Monday, May 12, 2014

(begun Sunday 11th May at 10.30am.)

Edit at 4.04pm: * I watched at 9am this morning as a Telkom bakkie pulled in to Freddie's at No. 12. Funny enough, we'd had our first bout of interference on our landline last night, when I'd tried to call our Secretary after weeks of a problem-free line. And there was Telkom two doors up. I'd come down and remarked to the old man that it was possible by the time they'd finished at our neighbours, we wouldn't have a line at all. And so it was. The phone rang ten minutes ago and I picked it up to enormous static and nothing else. Can't even get a dial tone. Freddie? Your call, if you'll pardon the pun?*
For as long as I've known her, she's managed to rise above everything life has thrown at her, and with a cheerful smile nogal. Have things changed dramatically for the better across the road at Cottage No. 5, since her son's recruitment to the quantum Army? Is that modest home now filled with laughter and merry conversation, since Zane has been blessed to join the Elite on this stretch of Harris Crescent?

How's the young lad coping with his justifiable outbursts of rage and frustration at being surrounded by so many fools, his mama included? Has it sunk in that every word he utters is now captured for posterity, and may be Shared far and wide, or does he simply not care? As far as grey matter goes, the kid is a cut above the rest, and displays many of the characteristics so desired by the Project Authors of their soldiers.
His caring attitude towards animals isn't a major stumbling block at this point, and it's guaranteed that in a few years time, if not sooner, that will have been altered drastically.
He'll be able to access a neighbour's home and watch invisibly as the family dog reacts to his arrival, and tries desperately to escape the discomfort that the change in the airwaves causes the animal, all without a shred of remorse or pity.

I took a blow when Sue the Book had denied outright some months ago, that her kid had joined the quantum Project, and I confess I've avoided contact with her since then. I was told yesterday that she feels she might have offended me in some way, so I'd sent her a text that had said something along these lines: ' Offended you? You denied Z was on the quantum Project and I'm trying to get over myself.' And I'd added a smiley face. Sometime later her astonishing reply had popped into my Inbox. It kicked off by saying "Is that all?" and had continued in chatty vein on the subject of cats. Had she checked with her son before sending me that text reply? Had he given it the all-clear before she'd hit Send?

Heavens to Betsy, Zane! Does your mama know ANY of the details of this megalomaniac-inducing technology at all? Of what it is that you do during all the hours you're hunched over your laptop, causing resident's power supplies to fluctuate dangerously, as you access their privacy unseen? Is that ALL? *chokes..
I'll get over your dear mama's unfortunate denial soon enough, but it might be an idea if you were to warn her not to ask after my health? After all, there's a strong possibility that you yourself could answer that question, is there not?

Do you continue to allow yourselves to be encouraged to believe that I'm over-dramatising the negative aspects of what is basically a Noble cause, designed to save the country from total ruin? The hell I am! Martin? You're a Spin Doctor, and also his designated Shadow, right?
That's cool dude, and as long as you see to it that both his and his mama's Area Controllers quit their mischief altogether, we're good. No more of the Throat Choker frequency, or targeting the fellow's jaw until an abscess forms, and no more of the flu-like symptoms either.
If Michael Barnabas and his cronies thought they could have some fun after that blatant Ward demarcation, you might care to filter word back to him to back off. To stop manipulating the Sydenham community, and to leave them to make up their own minds.

At around 10am yesterday morning, me and my old man had removed the lead feeding the computer from the power point behind the stove and freezer, and had found a home for it in the lounge instead. This had been in the hope that the interference to that feed caused by an endless influx of student hackers to our PC may be the reason why the freezer is running at it's lowest output.
It's not something that can be rectified remotely, despite that my Controller has access to each and every power point in our home?
The icecream remains in liquid form a day later, and I've just sent a text to that virtuous City official, Allen Spence, to say: 'We moved the PC plug off the stove/deepfreeze wall point yesterday in hopes that freezer would improve and it hasn't. Everything is running dumbed to within an inch of shutdown and needs your attention. Jane. 11.45am.'

How do I know for sure that he gets my texts? I don't, and it would be a simple matter for my Controller to block them, which is why I repeat them here on my updates. Whether the power to the freezer is restored to standard levels or not, I guess you're all getting to realise just how deeply our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban is involved in the total eradication of your privacy, and in the control of your electrical appliances and devices.

Monday 12th May 2014 at 3.03pm