Monday, May 26, 2014

Cold comfort.
(begun Saturday 24th May at 11.15am)

Any sly, behind-the-hand sniggers this morning, when I'd checked half an hour ago to find the new freezer is now behaving as badly as the old?
My dear husband, in his infuriating fashion, had hauled out the new freezer's instruction pamphlet and had intoned that the freezer shouldn't be sharing a plug with any other appliances. Really? We've had two such freezers over the 37 years we've lived here, and yesterday's delivery makes the third. They have always shared the stove plug without giving any hassles whatsoever, and we have a thick sheet of styrofoam between the two, just in case, although we rarely use the oven these days, just the stove top.

Anyone care to take an educated guess at what's going on here? Were I to tell you that at around 3pm yesterday afternoon I'd opened the freezer to encounter a delicious cloud of icy dragon's breath, and to feel the air inside had dropped to freezing point, what would you think? That a couple of hours later I'd loaded in a few items and had forgotten about them until now, shouldn't surprise you.
What should startle you is that right now that freezer is barely functioning, and it has me looking sideways again at that unmarked truck and ladder decorating the street outside No. 16 at dusk yesterday.

Were they there to once again 'adjust' the feed to our kitchen plug, and if so, are you comfortable with that? Seriously? I confess I was miffed when the GameWrecker had insisted we replace our freezer, as I'm still of the opinion there was nothing wrong with it, and that it was the manipulated power feed that was the problem, and here it would appear we have confirmation.
Okay. For what it's worth I've just sent the following sms to our Superintendent of electricity for Durban, Allen Spence, and it said:
We resorted to replacing freezer. New freezer icing up beautifully until last night after an unmarked truck had ladder against pole outside No. 16. Your quantum Project smells to high heaven. Jane 11.40am.

Oh, and Al? You might like to check which of your designated quantum 'warriors' (the guys you and your bosses felt were suitable material to control the lives of the people on this stretch) it was that had gone to the trouble of tweaking our stove/new freezer feed again last night, and whether that unidentified vehicle and it's red-suited employee were involved or not. They'd been up there sometime after 5pm, if that helps to narrow down your enquiries?

The mischief I encountered this morning on my foray into Facebook certainly had the old deja vu running. Agent Balliram keeping his hand in perchance? We've been having complaints that our phones are going straight to Voice as well, despite that they don't ring this end. This would be just since the changeover to the new Interceptor of our calls. Would I be correct in judging that to be you, Mr. Cochrane? No warrant needed? Just your nine odd years in the field? Bear with you, you'll get the hang of it soon enough? I sincerely hope so, though I'd obviously appreciate it if Mr. Spence could investigate the reason behind that ladder up No.16's pole AFTER 5pm yesterday, and just why the new freezer has failed after such a promising start.

Whether that text was blocked or not, here's a nice little surprise for our Al on Facebook anyway. Hands up those of you who consider these thugs can be reconditioned to change their ways? Yup. I didn't think so. Two updates in one morning? That should keep you busy for a while.

Saturday 24th May 2014 at 12.36pm.