Saturday, June 07, 2014

Don't shoot the messenger.
(begun Saturday 7th June at 3.50am)

Just one of those fairly unremarkable coincidences that I'm prone to blowing out of all proportion? Hey, you tell me.
I'd been sitting curled up in my TV chair Thursday afternoon late, when my sister-in-law popped into my head, and I'd wondered how they were getting along. Some years back she used to call me regularly and we'd chat for up to an hour at a time, but once we'd replaced the cordless for the wired landline, I was restricted to sitting in one place and it became too much, so we gradually lost touch.
Pretty shameful, but she's a busy woman, and even in her seventies she still goes in to help out at the office.

Anyways. I was still busy updating my wall on Facebook yesterday morning when the GW's niece had called his cellphone to say her folks had had a home invasion the night before. Hau! How's that for weird timing? Pure coincidence that after all this time she'd appeared in my head just a few hours prior to that nasty experience? Sure it was.
The story went that the old girl was home inside when hubby had pulled in, and I'm guessing it was dark already, but will have to check on that. The chap had been waiting for him when he got out of the car, and he must have had a knife, as D had to get his hand stitched up later.

He'd tied up my sis-in-law in the bedroom, and had wrapped their flat screen TV in a blanket before taking all the house keys and heading off in D's company bakkie. Nasty, but so what, they've just joined the ever-growing list of stats in the country, and they were lucky to get away with their lives?
It's the similarities that have me so interested. One guy with a knife, acting solo? Apparently very calm and well-spoken, and solicitous enough to have gone back to the bedroom a couple of times to ask if she was okay?
I'd lay odds that he knew beforehand that the old man had a firearm, and he had that off him right away. He'd said he wanted gold, and when she replied they didn't have any, he'd left it at that.

It's a pity that the only people who've followed my scribbles all these years have been the frigging baddies themselves, and that you're relatively new here, and battle to understand my incoherent ramblings.
Jannie van Zyl for instance, will know that I picked up how this scheme works many years ago. That once you're tagged by these pseudo-spooks, their tentacles reach out to include your family and friends, and wherever they are, it isn't long before there's digging outside their home, and whole lot more stuff decorating their streetlight, Telkom's white wireless boxes included.

Hayfield up in Sleepy Hollow would've been wired some years back, or I'm the Archangel Gabriel. Who's the quantum Area Controller for that section? A friend and contact of Agent Balliram's perhaps? Ah - but there's more.
One of their two girls works up at the Pietermaritzburg Uni, and I do believe she did a course with Professor Leonard Els, and admires him a great deal. For all I know, she's a laser recruit up there, although I'm unaware of the suburb she lives in. She certainly has the brains to be a member of the so-called Good Team, although I'd be surprised if she wasn't deliberately excluded, due to her connection to me.

So ja - Now maybe you'll get why I don't consider their ordeal on Thursday night to have been random in any way. Why I think the airwaves to the Area Controller on their stretch of Hayfields would've been humming a few days before that incident. There'll be a tight pod of laser program users close by, who blithely slide in and out of their unsuspecting neighbour's homes and manipulate their power supplies to order, on some cock-a-mamie premise that one day in the near future you'll all protect one another from harm. Meanwhile, the technology is being used to create the desired amount of mischief in each suburb.

You never had your doubts? You never saw the possibility for abuse and corruption taking place? *studies the Sydenham Chair... Man, it's all very well to pray, but your prayers haven't helped all those innocent and voiceless labrats that are being abused in similar fashion here across the Zone. Those who've ended up in ICU with aneurisms and strokes, or gone down with some form of cancer.
The concept was brilliant, and they'd insisted the technology was safe? I guess by now you've figured out the truth of the matter, and there's nothing you can do about it except to continue to encourage the youth to get outdoors and take up some form of sport. An uphill battle, as more and more youngsters are sucked up into the ranks of the quantum army, and become loath to leave their laptops or internet devices for any length of time.

Why were the protests against Dawood's erection of those four blocks off Hugo Road silenced so suddenly and firmly? Were you told that many of the occupants were destined to become quantum soldiers themselves, when in fact they're providing cannon fodder for the existing recruits to practise their skills on? Sure, there'll be a legit recruit or two in each of those apartment blocks, but the rest are due to have their privacy invaded on a monstrous scale, are they not?
Crammed between St. Theresa's mini wireless base station and the Barnard Road, Mayville cellmast, they're set to provide hours of entertainment for the likes of Balliram and the Suit to experiment on...

It's now 5am, and pitch black out there. I've just glanced up out of the window in time to see a bright star wink out and vanish above the gumtrees. Funny that, as the day before yesterday the exact same thing had happened in the exact same spot, and I'd sat here wondering whether it had been a plane that had suddenly swung north sharply....
My Shift Monitors had been a tad more cautious than usual in the early hours this morning. The dog had wanted to go out before 3am, and I'd gone back to my warm bed afterwards and had lain there for a while. I'd stirred and encountered a dull ache at the base of my skull. I'd moved again twice, and that ache had persisted. Not enough to have woken me, had I been asleep, but more than sufficient to know that it's the latest area being targeted.

Could this be the cause of the increasing number of headaches I've been having lately? Not something I've ever been bothered with in the past, except for maybe ahead of an electrical storm in summer.
Do your parents know exactly what you're up to at 3am of a winter's morning? Your spouse? Targeting a 69 year old Idiot's head repeatedly, with serious intent? Just asking.
While I'm at it, the reason behind the constant flurry of laser jabs to my shins and calves has finally become as clear as day, and yesterday, as I rose from switching off the PC plug under the desk, I was treated to a massive charlie-horse from my butt to my ankle.
It had vanished immediately, but credit must be given for that stunning display of marksmanship, achieved by one of my nearby quantum laser 'Protectors'.

Saturday 7th June 2014 at 9.57am.