Monday, May 26, 2014

(begun Thursday 22nd May at 6.05am.)

How many quantum 'Guardians' does it take to screw one old woman over? Someone could barely wait to try out the latest adjustments to the technology, and I was treated to a mighty side pinch even before I'd climbed onto Cloud 9 last night. Their avid enthusiasm had gone on to include copious doses of the BackFire frequency to my cancer, and the spasmodic Throat Choker.
Were those changes achieved when a crew came in yesterday to string back up the so-useful copper lines, and to grant easier access to my home, among other things?

I noted that the sterling Missus A from Knight Road was trying to get hold of a plumber. Hopefully it's not her geyser that's playing up? Something that in our case had been the very first indication that our power supplies were being tampered with, although we hadn't known it at the time.
By now I suspect all of the plumbing companies here in eThekwini are aware of the quantum Project, and they will know how to adjust one's geyser to accept the outside interference without the drama of it constantly overflowing, as ours had.

Had my Facebook update yesterday made so much as ONE of you the slightest bit uncomfortable? Highly unlikely, as, contrary to the smarmy Project tenet, it's basically every man for himself out there, is it not? I must go.

Friday 23rd May at 5.05am.
Have you seen all those larnie new wirelessed streetlights that have gone up at the 45th Cutting intersection? They'll be testing those babies out on the Comrades Runners in a few weeks time, for sure. Can we anticipate that any of the entrants will keel over on that stretch with a heart attack or stroke, as they run unknowingly into that wall of additional wireless?
Are those new lights set to stop several of the runners dead in their tracks? Competitors whose immune systems are already compromised by the fantabulous quantum laser technology up and running in their streets and suburbs, but who simply aren't aware of it?

Whose guidelines will be used to flood out those airwaves as that great steaming mass goes by? My own Expert in the Field, Collin P. Balliram, who has had carte blanche to hone his skills upon the residents of Sherwood and Sydenham since 2005?
Hopefully the authorities will adopt a more cautious approach next month, and the 45th intersection won't turn into a scene of carnage, as spectators and entrants alike encounter the changes to the airwaves.

Either Allen Spence chose to ignore my pleas to save our little chest freezer, or it was too late already, and remotely regulating the power feed back to the standard voltage wouldn't have fixed the problem anyway. Whatever.
The GameWrecker had gotten lucky and had found a replacement this week at an end of stock price, and it's due for delivery today.
Will the arch Mischief-Maker at No. 6 see to it that this fairly straightforward delivery is beset by problems? Can we anticipate two large pale-skinned Special Branch Operatives to arrive with my old man's latest enforced purchase, just as had happened with his Samsung washing machine? While a couple of K's might seem peanuts to you, it's another chunk of cash we can ill-afford to lose, and who's to say the replacement won't be affected by the next set of carefully engineered cable 'thefts'?

Funny about that. I'd been going through the latest pictures on the Panasonic yesterday, when I came across the couple I'd managed to take of Freddie's pole with the cut cabling, during the power outage the day before yesterday. According to my camera the time was 9.11am, and yet, there in the background were No. 14's gate lights blazing away merrily in the sunshine. Hau! No wonder Someone had tried to remotely corrupt my camera's batteries at the time, hey Freddie? *winks..
Was that the main reason behind this latest 'theft' of copper? An upgrade of the quantum technology to the Plumber's home at no. 14? And there I'd thought that you were all one big happy family, and it's not the case at all.

No. 16 had called me while the power was down and he'd been irate, and had said he was sick and tired of all these thefts, and he'd asked why the PTB constantly replaced that little stretch of poles with the desirable copper, instead of the Twisted Pair. You may ask the Accountant for a transcript of that conversation to see what I'd replied, and how I'd eventually referred him to Richard of Raw Power.

A question for you before I finally STFU for the day, and ja, it's a bit awkward, but here goes anyway.
Dare I ask just when and why that black material was placed over your daughter's bedroom window, facing directly onto the overheads down by No. 2? When and why did you begin to take those precautions, and have they helped?
Had your eldest begun complaining of abdominal discomfort at the time, or are you just playing it safe? Fingers crossed it's the latter, and that it will help prevent any damage to her reproductive organs in the future, though in this game of Russian Roulette being callously played with citizen's lives, one can never be certain of safety.

Have any of the goblins at Cobalt ever shown the slightest interest in my trials and tribulations, or did they dump me when I'd moved from to use Facebook as a platform for my endless whines? If asked, would they support this stumbling Fool, or would they join the collective ThumbsDown Brigade, who really don't care for being outed on a regular basis?
Peace. Edit later at 1.20pm

Jay and his two young assistants had arrived at about 10am with the freezer, and had kindly taken away the old one for us, with no fuss whatsoever. Happy days.

Friday 23rd May 2014 at 8.14am