Saturday, May 31, 2014

Caught napping?
(begun Friday 30th May at 11am.)

Your average Joe might take exception at being forced into becoming a subject for experimentation by the so-called quantum laser Recruits, and therefore he won't be warned of the few precautions one may possibly take to protect oneself and one's family from at least some of the fall-out from this advanced combination of technologies.
Hell no. Besides, he's got enough stress on his plate from the ongoing engineered blanket of crime that covers the country, and has no need to know that he's being bombarded with unregulated levels of EMR/EMR on top of everything else?

Was anyone ever kind enough to tell Ms. Dawood over on Jan Smuts that the increased pain she suffers most nights may just be fractionally lessened were they to cover her bedroom windows with black glass or drapes? And no - I don't know that for certain, but it would go a long way to explaining the reason for the growing number of homes displaying such windows.
If you truly believe you're helping to create a One World Order where everyone will be equal, you have an odd way of going about it, and already there are clear signs that it will always be Them and Us.
The Them will of course be as controlled and manipulated as the rest of us, but in such a fashion that they will be all too happy to oblige.

I'd turned off Locksley into Collingham at about 9.40am this morning. In time to see a river of water pouring into the stormwater drain at the corner. I left the Station and headed into Spearman and back onto Locksley with the Panasonic on my lap. It's a dodgy corner but I chanced it anyway, and boy, did I get lucky! A fountain of water going up into the air from a hydrant right next to the little reservoir, with at least half a dozen Water Department vehicles present, and no apparent attempt being made to shut it off. *click!

It's the shackdwellers who are to account for at least some of the six standard-sized swimming pools worth of water lost each day across eThekwini? The same as it's the squatter's fault there's a supposed power shortage at Eskom as they are responsible for all the cable and power theft? And you happily perpetuate that myth, knowing full well that the single main cause of the power and water wastage is Sutcliffe's Smart City quantum Project? Not exactly off to a good start, if you actually believe this technology will ultimately create a better world for all... To be forced into condoning the huge lies that emanate from the Municipality, and to allow yourselves to be persuaded to violate your neighbour's right to privacy on some wildly fanciful Sales Pitch?

I've got it all wrong, Stephanovitch? You've eradicated all the initial criminally -affiliated Controllers and recruits from your patch, and only the Good Team are operating up there? Fark it kiddo, but you'll have to pardon me if I say there's no room left in my trolley for any more such bullshit.
Why would your area be any different to ours? Huh? He was censured? What happened this end was a joke, and a rather nasty one at that. Hell, like everything else, I can only guess, but I figure that our sadistic Area Controller was treated with kid gloves, as opposed to the psychiatric evaluation he needed, prior to the incarceration he deserves.

So what happened next? The authorities decided to move the control here in Harris Crescent to a suit with a degree, instead of the Cracker, for appearance' sake? More bullshyte. Our Balliram is as firmly in control as he ever was, and every time he's in residence he makes damned sure I'm painfully aware of it.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to me that it's been only SINCE the cosmetic changover, that the Abdominal frequency and it's offshoot the Fiddler's frequency were introduced to our neighbourhood, and not counting the vandalism caused to my old man's Polo on two separate occasions, we've also had our property invaded twice recently, as you know.

Does this sound to you as if the Project's Loose Cannon has been reined in, in ANY way at all, and that his devoted graduates nearby are finally making a genuine effort to protect their neighbours? Humbug!
I'd hit my top stairs just before 10am, loaded down with shopping bags... Care to tell me who it was that loosed a well-aimed laser at my already weakened knee, in an effort to have me tumble down the rest of those stairs? You think I'm kidding?
I'd scarcely put my load down in the kitchen when the sound of the V8 at No. 6 had kicked in with a roar, as he left shortly after delivering that spiteful last word.

By 10.30am I was sitting out on the verandah when the extremely unpleasant lower back pinch was introduced, and no amount of curses and whines would sway my Shift Controller into lessening that discomfort. Were YOU on shift mid-morning? Trying to impress your erstwhile Tutor? Had YOU ushered a visitor into ours that had led to those levels rocketing like that?

Saturday 31st May at 5.20am

I omitted to mention that while I was out yesterday, I'd popped over to buy some wors for the dogs. Up until that point my Tracker had been fairly kind, but that had changed dramatically as I'd turned to go down her driveway, and the pressure to my ovaries and womb were suddenly at tooth-grinding levels.
Balliram? Using the radio mast at the Westville copshop and the booster in my car, to ensure he monitored our conversation clearly? That brief visit certainly had the SOB's signature over-kill about it.

Was the Chirpster on duty at the time, or will my Special Operative insist that I'd caught him napping, and he'd had to manage the tracking solo? Whatever. I'd like it on record that she's looking far from well, and that as one of the stars on the Good Team up there, she deserves to be protected from the goondas that continue to be allowed to operate this amazing technology.
Yes Stephanovitch, I'm looking at you, and if she were to take a sudden turn for the worse, you need look no further than the heavily connected and protected Collin P. Balliram for the cause.
Nothing you can do about it? Are you kidding me?

It took just one outspoken and courageous young woman to finally draw attention to the appalling behaviour carried out in our home, and to raise a stink about it, so, fingers crossed you'll find your mojo and keep an eye out for my blue-stocking friend up your way.
I'm betting that more than a few of you much preferred my cheesy ingratiating whines, and my grovelling self-deprecation? Fear not, they're still very much in evidence, but it's time for you to wake up and to accept exactly what it is you've helped to unleash upon your neighbourhood, Elite and innocents alike.
A better life for all se VOET!!
Peace julle.

Saturday 31st may 2014 at 9.31am.