Monday, May 26, 2014

The Devil made me do it.
(Monday 26th May at 9.45am.)

Nope. I'd veered off the road to rehabilitation and sheepdom all on my own, without any outside influence whatsoever. My trademark brain fart had kicked in and I'd messaged young Rajiv to say he might consider having his latest Facebook front page images air-brushed, to remove that offensive dangly bit.
I've no defense for that mindless stupidity on my part, and he was back shortly afterwards to give me a piece of what's left of his mind. He'd implied that I had it in for him, to which I'd said the only reason he bothered me at all, was the fact that he was on the quantum Smart City Grid and free to violate his neighbour's privacy.

Did he get to see my reply before my Shift Handler or Rajiv himself had blocked that message in red? I'd given a snort of laughter at the sight of it, just before all hell broke loose, and Someone had hit my kid's border-collie with the frequency that sends them into a mindless frenzy. I've described to you before how they can be woken from a dead sleep to snarl and bark as if there were an intruder just feet away? How totally terrified they become, in an instant?
These quantum goondas have had since Saturday to find that pup's specific wavelength, and Someone had used that information to great effect, to make a point. Just a pity that the perpetrator of that little feat was restricted to an audience of only one who would fully appreciate what was happening.

Who was it that hadn't cared for me communicating with the young killer? Why not? Does Someone perhaps do the books for the Narandas family as well, or was it simply another ego trip for my newly elevated Controller? Would the Law Officers involved in this nefarious surveillance operation grind their teeth and say they're monitoring that young man 24/7 anyway, and are just waiting for him to put a foot wrong before they pounce? Rubbish.
Meanwhile, he's allowed to use the laser program himself, and to violate his own neighbour's privacy whenever he pleases? What's wrong with this picture, FFS?
Oddly enough, while I find it perfectly acceptable to have had my reply to Rajiv blocked like that, I find it totally unnecessary to go after the innocent dog as well.
Omnipotence disease, much? It appears that Agent Balliram's proxies/Graduates have all learned their skills at the feet of a Master of Overkill, with the result that their efforts are simply lame and excessively unpleasant.

My CPF Secretary sent me a text earlier to say she's battling to send a draft of the current Minutes through to my gmail. A new problem, where one didn't exist? More mischief to amuse the bored recruits? Should I perhaps mail Sydenham SAPS and express my disgust at the possibility there's corruption directed at CPF business online? To state that I'm well aware that the majority of cellphones in the area, and certainly those of our CPF Members, have been hacked, and calls intercepted without any form of official documentation at all?

You really should ask yourselves what sort of a person would abuse an innocent animal in that fashion, merely to make a point to its owner. The sort of person you're comfortable to have hanging invisibly on the walls inside your home, recording your every word and action for their nameless superiors? As always, it's your call.

Monday 26th may 2014 at 1.51pm