Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All rise.

(begun Wednesday 21st May at 4.30am.)

Are you awake? Did you see that? I'd just remarked aloud to my Shift Monitor how pretty the sky is, when the whole thing lit up! A giant thunderhead out to sea, behind St. Theresa's, but it's too far away to hear any rumblings..
For the last two nights I'd seriously thought an attempt was being made to cook us out of house and home, and if you were in ours last night, you will have seen how many times I'd had to hastily shed my warm top, due to the repeated waves of heat hitting me. And that's all it was, oppie ou einde? Stormy weather?

I'd love to believe you, but I'm not so sure at all. With that copper 'theft' last week, and then No. 33's power going out on Sunday for about an hour and a half, before Howard Electrical had restored it, you have to know there's big shit going down. This morning I see our streetlight is out, along with Freddie's, and it seems that my Excellent Neighbours may have lost their power again. It's crazy how we've become conditioned to accept all this messing about with the power supplies, when it can't be good for anyone's health at all. In fact, right now there's a nasty touch of nausea hitting me, en ek maak mos sterk beswaar!

While the quantum laser thugs nearby have achieved their greatest success by targeting my cancer directly, they'd chosen to go after my Vice Chair's feet, and he's had a really horrid time of it as a result. Sadly, I've lost touch with him lately, and last night to my dismay, I hear they've moved their attentions up to his knee with pretty devastating results, over the last couple of months..
You weren't aware of this either? Are you going to sit back and let that Honourable Man go the same way as my friend over in Michan, Sister Maureen, and the Chirpster, for starters?

Of course it's impossible to know just how many of his huge Facebook Friend list are already on board the quantum Project, but you know who you are, and frankly you disgust me. It's the old 'all it takes for evil to flourish' thing that really turns my stomach. You've all seen what he's been put through by the criminals affiliated to the Cause, and yet not one of you has had the guts to take him aside and fill him in.
And now here I am, telling you that if you don't speak out there's a very real chance he's going to end up having to endure a knee replacement operation.

Are you going to stand for it and let it happen, or have you the nerve to speak to your Controller and express your outrage? My very earliest blogs at http/ spoke of how the quantum technology had affected we female labrats on our wrists and hands, and how it appeared to affect the male's knees.
Why, even young Professor Leonard Els had admitted that several of the students attending training sessions in the Physics lab at UKZN had complained of pain in their knees, and that's more than enough confirmation for me.

Dammit, you sign those online petitions daily to make yourselves feel good, so how's about you man up and speak out on the assaults being carried out over the airwaves in my V.C's home? Let your angry whispers grow to a muted roar, why don't you? It's all very well to sit back and watch this incorrigible IDIOT getting bloodied and battered by your fellow quantum 'Protectors', but to remain silent when the Honourable Man in Abrey Road is being targeted so blatantly, is lower than low.

Why do his repeated questions to the City officials remain unanswered, and why has he yet to be invited on board the quantum Project? You all know the answers to that one already, do you not? That there's not a hope in hell that the Good man could be persuaded to even contemplate hacking into a neighbour's system, let alone violating anyone's privacy on the scale it's being done here in Sydenham and across the City.
His integrity embarrasses you? Get over it. If you've any decency left in you, you'll get off your cowardly butts and speak out now, and insist that the levels entering his home are dumbed down, and that the targeting of his knee is stopped immediately.

Let's see just how sheeplike and subservient you've become, and whether there's any of the old you left at all, shall we?
I figure if the dear fellow ends up in hospital having a replacement op, it'll give me a better idea of just how many of his Friends are the real deal and how many are in fact lost souls.
It's too late, Agent Balliram? You and your little quantum laser elves have damaged that soft tissue beyond repair? Another notch in your filthy belt? For your sake, I hope not, as you've already brought this entire nefarious operation into disrepute, even if only in this tiny corner of the world.

LATER at 9.30am

I've just been up to take a picture of the cut cables on Freddie's pole, and a very blatant attempt was made to corrupt my photo-taking remotely. A FAIL needless to say, and I also took some shots of St. Theresa's Chapel, and the scaffolding at it's frontage. Is Our Lady due to be daubed with laser-attracting paint? A powerful signal light to be installed in the little belfry? Waits...


Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 10.51am.