Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weakest Link?

(begun Sunday 11th May at 8.35pm)

I admit I'd done a double-take when I'd seen it in the press. Jenaide Charles died of a heart attack, just three weeks prior to the resumption of court proceedings in the Rajiv Narandas murder case? He died peacefully in his sleep? Did he have a history of heart problems, or had he been the weakest link in that aggressive foursome? I'm sure it wouldn't be beyond the Accused's ability to arrange to have a medic create such a file if need be?

Have you been paying any attention at all? Young Veenand Singh was murdered right back in 2008, and going on six years later, Steroid Sam is by hook or by crook managing to evade justice, while the Singh family go on sans their son. Was the young Charles lad due to testify for the defence, and did the Accused fear his buddy might cave under pressure, and the truth would spill out of him?
Would our special Agent Balliram know whether an Area Controller was well rewarded for visiting Jenaide while he slept, to ensure no nasty slip-ups occurred at the trial's resumption?

Come now. Glen Nayager was silenced by the use of the quantum laser wireless weaponry, so why would Narandas not choose to follow a similar handy route to rid himself of a witness who could quite possibly drop the ball during cross-examination? Why did Jenaide's dad appear so accepting of his son's passing?
While you're all happily distracted by the Pistorius trial, this young steroid-fuelled killer is going to literally get away with murder, and nobody appears to give a damn.
Maybe you should. Especially if you live on the same street as the Accused.
Odds are high that the GymNut was among the first intake of quantum Recruits in where? Westville? along with several other spoiled heirs to their family fortunes, Lance Moodley included.
How would you feel, knowing that young Rajiv was accessing YOUR power supplies, and invisibly visiting YOUR family, day or night? A chap who considers it his right to kill not just one fellow human-being, but quite possibly two?

Would Jenaide's parents say that their son had been complaining of palpitations in the weeks prior to his demise, or was it a One Strike Takes All contract, and completely unexpected? This wondrously advanced weaponry leaves absolutely no trace of evidence of foul play behind it, at all. Neat, hey?

Tuesday 13th May at 5.35am

I'd checked out the Charles boy's Facebook page yesterday, and he'd been really quite something in the looks department. Were his folks aware that he was chugging steroids, and were they told that that could've been the cause of his death at such a ridiculously young age? While I believe that may well have been a contributing factor, I'll continue to insist that he was given a nudge into the Great Divide by the use of the wireless weaponry.
The two remaining of that little band of thugs aren't a problem, Rajiv? They've got their stories word-perfect, and wouldn't dare shop you? Happy days indeed.

Who's the Area Controller that covers Dianne Kohler-Barnard's residence? Balliram? I've no doubt they hang out with you occasionally at the Wireless Station on Ridge Road, and that they value your input.
What's with her geyser springing a leak? Theatrics, or the real deal? Although I'd not known it at the time, our geyser playing up had been the first indication that control was being taken over every plug point in our home.
Is the DA Shadow Minister of Police being upgraded from visits by the nearby quantum laser pod, to a serious tightening up of control throughout her home?

Should she invest in a large stock of the old-fashioned standard light bulbs before her existing bulbs begin popping all over the place? (We'd changed the PC lead from the kitchen to the lounge plug on Saturday, and by yesterday evening the bulb in the lamp next to the computer had blown.)
Is the sudden additional surveillance set to exacerbate her existing health condition? Happily, it appears that she'll be on the move now more than ever, so there shouldn't theoretically, be that much of an opportunity for her quantum 'Guardians' to damage her immune system any further.

What about that prefab down in the Cape? Already wired to the max, with powerful signal enhancing lights all around, to grant easy access to the quantum Eavesdroppers? Is that good woman set to encounter strange pockets of extreme heat about her home, or in that prefab? To endure the knife-like jabs to various parts of her body, as her system is weakened deliberately?
Has it been decided in some shadowy huddle that she's pretty much served her purpose, and that it will be seen to, that sometime over the next couple of years her health will deteriorate to the extent that she's forced to change her career?

As much as I wish my utterances were coloured by my own experiences, and that such wickedness will never come to pass, must I point out just how simply this can be achieved by juggling and manipulating the human chess pieces on the Project's board.
Would the installation of black glass or thick black drapes on her bedroom and study windows ensure her at least a modicum of safety?
Has her aircon system already had the quantum boosters installed surreptitiously in each unit, without her knowledge, and in the vehicle she uses in Durban as well?
To those of you who continue to sneer and insist you have nothing to hide, you clearly have no idea of the damage this technology can cause you, over time. Wireless is indeed magical, but it's a killer nonetheless, and in the hands of the easily manipulated Area Controllers, it's a weapon more deadly than any the world has seen before.

Our unreachable wirelessed gate bell has chimed out twice, untouched, over the past couple of days, and we've been taking calls on both our landline and cells that don't register on the phones. By yesterday afternoon our landline was down and inoperable (although this morning the dial tone is back, but the static is such that the device is unusable). vodacom's Network problems are the cause of the heavy breathers on our phones, and the Telkom line going down? I don't think so.

Worth a mention is this one that I'd stumbled over on Facebook yesterday. 'Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power'.
As I'd laboured to point out to Missus Microwave Boffin on the Sydenham Comm. News FB page, it's all down to individual interpretation.
Where you may automatically consider the above quote refers to our Ruling Party, I'm of the firm belief it points to the crazies running the quantum laser surveillance Experiment.

Tuesday 13th May 2014 at 8.34am.