Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Clinical detachment?
(begun Tuesday 3rd June at 4.30am)

The latest tub of icecream still declines to freeze up hard in the bottom of the new freezer, and my old man continues to cling to the belief that it's nothing to do with our power supplies being manipulated.
When I'd queried it last night, he'd replied that he's now trying to get hold of a thermometer to measure it's coldness. Meanwhile the items in the basket at the top are frozen properly, but I wouldn't trust anything in the bottom to last for more than a couple of days at most.

It was shortly before 4am when young Cola had shot off th bed, barking, and I could hear one of the big dogs next door venting up by the road. One I'd heaved myself off of Cloud 9, it was to find that our streetlight and godschild's powerful signal booster light were out again, and I'd have to guess the newest lot of copper has been cut.
Will young Prameet at No.16 sit his angry father down and finally explain to him the real reason behind the ongoing spate of copper 'thefts' that have hit this little stretch over the past few weeks, or is the young man himself oblivious to how it all works?

Are any of the Recruits themselves taking physical strain since the last adjustments were made to the technology, hence this latest outage? All I know is that I'm still encountering those sudden appalling waves of heat, that at 69, have squat-all to do with any mid-life crisis, and the new freezer isn't working as it should.
It's pretty hair-raising to consider that our Agent Balliram has indeed been setting the guidelines for other Controllers to employ across eThekwini, and to hell with the effect it's had on the resident's health.

Right now I'd guess that the Recruits on our stretch are having their loyalty to the Cause tested to the limit by these constant blackouts, and I only hope they're careful what they say out loud, as it's guaranteed that Pinky and the Suit will be eavesdropping as usual. Perhaps you need reminding that your power going off certainly doesn't stop the laser/wireless technology from continuing to operate, and that the monitoring carries on in the dark, so you might want to watch your mouths even then.
Just in case I've confused you, our power is still on, despite that our streetlight is out, but once again, from my Excellent Neighbour up, they all appear to be out, and like that Muni electrician had said, the games being played with the powerlines are more deadly than anything that wireless can do to you. (Well of course he hadn't used those exact words, but you get my drift).
Is that how the Eggheads at the top of this quantum Project chain have come to regard the citizens of eThekwini? With clinical detachment? Unavoidable casualties of an unseen war over the airwaves and powerlines? Statistics to be shrugged off, as the quantum technology arrives in each town and city across the entire country?

Any of you watch a show on DStv called The Interceptors? I love watching how those guys go about their business in such a civilised manner. They're the Brit version of Traffic cops and ja, they're using the wireless technology to it's full advantage, very effectively. Course those methods wouldn't work out here, and they'd probably be shot dead the first time they attempted to pull someone over, but it's certainly something to aspire to in the future.
I've never been against law and order, and if anything, I probably lean towards some sort of nanny-state. Not however, to the extent that I'm buying the monstrous neighbour spying on neighbour bullshit, and the sickening abuse that goes with it.

Man, if you like to kid yourselves there isn't stolen footage of you taking a bath or at some even more intimate moment in your home, doing the rounds out there, you're welcome to cling to your naivete and shrug it off. Despite the vehement denials that your Handler/Controller will give you, you can rest assured that sort of criminal behaviour will be taking place across the country, and that's the least of it.
The first wave of hand-picked Recruits would for the most part have at least some of poor Balliram's character traits, ain't that right, Mr. van Zyl?
The Agent you've installed nearby the Mast Fighter's home in Craigavon is probably every bit as powerdrunk and sadistic as our own Controller, and regularly assaults her, using the quantum laser technology, on your orders.
Are her efforts set to stop the coverage of this controlling quantum technology from attaining it's goals? Highly unlikely, but you've allowed it to become a personal matter, just as Balliram has down here, and that staunch young woman is doomed to continue suffering those physical attacks until someone higher up the chain puts a stop to it once and for all.

Feeling down? Don't be. We're careering headlong towards an enormous change. Whethers it's for the better or the worse, may I suggest you try and enjoy the ride, and make the most of each day while you can.

LATER at 9.55am

I'd been busy working up top at around 9am, when the City Lightz vehicle had pulled up outside No. 14. They'd simply sat there for some time before heading down and doing a U-turn, only to disappear higher up the Crescent. Coy? Something more important came up? Another of the Smart City Contractors, and I've an idea the owner of this particular outfit is a Sherwood resident? Are they as trusted by Allen Spence as Raw Power and Howard Electric?

It should be mentioned that the overheads down by No. 2 were finally restored on Thursday 29th May. This time all six lamps are active, and they've stayed on 24/7 since they were turned back on. Power crisis? What power crisis?

LATER at 12.35pm
I managed to catch a couple of shots of the red suit up Freddie's streetlight pole about an hour ago, which I'll get to share with you eventually. Judging by the levels of BackFire and Knives to my cancer, these latest tweaks don't look set to be of much benefit to me personally. Bummer.
Peace. Edit: It's now 2.08pm and the GameWrecker has just come through to say the hairdryer is overheating, and switching itself off as a result. Remember those games my Controller played with that little appliance, until I'd pointed out that I NEVER used it on it's full heat? Since that time it's not given any problems at all until now. A cook-out underway perchance? Freddie? Anything you want to tellus?

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 1.55pm.