Monday, May 19, 2014

Wiggins Road.
(begun Monday 19th May at 9.55am.)

You're new here? You've taken serious exception to my suggestion that young Fred Cochran is rather more than the respectable upright citizen he appears to be, and that it 's downright slanderous to intimate he could be in any way involved in a plot to ruin the young DA Councillor's career?
I'd be the first t o admit that I've made some bad calls in the past, and that this could well be another, and I'll have to leave it to you to decide for yourselves.
And yes - I'm biased. For all that he's now a politician, I consider him to be as yet untainted by the corruption that surrounds the quantum Project, and I shall continue to support him until I think otherwise.
Wait for the facts before I jump to conclusions? When was that ever my style?

Besides, the only person that could give me the details I need to verify my suspicions, is the young man himself, and meeting with him isn't on the cards at all.
So, if you're unsure of my reference to Wiggins Road, and it's possible similarity to the incident in Musgrave, take a dekko at my blog, copied and pasted below.
If it turns out that I'm wrong, and that the entire event was simply an incredible stroke of luck for the Dark Forces, I shall continue to insist that the CA at No. 12 most definitely bears your closer interest.

(begun Saturday 28th January at 5.41am..)

It's full house with the kid and the Aviator down for a couple of days, making it awkward to chat to you as much as I'd have liked... I'd had to take fat Sophie out for a dump at some point during the night, and could hear the faint doef-doef of my Controller's sound system floating out from der Bunker..
Pretty much an all-nighter then, Creep? Lots to think about, while you idly hop into darkened homes around the Zone?

How many of you trashed my assertion that Nayager's last ride was set up and engineered down to the finest detail? Anyone say that once you got onto the ring-road it was in fact quicker to go to Westville than any of the other hospitals? What about Addington FFS? A hop, skip and jump along the Golden Mile itself, where they could have at least stabilised the fellow...
You want to bet that it was Nayager himself who insisted on Westville? That he was well aware of the wireless saturation at the San and Entabeni, and figured he'd rather take his chances at Westville?

By now you will have seen that we didn't make it to the Funeral, and I gather my VC has already told you the reasons why, on FB.. *shrugs... Karma? You think? I wasn't there when young K was heading back along the Bellair Road towards Mayville, in the lunchtime rush hour traffic. I've no idea what make of vehicle it was that shot out of Wiggins Road just as K reached that little junction.. I was told that he was going fast enough to shunt K's little Toyota into three others, where the kid's car unavoidably took out an innocent pedestrian, who's now in a bad way in hospital....

Pay attention here Mistuh Spence.. Remember Siripath Field back in 2008? As if I'd let you forget..
Remember how we'd arrived to find only the two tables set up, and how it was guaranteed I'd go over to have my hand painted at one of those tables? See, it didn't matter which of us got shot that day, or who was standing where, when the gun was fired.. I got the message either way, and that's all that mattered... *shrugs.. I wasn't wanted at yesterday's funeral in Clare Estate, and I imagine that there were more than a few who'd rather my VC didn't see them attend either..
Cato Crest and the Bellair Road are wired to the hilt, and according to the Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, joined us in being one of only two areas that had his highly-technical computerised anti-cable theft technology rigged up on the streetlights back in 2005..*winks..

Invisible cameras in all the cowlings, activated by simply typing in a specific pole's code number? Who's to say the driver who shot out of Wiggins wasn't operating on instructions? Who's to say he hadn't taken a call seconds before K came innocently heading along Bellair Road, and he'd revved his engine and waited for someone to say GO!?
He'd already been re-assured that there was simply too much traffic for the speeds to have reached killer levels, and that he was merely to cause a major fender-bender.. It wouldn't have been difficult to pick the kid out either, as he was driving a little RED Toyota Corolla.... In his eagerness to please, the driver over-compensated, and it ended up being considerably more than just another minor traffic hold-up.. (BTW, a driver that was apparently coming from Chats. *winks..)
I didn't go over and rubber-neck as they loaded the unfortunate pedestrian into the ambo, nor did I go check out the other three cars involved, and I certainly didn't see the perpetrator's vehicle...
I'm betting that it was somewhat sturdier than the little Toyota that K was driving, and that if the youngster hadn't had his seat belt on, this tale would've had a different ending altogether... Karma?

