Saturday, May 10, 2014

(begun Saturday 10th May at 1.05pm)

Have you somehow blocked your girls from checking out my Facebook updates and my blog? As I sit here at the desk, there are two such potential quantum recruits to my left, and another two to my right. Anyone bother to explain to them what the introduction of the Abdominal frequency last year, meant to girls and women of all ages? How it had finally become blindingly clear that the female reproductive organs could be targeted by the quantum recruits to the extent that infections and cysts could be created, if not worse?
That at least one teen on our stretch had ended up at Shifa with a ruptured cyst, to be told that her only option was a full hysterectomy (sp) at a cost of R30Ks? She'd sought a second opinion elsewhere, and had ended up having a relatively simply D&C procedure, at a tiny fraction of that initial diagnosis and cost.

How many others will forfeit their chances of ever bearing their own children, due to the criminal element that chokes the ranks of the quantum Army? We're the exception to the rule on this stretch? Absolute bollocks! Our over-qualified Radio Frequency Engineer, the good-looking Rezah Isaacs, will continue to impart his expertise to Area Controllers across eThekwini and beyond, and you can rest assured that one of the gifts he shares is the means to remotely give pleasure or pain to the female of the species. Far-fetched imagination?

I've done my best to describe what feels like electro-magnetic forces being employed to that specific area, with the most astonishing results. The tooth-grinding ache as my entire womb repeatedly felt as though it was being dragged down to the ground, or my ovaries being targeted with a dull knife. How I'd guessed that it was my uterus that was being forced to contract in some manner, and how it had on many occasions left me gasping with delight. Are your daughters of an age when they're ready to read of their parent's exploits over the airwaves, or would you rather they were unaware of this particular little party trick?

The fact that No. 17 was experiencing phantom period pains at the same time this brand new wireless weaponry was introduced to ours, and the matter of the teen up the road suffering a burst cyst, was surely no coincidence.
Is our Posterboy for the quantum Project already having at the young women in Dawood's Student hostelry, behind Hugo Road? Has he isolated a handful of those young girls via their power supplies, to use as labrats, as we are being used?
When he pulls in next door at 3 or 4am in the morning, where has he been? A safe-house somewhere over in Rose Avenue or Barnard Road, that has direct line of sight to at least one of those hostel blocks?
Somewhere in Hugo Road itself, perhaps? The house next door to Chris Stals, where I would so often see a Telkom bakkie parked off, and water running unchecked down the road, HERE?

Don't, I beg you, give me your inevitable denials, and your outraged masks, for it would seem that many quantum Graduates are being encouraged/ordered to experiment upon their so-called charges, by way of repeatedly targeting specific areas with the ultra-short wireless bearing laser beams, finished and klaar.
Only one in three of the youth in this country had bothered to vote last Wednesday? And where pray, were the rest of them, if not glued to their internet devices, while being taught to invade their neighbour's privacy? No doubt told that the Project's roll-out is on track, and that there was no need for them to vote, as it's pointless?
Naturally the word enslavement will be avoided like the plague during their propoganda sessions, and the sales pitch will extoll the noble virtues of being a fully functional quantum 'Guardian', and the rewards that go with it..

You'd prefer if I leave the farce enacted for our benefit on Thursday, and move on? What sort of money is the SA Security Industry raking in at the moment? A staggering amount, for sure. They are taking your hard-earned cash hand over fist, under false pretences, knowing as they do that the Smart City quantum technology may, and IS being used to interfere with, and corrupt existing security systems.
Should I suggest to the GameWrecker that he follow up on the reason for the lack of a panic button signal on Thursday at 1pm and again at 2pm? Should he ask that young Mr. 'Dawids' in Signal Maintenance be questioned, or will no such person be found? Could the excitable Claudine, who picked up our calls to 7175000 at Blue, before transferring them to the relevant Department, be of any assistance at all? Both from Sydenham perhaps?
Would the CEO's of Blue, ADT, and Chubb, care for me to whitter on ad nauseum on the fact that their security systems are only as reliable as the character of the designated Project Area Controller for each street?

That a gate-motor's remote may be rendered inoperable at the very second it is most needed? That a panic button's signal may be blocked with ease to benefit your home invaders? I'd had to press the button hard, twice, at 2pm on Thursday, to get the claxon our end to activate, and Mr. 'Dawids' had assured me that it wasn't registering their end. This from a device so sensitive that it has already set itself off on three separate occasions without any assistance? Will Blue be patting Agent Balliram on the back for this clear demonstration and evidence of collective corruption?

By 10am today we'd moved the computer lead from the kitchen into the lounge, to give our chest freezer a chance to recover from all the interference on that feed. I've checked and the icecream still hasn't frozen in the hours since that cable's removal.
You're working on it? I do hope so, or once again I'll be battering your ears with the tale of Nadine Maharaj of the Reservoir Hills CPF, and just how important the art of hacking is, to the quantum Project recruits.

Saturday 10th May 2014 at 7.33pm.