Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ever been had?
(begun Friday 30th May at 3.30am.)

Are you getting on in years, as we are? Do you potter around your home and garden with your panic button device always to hand? Strung around your withered neck, as mine is? Can it be employed by my Monitors as an added target marker? A little beacon of wireless technology that quite possibly shows up on their screens, and stands out from the rest of the image? Wouldn't that be handy?

How many of you were in my room earlier? A bunch of you, all chatting about your recent achievements, while casually hitting me with this and that, or just the one Creative Director pandering to it's own satisfaction? Around 2am I'd become aware of the almost ovepowering smell of what? Some sort of paint or chemical substance? A droog nearby applying a fresh coat of laser-attracting lumo paint to the walls? Not necessarily.
Those magical artificially created funnels of wind could most certainly be employed to assail your nostrils with any number of different scents, from sewage to the body-odour of an intruder. The latter is one which is quite possibly used at times, to send one or both of our own animals into a frenzy, for no visible reason.
Subliminal messaging at it's most cunning, although I tend to think that the stench I could smell earlier was very real, though why at that ungodly hour, beats me.

Have you noticed your houselights running dimmer than usual? Hell, I've remarked often enough of how the wall lights in the lounge drop down to a deep murky orange, and how I deduced that our Controller was on some sort of economy drive. My maddeningly logical better-half is having none of it, and continues to snort at the suggestion that it's the power feed that's affecting our new freezer, just as it was the old one.
Pointless calling out an electrician to measure the output from that plug, as it's 100% guaranteed his device would read normal for the duration of his visit at least.
A similar scenario would be complaints received that a nearby cellmast was affecting resident's health, and Professor Els might be called out with his recording devices. The appointment would have been noted by the Mast Operator in advance, and without a doubt those emissions would be running at standard levels on the day of Leonard's visit.

So ja, Mistuh Spence, whether you bothered to raise your voice or not, it's been to no avail, and our new freezer is battling to do it's job just as the old one had, once the feed to the fridge plug and microwave was restored back to normal during the change-over some months back.

Why had it taken her so long to get involved? I'd sent her a mail way back, even before I'd discovered it was the Smart City quantum Project that was being used to control every aspect of our lives. I'd asked if she and R could intercede on our behalf to at least have the remote physical assaults stopped. At this stage I don't recall whether she'd replied, and I question whether she ever got that desperate note, or whether it was blocked by my Area Controller at the time.
If she'd received it, had she tossed it aside as imaginitive lies? What was it that had changed her mind recently? My Vice Chair's kind words at our AGM? Surely not.
While she most certainly doesn't have the time to wade through my incoherent outbursts here on FB, I'm hoping against hope that she at least has someone she trusts, keeping an eye on me, and that they are aware that the experiences I record here are the truth.

Do you seriously consider I'm off the hook? Does it suit you to tell yourselves I should be grateful for the mercy I'm being shown during daylight hours at least, and I should duly STFU?
Bad luck, dudes and dudettes. For as long as these attacks continue, you're going to have to put up with my roars of outrage.
Someone is of the opinion they're onto a good thing going after the lymphglands in my neck, and that delight has recently been reintroduced.
My fillings will suddenly ache on either side, top or bottom, and when I wake in the night and clench my jaw, I'm very aware that the Elves have been at it again. This seldom if ever occurs during daylight hours.

The young DA Councillor posts that he now has chest pains to add to his woes. Would covering his bedroom windows with black material and pulling out his wall plugs at night alleviate those pains at all, or would his Area Controller still be able to reach him with ease, to jab away at his chest with their wireless bearing lasers?
There are many other unfortunate and innocent citizens across the city who are feeling the effects of this deadly weaponry, and who are baffled by it.
The flu-like symptoms that keep recurring, and the debilitating pain of what appears to be early onset arthritis?

Doom and gloom, and nothing but negativity? Is that how you see my posts? If so, I'd have to guess that you're already a part of the Elite quantum army, and as such you've allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into believing that dissenters are of a lower-order, and must take what's coming to them.
Are you impressed by what's taking place on the Berea/Umbilo side? The cheerful couple who arrived with a bang to clean up the neighbourhood, and to motivate the residents to follow suit and participate?
A truly positive initiative, and one that hopefully will catch on and spread to other areas.
Will there be further Converts to the glorious quantum Cause created during those pick-up sessions? Will the benefits of joining the Rainbow Army be raised subtlely, as you spear the litter? Who knows...

LATER at 6.45am

Having commented here on the happy possibility that godschild's sewage problems were a thing of the past, Someone goes out of their way to show me I was wrong.
The GameWrecker arrives home from the shops to a wave of eau de turd, and when I open the verandah door first thing in the morning, it's almost as if the entire valley below were a slow moving field of raw sludge.
The question is - Is it for Real, or simply a virtual wave of pong, set up to assail our nostrils alone?
Not by any means an impossible concept, believe you me, and one that bothers us less each day.
Have a good one and


Friday 30th May 2014 at 8.03am.