Sunday, May 04, 2014

Conduct unbecoming.
(begun Sunday 4th May at 4.10am)

I forget how many years I've been signed up to get Michael Tellinger's Newsletters, but it's been a long time. He's a good guy, right? Sort of a younger Angus Buchan, but I seem to remember he was unafraid to talk of the possibility that there are aliens among us, which I've always believed.
With my poor comprehension skills, those mails had quite quickly become more than my head could grasp, and I'd stopped opening them. A mistake? Should I have gone back to them and read them two or three times in the hopes that something would sink in?

I'd had a look for him yesterday on Facebook, and there he was with what looked like over 80,000 Friends, and I'd discovered I could Follow him but that his Friend list was closed. At a glance it appears he's gone into politics, but undeterred, I'd typed my comment into his most recent post.
Naturally, I can't recall my exact words, but I'd said something along the lines of did he support the quantum laser technology being installed across SA, and I'd left, thinking that was probably the last I'd see of him or his Ubuntu Party.
When I'd logged on a few hours later, there'd been a reply to the effect that I was clearly lagging behind, as I'd not yet read his book, and that he was against enslavement of any kind. I'd left another comment to his reply, and had run away none the wiser. It's complicated, Mr. Tellinger? That it is, indeed.
Anyways. You brighter sparks out there are welcome to go check out his page for yourselves and see what you think. Whether it's his venture into politics that had me feeling suddenly uneasy, I wouldn't know, but you can make up your own minds.

So tellus - Did you lose any major appliances when your home was finally linked to the Smart City quantum chain? You were lucky and escaped the damage, but the entire block just one street away lost countless items, as the power supplies lurched and spiked during the link-up?
I feel their pain. Those nasty double-spikes during the worst of the powercuts took out an enormous number of citizen's hard-earned assets, and very few residents would've been compensated by the corrupt Municipality.
Geysers, fridges, aircon units and stoves, never mind the television sets, would've been destroyed instantaneously, leaving owners faced with massive replacement costs.
If I remember correctly, Sutcliffe had shrugged it off and had said it wasn't the Muni's problem... I'd have to bet it's still happening right this minute, although the wanton destruction is now kept under wraps where they can.

Our sturdy little fridge had suddenly taken to leaking badly a few years back, and it certainly wasn't operating at it's optimum. As we couldn't afford to replace it, I'd simply taken to putting newspapers in the bottom to soak up the floods, and that was that. I do believe I'd shared with you some time back, when overnight, the fridge appeared to miraculously recover, and had stopped leaking altogether.
That would've been round the time the big 'change-over' took place, and you were all (Recruits included) fooled into believing that control of our home had been removed from Balliram's savage grasp and handed to someone else on the street, to manage.
As good a time as any to attempt to exonerate the Sadist from further allegations of misconduct? That would've also have been when the young Boddy lad from No. 5 joined the quantum Army, and that Cottage was linked to the chain along with several others.

Up until then, it would seem that the main access point in our kitchen had been the fridge/microwave wall plug, hence the ongoing leak, as an Agent's presence appears to halve the power feed to the appliance. Oh sure, they'd tried using the kettle's wall plug, but for some reason that had taken to affecting me so painfully that I'd begun switching off the wall switch itself once the kettle had boiled, and that hadn't suited our Monitors at all. So they'd hopped into the stove/chest freezer switch to carry out their mischief instead, and of course the results were plain to see and hear.

Sharing that power feed access with my inivisible Visitors has seen to it that the freezer is no longer operating as it should, and the tub of icecream has turned to liquid, never mind all the other stuff. Exasperated by the GameWrecker's inability and refusal to understand the obvious, I'd sent a text to that pillar of virtue, Mr. Allen Spence, some time after 3pm yesterday afternoon. It had said: 'Your Agents used the fridge plug until they'd added No. 5 recently. It had leaked relentlessly. Now they've swopped to the stove/chest freezer plug and our freezer is within an inch of shutting down. We don't deserve to lose any more appliances to the Project. Please have this adjusted. Jane.'

Did our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban get that text, or had it been blocked in time? Had he choked with mirth at the mere idea that he might ASSIST us?
There'd been other changes at the time, and not all of them bad.. I no longer have to diss Ian Halliday for his betrayal of so many of his clients, as the years of mischief caused by the spiteful Agent at No. 6, to our internet connect, have ceased. Our Telkom landline (when it's not been 'cut, up in the Park') is no longer corrupted by the Agent's heavy-handed efforts to contaminate our conversations or drop the line, and I guess my little Nokia brick was also ostensibly handed over to the new Controller to manage instead.

A grand smoke-screen that no doubt hides the fact that Agent Balliram's access and control over our home remains pretty much the same as always.
*it's now 5.20am, and the chopper has just headed over in the dark from West to East, into Sydenham*
Our position continues to be perilous to say the least, and I don't doubt that the AmDram Society up at Sydenham SAPS will eventually come up with some means of suitably smoothing their offended colleague's ruffled feathers. Got to be a tad more cautious how you go about it next time, hey Laz?
People are watching, and the gung ho invasions of our property are becoming pretty obviously engineered?

While there may be a good side to all this scientific magic, you'll appreciate that we have been exposed solely to the underbelly of the quantum Project, and therefore that's all that I'm able to impart to you. Stay safe julle.


Sunday 4th May 2014 at 8.36am.