Thursday, May 08, 2014

Crossed wires?
(begun Thursday 8th May at 5am)

*I've been cloned? Should I be flattered? Read the add-on at the end to find out*

How'd you go yesterday? Bother to vote? You're a quantum Army Graduate and as such you know how it's going to work out, so there was no need for your cross? I'd done as promised, and had voted for the deadliest Party twice, not that it'll make much difference to the end results.
You'd thought your vote was private? Not up at the Sherwood Hall it wasn't.
Despite the blindingly bright sunshine pouring in through all the windows, the length of the hall had a line of fiercely active CFL lights burning.

I'd experienced no unpleasant sensations at all, until I'd lined up in that wobbly cardboard booth to make my crosses, when out of the blue I'd taken a single savage knife to my cancer, and I'd needed no further confirmation that the Poor Sod was invigilating invisibly from across at Sydenham SAPS. I'm willing to bet that pretty much every voting station in and around Durban was fully wired to the Smart City quantum technology, and that those little booths had in each case been placed for easy access by the unseen Monitors.
To what end? Hell, I don't know. Probably just to demonstrate that it can be done?

For want of anything better at the time, I'd been watching something called Wildest Cop Videos a couple of days back. An armed criminal had managed to evade the cops and had holed up in a fairly isolated-looking double story house, where he'd kept them at bay for four days. Jump to the fourth day and there he was on our screens in close-up, with his rifle, in a narrow stairwell. (NOT a re-enactment).
The narrator casually remarked that they'd sent in a robot camera to get that footage, and we were able to watch the guy as he'd yelled back and forth to the amplified voice of the negotiator.

Someone had subsequently shot him in the shoulder, but at all times he was totally oblivious to the so-called robot camera, despite that it was right in his face. Apparently he'd caved soon after being shot, but we weren't shown footage of the actual arrest being made.
Robot camera se GAT!!! What I was watching there, was a quantum army recruit hovering invisibly in that stairwell, capturing the events as they unfolded.
Pretty darned amazing if you ask me. Was it shown on the local News Stations in America at the time? Had the brighter sparks among the viewers not scratched their heads and wondered about that unseen 'robot camera', or have the USA citizens already learned that it's safer not to question the surveillance technology operating across the country?

Out here in South Africa the quantum technology is still being employed primarily to cause fear, and to render the population amenable to the idea of organised enslavement, and you only need to have been following my blog updates to see how simple this has been, and will continue to be, to achieve.
From the fellow who'd climbed up on our roof in the dark, well over a year ago, before putting his foot through our lounge ceiling and then fleeing, to the Wall Jumper who'd smashed the passenger window of the Polo, followed some months later by someone cracking the windscreen, as he'd tried to pry it off. Then there'd been the carefully timed visit by the young lad who'd grappled with us on the front lawn before running off to his nearby lair. And last but not least, the three hirelings who'd had a skeleton key to our lock on the top gates, on a Thursday 3 weeks ago, and had simply let themselves in and proceeded to terrify our diminutive housekeeper.

All this on a stretch that Mr. Allen Spence had himself referred to, as the test zone for a system of highly sophisticated computerised anti-cable theft technology, rigged to the streetlight and telephone poles. (aka the Smart City quantum laser/wireless technology) You're getting the picture at last? Every one of those incidents will have been recorded at the time and the data stored, to be savoured by the monitors involved. Gospel.

LATER at 8pm

Thursday. A day that's long been reserved by Agent Balliram and his cronies as useful for creating all manner of mischief, while the elderly labrats head out of the area for a few hours at least, leaving little Penny to guard their home.
We'd been up in Kloof at 1pm today when Blue security had texted the GameWrecker to say their test signal wasn't registering at Central and could he try it. My old man had called Penny and established that everything was fine, but he'd still felt the need to race home at breakneck speed, just in case.

I'd rung Blue at around 2pm and had spoken to a charming young Mr. Dawids/Davids in their Signal Management section, and had duly followed his instructions. While the alarm had blared out loud this end, it turned out they weren't picking it up their end. Your battery might need replacing? And how much would that cost us? Around R200+ apparently. Oh, and if the techs come out, there could be a call-out fee of R350. You're paying attention?
Blue Security is a well-respected company, and yet we've had nothing but trouble since we signed up for their panic button service in March this year. No remotes in stock, and when they'd finally arrived they'd both disintegrated within hours of each other, the first time they were dropped onto soft surfaces and the old man has had to tape them together with insulation tape.
The alarm has activated on it's own on three occasions, and now the signal is down?

Can Blue afford to work hand in hand with the likes of those Smart City Project Agents who are hell-bent on creating organised mischief? I've spoken many times of Balliram's ability to corrupt a battery remotely, be it a vehicle, or a camera. Why not drain the main battery in the wireless box, or the little one in a remote?
My old man had arrived back home sometime later and had called Blue himself, to say he'd like to test HIS remote, which he'd done, and the signal was fine.
So we've established that it's mine that wasn't functioning. Strange how it's always my remote that I leave with Penny when we head out on Thursdays, and that it had worked just fine three weeks earlier, when those 3 intruders had tried the kitchen security gate and she'd had Blue respond so promptly.

Anyways, he's going to buy some more of the relatively cheap remote batteries tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. Having had the system installed less than three months ago, it doesn't say much for the service at all, and quite possibly some of the big knobs at Blue might care to have a word with Agent Balliram's Handler, to suggest he quit fiddling with the alarm, as it might put off other potential customers were they to realise that however much they spend on their security, it may be corrupted and breached with ease by a crooked quantum technology operator. *spits..

Meanwhile, our little chest freezer chugs along, still unable to freeze the icecream. I only realised later that we use the stove and freezer plug to run the computer as well, and of course that neatly confirms my claims that that specific power point is being shared by hackers of all shapes and sizes, as they come on in to hone their skills as quantum Warriors. Lovely.

When I'd bumped into her this morning at the Farmer's Market, the first thing she'd said was 'and what was that all about on Facebook?' Turns out I'd bobbed up on her timeline mentioning something about being admitted to hospital? I'd asked whether she was sure it was me and she'd said yes, my photo was there as well. So - Have I acquired a clone? Someone who scuttles about Facebook posting in my name? Do me a favour folks.. If you see me saying something even more outrageous than the norm on your timeline, kindly pop over to my page and see if you can find the original. If you can't, then you may consider that post bogus.

Thursday 8th May 2014 at 8.34pm.