Monday, May 26, 2014

Brothers in arms?
(begun Sunday 25th May at 5.25am)

*Edit added at the end.

I'd missed it coming into the valley, but the dogs had me up in time to see it leave. At 2.10pm yesterday afternoon I'd watched the silver roof of a 4x4 as it made it's way below our wall, back towards Jan Smuts Highway. So what?
Supposedly, the terrain was impassable, and even SAPS had said their 4x4 couldn't access that stretch, so I figure something's been changed down by No. 2, that's made the impassable possible.

I'd like to think it was someone coming in to check on all the work that had been done higher up by Freddie's last week. We'd heard the whacker going and the sounds of much digging and cutting, and someone appears to have also cleared a patch of overgrown grass below those boundary walls where the sewage manhole covers are.
Could all that labour be the reason why we've not noticed the overwhelming au de sewage pong for days? Course, our line could still back up at the drop of a 'hat', but it would be nice to think that godschild's problems were sorted at last.

The quantum Project's brothers-in-arms had been back at it last night. I've no idea what had woken me at around 11pm, but I'd been awake enough to feel the next nasty jolt aimed at my heart, and had jotted it down on their report card.
One of them had gone on to employ a mild version of the Fiddler's frequency, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it at the time.

Do you continue to find my allegations outrageous, and totally unbelievable? My claims that the booming Security Industry are well aware of the quantum laser/wireless technology, and the ease with which it can be employed to intercept and corrupt even the most sophisticated system installed? That SACan are also well aware of this? The fact that your trusty guard dogs can be silenced temporarily by a bunch of well-aimed wireless-bearing lasers, to allow a home invasion to take place? You find the suggestion ludicrous, and yet the remote demonstrations carried out on our two little animals, proves without a doubt that this can be easily achieved.

I've no doubt that some of the crims will resort to using pepper spray and the like, but there'll be dozens of instances where the targeted owners remain baffled by their dog's silence, and the vet will be unable to explain it either. Was it this particular revelation that had irked our amiable Stephanovitch recently? Would he rather that I'd kept this particular dirty secret to myself?

Remember me, Poisonous Rabbit? The demented stooge, constantly being fed snippets of misinformation that I might go and froth about them on my blog, to cause hilarity among Van Zyl's quantum recruits?
Seems I've done rather better without their input, does it not?
Seems that somehow, through sheer luck and the odd miracle here and there, I've nailed it, and I'd be surprised were you not yourself a fully-fledged Area Controller by now. Are your own beloved dogs taking strain from the wildly fluctuating EMR levels down your way? Do you work from home, or are you forced to leave them on their own for periods of time during the day?

Some of the bigger dogs are pretty vocal when they're hit unexpectedly by an increased or changed burst of wireless frequencies, and it's pretty disturbing to hear, although many owners will shrug it off and say the animal is just 'being silly'.
Do you happily swallow the lie that it's Dogfighting Syndicates that are behind the huge increase in missing/stolen animals across the country, or do you see it for what it really is?
Another carefully engineered plot to cause further misery and distress to a section of the public who genuinely care for their animals? Who regard their 4-footed beasts as family, and would do pretty much anything to protect them from harm, including sign up for a neighbour spying on neighbour technology that promises both them and their pets safety?

How do they prevent the vast and ever growing quantum army recruits from letting the cat out of the bag to the wrong people? By demonstrating regularly exactly what happens to those who can't keep their mouths shut. Ain't that right, Janneman? Ms. Dorny is a nuisance, and actually presents a threat to the number of cellmasts required to run this show at it's optimum, hence the ongoing physical attacks she endures at her home in Craigavon.
Do you share the stolen footage taken of her, as she reels under those painful remote assaults? You bet you do, as it will certainly serve to keep your own minions in line.

LATER at 6.55am

My Owner wishes me to note that he left his property at 6.40am. The shiny black open-bed bakkie appears to have replaced THIS charcoal vehicle on the far side of his drive, and the sound of it's V-8 engine can carry right through to our lounge. It hadn't been a South West registation number after all, and is probably on loan by a nearby adoring fan.
You find it odd that a Special Operative would choose to employ such a noisy vehicle for his covert comings and goings?
On the contrary, I've seen it slide onto his driveway without a sound, and I'm guessing he only revs that engine when he wants to make a point of being seen either coming or going.
Silliness in the extreme, but if it makes the Poor Sod feel more like a proper spy, why not?

LATER at 10.00am

Less than half an hour after posting the above update, my critics had let their lack of appreciation be made known to me in no small fashion.
I'd been sitting up on the top step, enjoying the view, when one of them began 'stroking' my heart uncomfortably.
Shortly afterwards I'd gone back down and was shutting the courtyard door, when I was hit hard in the small of my back. A vicious pinch that looks pretty much set to say indefinitely, despite my audible whines.

Who was so angered by my comments that they're going all out for retribution in such a manner? The Accountant? Why would he care? Had the Telecom's Strategist used his hotline to call one of my nearby Controllers and insist on payback? Has that ploy EVER been successful in the past? Seriously?
Has hurting me physically ever resulted in my silence? No. But if it makes you all feel that much better then..... *vomits.

Sunday 25th May 2014 at 11.45am.