Saturday, May 17, 2014

A civilised citizen?

(begun Friday 17th May at 12.20pm)
Have I not said that if you read the Caxton newspaper's Letters pages you could get a fairly good idea of the quantum Project's progress?
The outcry over established trees being hacked down, or 'trimmed' to within an inch off death, in order to create an unobstructed line of sight, that the lights may 'speak' to the lights?
Residents forced to go without water for hours, while it's blatantly released elswhere in order to clear the lines for the fibre optic cabling? Dogs vanishing from often secure properties, and Wall Jumpers creating fear across the suburbs? Prozzies and vagrants setting up camp in your quiet streets in overwhelming numbers, causing dismay among the residents?

Are you one such honest citizen who sees no future for this country? At least until someone you know and probably trust, taps you on the shoulder and offers to share the secret of Hope with you?
They'll have studied your posts on Facebook, and intercepted many of your private calls prior to their direct approach, as they seek to find which Sales Pitch would best suit your character and situation.
The 'secret' will of course be Sutcliffe's quantum laser/wireless surveillance technology, and bluntly put, it's a system whereby neighbour spies upon neighbour, using lasers and the power supplies, along with wireless.

Have you fallen for it already? Andrew? Tyrone? Craig? Have any of you three spent time invisibly in your neighbour's homes, and are you a part of your local laser pod? Facebook is proving to be nearly as useful as the local rags, and you should note that Ms. Rorick of the Bulwer Community page hasn't been very well lately, and that she'd posted some time ago of having problems with the cellphone she uses for an internet connection. You may rest assured that she's been tagged by HER nearby Project Area Controller, and that as a result, her system is being battered by more EMR than is good for her.

Apparently the young DA Councillor is still coughing as well, and I'd guess his quantum Eavesdroppers would whine that they're running the prescribed levels into his home as ordered, and they can't change them.
Prescribed by WHOM, pray tellus? Special Agent Collin P. Balliram, who's tested the advanced technology with such enthusiasm and brute force on us here in the Crescent, over the past nine odd years?

Has Francesco Petruccione allowed our sadistic Entertainment Manager for the quantum Project to set the bar for ALL Controllers to employ? Surely not.
What about the shack dwellers down in Cato Crest? How many innocents have been living tortured lives as their Controllers expose them to ridiculous levels of EMR, using Balliram's guidelines?
Would my new acquaintance Professor Tony Walker, be charmed to hear how coverage is being achieved, or has he figured it out for himself, and now simply avoids thinking about it?

Had someone whispered to Mr. Tulsirum yesterday that his name had appeared on a thread on my Vice Chair's Facebook page, and had he subsequently called the PTB, squealing in alarm?

Saturday 17th May at 10am.

The power had been cut yesterday at 11.20am, and restored at 1.45pm. Load-shedding? Spite? In our case it may well have been linked to the fact that there were several of THESE huge road working machines operating down by the Freeway bridge.
Most certainly quantum Project related, it may well be that the power had to be shut off to facilitate their nefarious operations.

Could the young Poulter lad who recently relocated to the Cowies Hill area, fill us in as to the real purpose behind the chaos currently on their streets? Is it simply a further push to run fibre to every streetlight across that suburb, or does it include the computerisation of the citizen's individual waterlines as well?
What is it that the quantum Project Authors hope to ultimately achieve by setting up the means to isolate and control every citizen via their power and water supplies?
A nation of fearful inhabitants, who will be encouraged to speak only when spoken to, and then cautiously, at best? George Orwell was clearly way ahead of his time.

Does the Accountant at No.12 refute my allegations that he is heavily involved in the assaults carried out invisibly in our home? Or do his tales vary, depending on who's asking? I was on Facebook yesterday afternoon at around 4.30pm, and had called the GameWrecker over to check out Freddie's page. At which precise moment I'd taken a flurry of truly savage jabs to my head.
See now young man, if Collin Ballilram was indeed ordered to pass his baton/cattleprod/taser/nightstick over to you, in order to protect His Preciousness from further revealing his true nature, your own propencity for violence will have you joining Bubba in his leaky boat, quite smartly.

As impossible as it will be for you to accept, you will be regarded as no more than a useful tool by your Superiors, and there are already dozens queued up behind you, who are qualified to take your place, WITHOUT drawing attention to themselves, as you appear so keen to do.
Are you prepared to throw yourself under a train, simply to draw the focus away from your buddy, the newly upgraded Consultant Balliram?
Could it be Freddie Cochrane that I'm addressing here? Good old Uncle Fred, who's the life and soul of any party, and a staunch church-goer at that? Freddie, employing the quantum laser technology to physically attack women in the privacy of their own homes, and targeting their pets to boot? Unadulterated garbage?

Alas, it would seem that our intellectual and qualified Chartered Accountant has willingly allowed himself to morph into an Area Controller almost as savage and vindictive as his erstwhile Tutor, the Cracker Balliram, in his efforts to please his Masters..
A little aside here, Fred? How on earth would a Sherwood resident like yourself know that the tow-truck drivers had taken photos, unless you have a vested interest in keeping tabs on that particular individual?
That fact was certainly not mentioned in the press article that I'd seen, so...? On whose behalf does your interest lie? The shadowy Overlord of Sydenham and the Zone? The Marketing and Promotions Manager for the quantum neighbour spying upon neighbour technology, Michael Barnabas?
Reasonable doubt, Frederic, reasonable doubt is all it takes...

It would be a serious error for readers to believe that with my Owner presumably bumped up the ladder to a consultancy level, the deliberate damaging assaults would cease. That ain't gonna happen, and I'd woken during the night and lain there, stunned by the extreme pain in my jaw and ear. I'd gone for a pee and had marvelled at how it seemed as if a raw nerve was exposed at the back of my fat mouth.. It had faded eventually and I'd been allowed to go back to sleep.
Right now I can clench my chompers fiercely, without so much as a memory of that pain, apart from some odd presure in that ear.
Does this news please you Freddie? Will you and your fellow elves be back later, to continue poking away at that area with your lasers, until you achieve what it is you're after?

A god-fearing family man, who is in no way involved with the underbelly of this push to enslave the citizens of this country?
It's your call Mistuh Cochrane, but I fear you're firmly in the grip of the Omnipotence Disease. A sickness that affects nearly everyone who is given such immense power over other people's lives, as the quantum technology has afforded you.
It might be an idea to forgo your regular huddle with the Poor Sod at No. 6, and to try and figure this one out on your own for a change? Good luck anyway.

I'd had another little miracle when I'd logged onto Facebook this morning, to find that my fears were unfounded, and that they're every bit as Good as I said they were.
Halleluja! Peace.

Friday 17th May 2014 at 12.43pm.