Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mixed signals?
(begun Friday 9th May at 5.40am)

*Update at 8.36am - I'm delighted to say that two charming Blue tecchies had arrived just after 8am to test our devices and we got given the all clear. Absolutely nothing the matter with either of the flimsy remotes or the main wireless box battery and the signal had gone through to Central as it should. Confirmation enough for you? That your life-saving remote signal could be blocked easily at a crucial moment? Is Blue Security set to become as written about as Ian Halliday was, for his betrayal of his clients? The service this morning was exemplary, and I can only hope it stays that way.*

A chopper has just flitted far across on the horizon beyond St Theresa's, before disappearing out of sight.
I do appreciate the small touches. I'd been scrolling through my FB timeline last night when I'd come across a DA poster extolling the benefits of a fair and Open Scoiety for all. (forgive me if my wording is not exact). Posted by none other than the young DA Councillor for Ward 31, and I confess I'd blinked before moving on.

Had he found it on the DA's official site and decided to Share it there and then, or had someone drawn his attention to it, and nudged him into reposting on his own wall? Such a small thing and yet I was tickled pink at the time. For all I know that particular poster has been doing the rounds for ages, but it's the first time I've encountered it.
Martin? Did it take a little nudge and wink on your part, or had he found it all on his own, without any assistance?
See dude - If there were local elections tomorrow, I wouldn't hesitate to put my cross next to J's name regardless, so any digs made for the ACDP's spouse are a fail.

How is the fellow by the way? Feeling really lousy more often than not, as he's hammered relentlessly by a quantum stalker? Has he installed the laser-deflecting black glass on the rooms he frequents the most? Thick black curtaining perhaps? Has he been given a list of precautions to take to diffuse or repel the worst of the concentrated assaults?
His vehicle, like everyone else's who's of interest to the quantum 'warriors' will no doubt have had an invisible booster installed the last time it went in for attention, and of course simply switching off his cellphone won't help unless he encases it in several layers of sisalation.
Does he truly get it? That short of walking along the water's edge at the seaside, his every word and action are being recorded for posterity? Would he simply shrug and say he has nothing to hide, as his health continues to go downhill at the rate of knots?

I'd been sitting having lunch at Knowles in Pinetown yesterday, at around noon. I'd been feeling exceptionally happy and had sent out a couple of cheerful texts. Texts that may well have irked my Trackers at the time, for it had been less than an hour later that the GameWrecker had word from Blue Security that our alarm signal wasn't operating. Bingo?
It would seem that the Puppets of the quantum army simply don't get it, and that for each carefully engineered bit of mischief they create, I feel further empowered with energy.

You should understand that for one who has spent a lifetime regarding herself as less than the lowest life-form on the planet, to be given evidence to the contrary on a regular basis, has had a profoundly positive effect on me. To discover that despite my many flaws I can still tell right from wrong, and that I can actually practise what I preach, is a miracle of sorts.
A miracle that wouldn't have occurred had I not become unwittingly embroiled in this push to control the world.
As futile as my efforts are to awaken you to the menace you've helped unleash, I give myself an A for trying, and that's rather more than you silent voyeurs deserve right now.

Will this acknowledgment of the part they've played in turning me round for the better only serve to irk my nearby 'Guardians' even further? May I anticipate that more puffs of artificially created wind will carry their laser beam load to cause me mischief with my heart? Turns out after all, that it's big enough to present an easy target, and I'm proud to be able to say that.
Have a good one. Peace.

Friday 9th May 2014 at 7.53am.