Friday, April 18, 2014

Wireless witchcraft..
(begun Friday 18th April at 4.30am.)

Boredom, and doubtless the need to remind themselves of the power they wield, had Someone increasing the jabs to my hip to the point where I'd woken at 3.20am.. I'd stirred and shifted to relieve that nasty ache, and was hit by a wave of flames to my cancer that had disappeared as quickly as they'd arrived. The little dog jumped down off the bed and went looking elsewhere for santuary, while a couple of hadedas out in the dark valley protested at the sudden change in the airwaves.

Another day in Paradise, and I'm as bewildered as I ever was by the roles these Agents of Stealth are playing in order to achieve their Master's goals..
The mere idea that they're being touted as some sort of Protectors or Guardians has my bloodshot eyes rolling in disbelief, as you've all witnessed the type of protection and guardianship that we've been treated to, since the inception of the Smart City Project..

The GameWrecker says it's been 7 weeks and one day since the first messenger had arrived on our front lawn to catch us so off-guard, and frankly I'm surprised they've waited so long to run a repeat..
After going on fifteen years of having motorised gates that even Kasim's barrel-chested Spotty (since deceased) could push through, my Master at No. 6 has suddenly upgraded his gates to a fortress-like degree...HERE.
With his arrested development and retarded creativity, I suppose it makes sense that he'd gone on to add our single Yale-locked gates to his list of our vulnerabilities, and it would've been a piece of cake to obtain the skeleton key for that lock.
The fact that I can forgive the Poor Sod for his wickedness only enrages him further, and I guess that's the Stockholm Syndrome playing it's part, and there's nothing I can do to change it.

Arthur Charles van Wyk is a fairly recent arrival on the Sydenham Community News Facebook page, and despite that my aerial is quivering, I find myself drawn to his calm and reasoned logic. There's a church INSIDE Bechet College? How handy is that? Is the Liberty Charismatic church USA based, perhaps? And who funds their Ministries? George Soros again? Any idea who handles their finances here in eThekwini, Frederic? *eyes the Accountant at No. 12.
Would Mr. Downs deny any foreknowledge of the problems that the citizens of Durban were to face with the arrival of the Smart City quantum Project, including the ongoing difficulties with the power and water supplies, before they finally became a single heaving mass of easily controlled sheep? Elite included?
His gas cooker and an alternative source of energy (generator/solar?) would certainly indicate that he knew things were going to get a whole lot worse before there was any sort of change for the better...

What would you, in your superior wisdom, advise me to do?
Curl up in a ball and wait silently for Agent Balliram to arrange for the coup de gras to be administered, or carry on chirping incoherently until the bitter end, in an effort to warn you of the technological monster that's been unleashed upon this country?
Was it something specific that had triggered yesterday's malicious events? My brief FB chat to young Duane perhaps, and the discovery of the slopsandsocks Durban Facebook page that appears to be no more than a stopping-off point for quantum recruits?
I tend to think that yesterday's fiasco has been in the pipeline for some time, and that once my Controller's own gates had been safely fortified, all it required was a call to the Three Stooges to have them deliver the second message to ours, so succinctly...

Is there so much as a tiny corner left in your heads, that tells you there's something badly wrong with this picture? Stephen? Frosty? Do you still regard yourselves as Good cops, or do you accept that you've morphed into something else entirely?

It's 5.45am and my Master chirrups his remote. Coming or going, it makes no difference, as you can guarantee someone will suffer at his hands soon enough.
Will YOU end up in ICU with an aneurism, or will your eyes burn constantly, and your nose run with flue-like symptoms, as a result of over-exposure to the wireless weaponry wielded by your quantum 'Guardians'? Or will your cowardly Protectors simply have a band of willing droogs invade your property to cause you harm, while waving their own lily-white hands in the air?
Make the most of the time you have left, and try to be genuinely kind to your nieghours, despite their flaws...


Friday 18th April 2014 at 11.28am.