Monday, May 05, 2014

(begun Tuesday 6th May at 3.30am.)

*Will the quantum Monitors on duty last night after 9pm get my title reference to their cleverness? Are they restricted to that previously experienced and rather nonsensical noise, or is the Shifty One displaying some uncharacteristic caution?*

Going on a decade and I still can't visualise what it looks like to a quantum Recruit during a monitoring session of a neighbour's home. Do we appear on your screens sharp and clear, down to every last ugly little detail? Judging by the increased interest shown when I'm sitting on my bed tugging at the latest crop of chin whiskers, or scribbling here at the desk, I'd have to assume that's a yes?
Generally speaking, during daylight hours, when I plonk myself down on my bed and pick up the tweezers, it's mere minutes before a nearby hadeda or two announce noisily that the airwaves are being adjusted, and the simmering coals on my back burst into flames. That's the norm, although it certainly doesn't have to be that way.

Right this minute here at the desk, whoever's on duty is not causing me any undue stress, and apart from a slight pressure in my ears and the shriek of my 'tinnitis,' you wouldn't know they were there.
I like to think that my current monitor actually takes some pride in their job, and has no desire to cause additional misery to the pathetic Labrat that they're 'studying' so intently. Unlike my unfortunate Owner, who tends to barrel on in with his options on High, often with excrutiatingly painful results.
My reactions to this laughingly termed 'virtual pain' are very real, and those of you who wish me to cease whining on the subject, are destined for disappointment. My dears, if you choose to believe the crock that my pain is imagined, and it makes you feel more comfortable, then so be it.

Does the cancer on my back somehow stand out on my 'Guardian's' screens? During my twice-daily dressing changes I can often feel the enormous heat given off by that Monstrosity, when my fingers are as much as an inch away from my skin, and I kid you not. This leads me to wonder whether the employment of the BackFire frequency causes some sort of glow-in-the-dark effect to my Abomination, that renders it an easier target for your laser-employing Recruits to aim at? Bingo?
After well over a decade, it has crawled to cover an area between my shoulder blades, the size of a side plate, and even so, I battle to comprehend why a 'normal' human-being would deliberately choose to target that unsightly mess on my larger than life physique?
Which is why I now ask - Does my self-generated squamous cell cancer stand out like some infra-red image, from the rest of me, presenting an easy and irresistible bullseye for both Students and Graduates alike?

Are your Masters pleased with the results achieved here in the Zone? The deaths and illnessess, and the agonised crippling of so many citizens in the area, as a direct result of the quantum surveillance technology operations, aka the Smart City Project? Any more knee replacement ops on your stretch Dominic, as several of your labrat charges limp painfully about their daily lives?
Who manages the power feed to the houses in Michan Road nearest the Convent playing field? Is there a Controller installed at No. 32? Any idea of the stats over that side? Aneurisms? Strokes, etc? Anyone we know that's only recently been moved out of the IC Unit, that now has to learn to walk again, as a direct result of excessive amounts of the quantum technology flooding their home? Agent Balliram?
I'd have to bet that it's not impossible for you to hop yourself over to the mini base station running out of the orphanage, and from there across into Michan, and to take care of that particular business personally?

If you're on board the Smart City surveillance Project only to discover that a family member is reacting badly to the technology, then you should relocate outside of the Zone? A crass suggestion, when the majority of hard-working Sydenham residents have invested their life-savings in their well-kept homes, and moving isn't a viable option.
The realisation that Monsanto, HAARP, and the authors of the quantum laser surveillance technology, are all working together in a gigantic world-wide culling operation set on Fast Forward, is simply too ambiguous for you to accept? Shame.

What had I expected? That Spence would have Raw Power swarming up Freddie's pole within hours of my request, in an attempt to resurrect my beleagured chest freezer? Is that what I'd thought when I'd found the giant overheads deactivated on Saturday night? (Just the lamps mind you, as I guess this doesn't diminish the wireless emissions, but merely offers my Controller a different frequency option.) Are you beginning to grasp just how much entertainment I provide for the criminals operating the laser system in this area? That after all these years my staggering stupidity remains intact?

I'm now deliberately leaving the kettle wall plug switch active, in the hopes that my 'Guardians'/Invaders will use that point to access the kitchen and alleviate some of the strain they're putting on our little freezer. After twenty-four hours however, the icecream is still liquid, and I figure the Monster at No. 6 has earnestly assured Mr Spence that my request cannot be considered. Does this not beg the question of just who is controlling whom? Does this not make you just a tad uneasy? That the word of a common-or-garden Cracker overrides that of a fully-qualified Electrical Engineer?
A fellow whose support of this outrageous violation of human rights has acquired him the dizzying title of Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, and who is willing to kowtow to an Internet Bully with connections to the Curry Mob? Strange days indeed.

Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 8.15am.