It's become ridiculously easy to set up these scenarios with the help of the Surveillance technology. Every call my Vice Chair makes is monitored, as he's a menace to the Rotten Apples, and by proxy Barnabas himself... The Planners would've known the route K was taking to head home, and would've picked up his car the minute he turned onto the Bellair Road, if not before... Have you already forgotten that it's one of the two cars that were tampered with overnight, as they sat out on my VC's driveway? That it's a given that both his vehicles now carry minute tracker-type signal enhancers, just as mine and the GW's Polo do?
You're getting the picture here? I'd predicted that it was possible my VC would be rendered too ill to attend Nayager's funeral, by way of increasing the transmissions in his home... As it turned out, I was wrong, but the means used were just as effective, were they not? *waves to the Crumb....
Balliram had already heard me remark several times that I'd lost my desire to go to the Clare Estate Crematorium, but they weren't about to leave anything to chance, once Barnabas had said he wanted neither of us there...

What a grand bunch you've hooked up with, Mister Spence, as they play their dark games using the power that you gave them... When was it that you woke to the fact that your larnie title is nothing more than ornamental, and that you have little to no say in what's taking place right now? Were you warned outright, or did you figure out for yourself that you were in way over your head, and that it would pay you to ignore the atrocities taking place, using the technology you installed?

LATER at 7am..

My little home is bursting at the seams, and I'm reduced to chatting to you here in the corner of the lounge, next to the computer.. A corner that has the top of my constantly targeted leg groaning under the amount of wireless in the air...
Has it finally sunk home to Balliram that his erstwhile Mentor and close chommie won't be coming back ever? Is he grief-stricken? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that would be a no.. That he'd already gotten used to the fact that Nayager had fallen out of favour, and that he was to distance himself from the Sex Pest as best he could if he didn't want to be tarred with the same brush.... He'd had a great deal of fun over the years he's worked with the ex-Station Commander of Sydenham.. Fun that he most certainly won't have shared with his Better Half..
Spending so many hours with the Bent Cop as he did, means that he too knows rather more than could prove good for his health, oppie ou einde...

My precious Cracker has shown repeatedly that he struggles to obey orders, and that what little self-control he has, inevitably lets him down at some point or other... He's literally gotten away with murder since 2005, and has probably developed a taste for it by now.. Will this save him? Geez my boy, your guess, as they say.. Have you realised yet that you're surrounded by Liars every bit as good at prevarication as yourself? Would you recognize the wireless frequencies in the event they were turned against you, or would you, like so many of your unfortunate victims, beat a path to the door of the Medical Fraternity, in the hope they could fix what ailed you?
Don't waste your time dude.. As savagely malicious as you've proven to be over the years, the slightest hint of an ailment and you'd do better to pick up a phone and call me... The irony of it is, that we bedraggled and beaten Labrats are pretty much your only hope of safety, were the Authors to decide your time is up, as they did with Nayager... After all, tis they, and not Barnabas who have the final say on such matters of importance, ain't that right, Earl? I'm betting you had to run Nayager's planned demise by at least one of Jannie van Zyl's Superiors to get the green light?

Which reminds me. There's still no sign of a tech out to repair my landline.. If you wish me to carry on stating the bleeding obvious here on my blog, you might care to override His Foulness, and have it repaired asap... Man, it's like yesterday that Tweedledumb swept into our little Sector Policing Forum and grinningly encouraged us to gossip among ourselves... How the hell am I supposed to do that without my landline? *falls over..


Saturday 28th January 2012 at 8.56am.