Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Breakfast Club.
(begun Tuesday 20th May at 4.55am.)

*It's a gift I haven't got. To be able to talk sense when I open my mouth or pick up a pen, is not something I've ever managed to accomplish in all my 69 years, try as I may.*
Edit added at 3.28pm Tuesday afternoon.

Am I degrading myself even further by sharing the details of these atrocities with you? Would you seriously rather not know the options now available to your neighbourhood quantum 'Protectors'?.
Do you find yourselves both repelled and yet oddly titillated by the concept of violating a fellow human being in such a manner?
The hands-free Fiddler's frequency weaponry that, employed by a keen and dedicated quantum laser User, may or may not leave their human target with a deadly legacy?

Do you scoff at my words and remind yourself that it's your Area Controller who assures you that this latest introduction is merely an extension of the Game devised to while away the boring hours of monitoring? A game that is strictly Virtual, and in no way does any lasting damage to the target's health? Hah!

Who'd called that Breakfast Club Meeting, and why? Though he'd not said so in as many words, he finds her background distasteful, and you have to wonder whether that sentiment is echoed by his wife. The sins of the father? Bah, humbug! She is a beacon of light amongst the Dark Forces, and nothing can change that.
Had word finally filtered back to her of my claims regarding the deliberate targeting of the female reproductive organs by certain quantum laser 'warriors', and she'd set aside her hugely busy life briefly, in an effort to find out more?

Had she left that morning Meeting, persuaded that I was no more than an imaginitive mischief-maker, or does she see that there's way more to it than meets the eye?
You want me to re-hash the sudden arrival of what I refer to as the Abdominal Frequency, last year? How those individual and erratic jabs that are such a give-away of a nearby quantum laser User's enthusiasm, had dropped below the belt, and had begun taking their toll on my ovaries and womb?
Phantom period pains at 69, and the sensation of a giant magnet sucking my reproductive organs to the floor, is the only way I can describe it, and as unpleasant and painful as it had been, I'd not for one moment considered it to be a genuine ailment..

Quite rightly, as my Tormentors had gone on to discover they could provide me with pleasure as well as pain, and had become even more frenzied in their attempts to create entertainment for their peers.
Had those goondas anticipated I'd be too embarrassed to attempt to share those wonders with you here, or hadn't they cared either way?
Were YOU present during any of those sessions? The brutal physical assaults carried out on my nether regions with such glee? Do you still insist they were merely Virtual rapes, and nowhere near the real thing?

This, despite that I've found visible red marks left behind on areas specifically concentrated on? What else was discussed at that Meeting? The fact that even at my age I'm partial to practising the occasional stress relief, and that footage stolen of one such occasion was shared far and wide among the community? One of whom was our own fine Communications Officer at Sydenham Station?
Was she aware of all this grubby unpleasantness, or had it been kept from her deliberately? Did you assure her that you'd never participated in the worst of those assaults, be they painful or pleasurable? Oh dear.

Have my years of admiration for her been misplaced? I feel the urge to shriek at her to run. To gather up her precious children and relocate to a country where these brutal methods haven't and aren't being employed to convert the population to the quantum Cause. I choose to believe that if she knew the truth of the matter, she would be truly appalled by it. Sadly, as fine an Activist as she is, there is little she can do about this abuse of the quantum wireless weaponry, and it's out there to stay, and is simply another means of thinning out the country's population.

The damage that can be caused by concentrated laser attacks directed at the female reproductive organs is very real, and I've no doubt that since it's introduction, there's already been a marked increase in cancers and cysts.
I'm not ashamed to say that in the right hands, the pleasure it can also create is quite startling, and I grew to anticipate it hopefully, as Labrats do.
It goes without saying that yammering on about it here, was pretty much guaranteed to cause a minor stir, and there would've been queues of Controllers making enquiries.. Would the vodacom Strategist care to verify that? Would Mr. Jannie van Zyl admit that tutoring in the use of that particular weapon is now a part of the curriculum for the so-called quantum Guardians, depending upon their character?

Did I overlook a miracle here? Was she the reason for the sudden lessening of the foul daytime assaults in our home? Where my Monitors would happily run the dreaded Backfire frequency at it's most painful levels for hours on end? If this is so, my admiration for her knows no bounds, as she must surely be aware of the dangers that go with raising your voice against any aspect of the Project, and her home is of course wired heavily to the Project's Grid. Were her daughters to speak out of encountering unusual discomfort, would she recognise the possibility of a revenge attack? Were I to tell her that despite the apparent improvement to conditions at our home, there has been a marked increase in direct attacks to my head and jaw, mostly carried out overnight? That my huge heart, as strong as it is, now behaves erratically during both the day and night?

Did our Freddie come up with a plausible reason for knowing that the tow truck drivers had taken pictures of the incident on Musgrave, and that the two ladies involved had been attending bible studies? Just one of those amazing coincidences, or do I have you considering the possibility that our Accountant has more than a passing interest in the young Councillor's downfall, than he's prepared to admit?
The creator of the Sydenham Community News FB page had it spot on when she'd posted that Love they neighbour pic yesterday, and if you're not on board the quantum Project you can only pray that your recruited neighbour doesn't take exception to any of your personal habits, and go on to flood your home with the devastating wireless weaponry.

A bad day, or has the Chirpster joined the growing ranks of the Infuriated? Something I said Stephen, that led to you dropping the genial Aunty Jane attitude, and blanking me out yesterday? Fending off one too many curious questions? You're as good a lad as they come, boyo - but it's going to take a lot more to convince me that the Genuine Good are destined to ever win this war.


Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 8.23am.