Friday, May 16, 2014

Cooking the books?

(begun Thursday 15th May at 3.05am.)

Where to begin. Maybe yesterday morning between 3.30am and 4am, when two texts had flown noisily into my brick? I was already up and sitting here at the desk, having been driven from my bed by my 'Guardians' and their vicious games.
I'd ignored the phone, thinking it to be spam or FB notifications, and only much later had I checked to find those texts were from my Good Neighbours at No. 10, to say the cabling had been cut during the night and they'd lost their power.

I'd duly sent an sms to Spence and to Raw Power to ask that they fast-track the repairs, for I'd realised straight away that it would somehow affect our beleagured little chest freezer and it's contents.
With hindsight, I give myself a 10 for stupidity, and that my notoriety as an Idiot is well justified.
By the time my Excellent Neighbour had let me know at around midday, that they'd only just had their power restored, it was way too late to save most of the contents anyway.

If you recall, the authorities have left a handy stretch of copper cabling in between the twisted pair, for use in emergencies. If the technology on our poles needs any sort of adjustments, a 'thief' will arrive in the wee hours to 'cut and steal' the copper, allowing Howards or Raw Power to legitimately come in later on, and do the necessary work without drawing suspicion. A modus operandi that's proven to be most useful in every suburb across the City. If it's a really big job that needs to be done, chances are that a nearby sub-station will be 'vandalised', leaving the power safely off for hours, while the techs swarm up the poles.

To my credit I'd tried to be positive, and had hoped this latest subterfuge would result in the standard voltage being restored to our stove/freezer power point. Nana! Au contraire - Telkom's visit to our Freddie's on Saturday, and the couple of unidentified techs I'd seen on his driveway subsequently, appear to have resulted in our phones going south. Both mine and the GameWrecker's cellphones now need recharging every other day, and the interference on our landline has rendered it unusable, never mind that even fully charged, my little brick has taken to switching itself off randomly. Messy to say the least.

For a clear picture of what it is that the quantum Project Authors want to achieve, you need look no further than the demonstration model here at No. 8 Harris Crescent. Our home and it's contents are now fully owned by the nearby Controllers of both our power and water supplies, and of course our very existence now depends on the orders that are issued to these fine warriors of the New Age... Exaggeration? Hyperbole? Here, check my logs and you will find that I was woken this morning at 1.55am to a wall of the BackFire frequency, and a racing heartbeat, and when I'd clenched my chompers there'd been that now familiar pain at the back of my jaw.. I'd still been awake at 2.25am when they'd begun knifing my temple, and the old lower back pinch had arrived.
To those of you who steadfastly cling to the lie that this nonsense is merely Virtual, and in no way causes any lasting physical damage, you are welcome to your opinion, and if you behave yourselves like good little sheep, it's hopefully unlikely you'll ever get to experience the brutal truth of the matter, as we have.

Could Pastor Thring shed any light on the reason behind Jo-Ann's dismissal? Heard any whispers out there, Wayne? Or are you carefully protected and kept in the dark when it comes to the politics behind the scenes?
The very real possibility that the ACDP is indeed receiving funding from the George Soros quantum Empowerment Fund, through a carefully hidden back door, and with the assistance of a creative Chartered Accountant, just could've led to those benefactors taking offence at Mr. Down's repeatedly voiced derision towards the great man himself? Could that be the reason for the downswing to Keith's health recently, and his wife suddenly losing her post?

What do you think, Freddie? Anyone asking awkward questions? Questions that had you barreling into the Sydenham Community News page to dance a quick tango with it's creator, and to accomplish a bit of self-promotion at the same time?
Is your buddy at No. 6 getting you to do his dirty work for him, and you're more than happy to oblige? Is Jesus' Sunbeam set to become Jesus' Kebab, oppie ou einde?
I doubt your good wife has any idea how happy she'd made me as she'd sailed by a couple of days ago and given me a lovely smile and a wave.
Does she know the half of it, or is she forced to wear the cloak of Denial as so many of your spouses do?

Take a look at me now, before I burst into flames, and my nonsensical babbling is forever silenced. I'd bet there are few if any, who could provide a better example of what happens to dissenters who attempt to rock the enslavement boat in any way.
In case you'd forgotten, it's Thursday today, and traditionally it's been a day for additional mischief to be created. Let's wait and see...
Before I go, would our qualified Electrical Engineer Allen Spence care to tellus what causes that piercing high-pitched whine that appears to come from near the fridge or ceiling? I'd stopped what I was doing yesterday morning and had cocked my head ostentatiously in an attempt to trace it's source. My shift Monitor had hastily dumbed it down to nearly inaudible.

Would that be where the power actually enters the house to feed the box on the kitchen wall perhaps? Would that noise explain why the freezer motor is labouring and over-heating, and as a result, not freezing the contents properly?
You joined the quantum Force to make the world a better place? Really? Do any of you good folk consider that if I were to cease my endless speculations, I might no longer find myself in this position? After a decade, I'd have to say that once you're tagged, you're tagged, and silent or not, you're IT.

Friday 16th May 2014 at 8.52am