your right to good health as well.
Melodramatic, overblown, hyperbole? Really?

While I'm more than grateful for the few apparent concessions we've been granted since her courageous intervention, during daylight hours at least, the physical mischief continues unabated overnight. Our new freezer labours on, but it appears it's unlikely to recover to operate as it should. The television has taken to buzzing loudly and intermittently, and like I said, the sturdy hairdryer that our Area Controller had gone after so diligently a few years back, has once again become the target of his fanboy's attentions.
You remember? How he'd taken to spiking it frequently while I dried my hair, with the result that the override switch would kick in and it would die? A fine bit of fun, until I'd announced on my blog that I NEVER used that appliance on the hot setting, and that those surges had to be dangerously high to get the device to turn itself off.

Needless to say the dryer had miraculously recovered after that, and hasn't given a problem since, up until this week. Are you getting the picture? That no matter how flowery the Sales Pitch you've been given for the Smart City quantum Project, you have in fact handed yourselves over, lock, stock, and barrel to a bunch of Information Thieves who do NOT ultimately have your welfare at heart. All the empty assurances that 'these things take time' are just that. Empty and devoid of truth.

Would Wayne Grundy care to put his money where his mouth is, and refuse to pay his rates when they fall due? Would he be prepared to give us a blow by blow account of what transpires, should he take up the challenge, or will you accept that you won't find a better example of what can be done to dissenters, than here on this page?
A demo model par excellence if you will, subjected to every facet of mischief now available to our fine quantum warriors, be it beautifully timed home invasions, destroyed appliances and assets, or physical horrors achieved by the laser wielders?
To those of you who foolishly advocate that I somehow rise above, and walk away from the situation, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
There simply is no Get Out of Jail Free card in this monstrous game, and tis you who are delusional if you think otherwise.

Could my Excellent Neighbour stand up to Pinky and the Suit and win? Is that even an option she'd consider, or is she comfortable playing along with them? I find I've become so pathetically grateful for her occasional kind words that my eyes begin to burn and run, and that's just daft. I actually feel guilty that they've had to shore up their windows overlooking our home with some sort of black material, and while I tell myself that may just deflect some of the crud flying about, chances are that it's to prevent any chinks of light being revealed at 1 or 2am of a morning, when Good Folk are mostly asleep and dreaming.

When CockyJoe had emerged from his gates at No. 6 yesterday morning to play his own game of musical cars, I'd felt the urge to cross the road and hug him. I didn't, although he would've been amiable enough. Ted Bundy amiable for sure, but you get my drift.. I am indeed truly sorry for this sad array of stooges, from Prameet down to Benjamin, and across to Charmaine and Zane, who are being every bit as manipulated as we are. Elite se GAT.

Friday 6th June 2014 at 9.20am.