Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Voiceless...
(begun Saturday 19th April at 4.15am.)

*It had been sometime yesterday evening that we'd both heard the sound of a V-8 revving nearby. It had backed out of his gates at 6.40am, and had returned much later, while I'd been pruning the bouganvilla up the top. A shiny black open-bed bakkie of undetermined make, Registration FCP 41 6 N. Family down from the South West for Easter, or a Windhoek Area Controller come to brush up on the finer skills of employing the laser weaponry? It actually makes sense that my Master had someone visiting yesterday and overnight, although he had pretty much restricted his showing-off to nailing my little dog. *
I like to think she'd tried to warn him about using the dogs as pawns in his nasty games. That on several occasions she'd maybe tried to explain to him carefully that while people could be led and encouraged to bully a specific human target without remorse, when it came to animals, those same people may have their reservations.
Course, that was way back when he still took her advice, although he's long since outgrown listening to her..
My damning photos, taken of Cola's twin sister Pepsi tied to their security gate just the other side of our dividing wall, will provide more than enough proof that my Controller sank on many occasions to employing his own animals to cause mischief and dismay.

That even after Missus B had conceded to me that 'they weren't doggy people', and had kindly allowed me to 'adopt' the remaining twin, her spouse continued to abuse both Sophie and Cola remotely.
I've written several times of how those two little dogs can go from a relaxed and deep sleep before my eyes, into terrified snarling and barking bundles of fur, in seconds. For all the world as if there were an intruder brandishing a stick at them, only inches away.
I've written of how they can be made to dash outdoors like lunatics, to froth and yap at one particular spot on our valley-facing boundary wall, when there's been absolutely nothing there to have caused such joint panic. I'm well aware that the excrutiating and very real pain that he's able to cause me, is often directed at my animals, although I seldom mention it for obvious reasons.

I've tried to describe how Sophie, who likes nothing more than to recline comfortably on a lounge chair or a bed, will take herself with great difficulty, right under my old metal bedstead, when one of our quantum 'Guardians' goes after her remotely... Whether the metal diffuses the severity of those laser attacks is beyond my comprehension, but it's certainly a give-away that she's being focused on at the time. She'd had her usual drink of water at bedtime last night, and had begun retching and choking almost immediately. My old man had shrugged it off and said she must have drunk too fast. She'd hopped up onto my bed, had her little treat , and settled down under the blanket to sleep, before once again going into a paroxym (sp) of hacking..

Fifteen minutes later and she'd jumped down from the bed and was still coughing uncontrollably.. The canine version of the Throat Choker frequency? Hell, it's not like she can tell me, is it?
At 2.50am this morning she was at it again, and had taken cover right under the bed. Twenty minutes after that, she'd clearly felt better, and she'd crawled back out and allowed me to pick her up and tuck her back under the blanket before that dry cough kicked off again. This time I'd told my Shift Monitor aloud that I would certainly give them the credit for my dog's distress, and they'd clearly gotten bored and had left her alone for the time being.. (Edit: it's now 10.09am, and she's not coughed once since I'd resorted to speaking aloud to my Watchers in the early hours).

Although the quantum 'Protectors' surrounding our home may themselves be unaware of exactly who was on shift between 2.50am and 4am in ours, they will know if they are innocent of my allegations of cruelty, and they'll have a fairly good idea of just who was on duty in ours at that ungodly hour..
Is that how their spouses would want them to be remembered for posterity? Not as heroic trail-blazers, employing an astonishingly advanced technology, who have been forced to gang up on an evil, endlessly yapping Simpleton, but as low-life scum who would sink to including defenseless animals in their sorties across the airwaves, just as I've always claimed is taking place?

As busy as you are, you really want to pay attention to your dog's behaviour, as it could well be Fido that warns you of your invisible company. Should your amiable and placid hound take to becoming seriously agitated for no apparent reason, you might want to factor in the possibility that it's sensitive hearing is taking a battering from the fluctuating airwaves and power in your home. Or not.
That if it's a large dog that you own, and your privacy is violated regularly, it could ultimately result in early-onset hip displasia (sp) or arthritis...
Have local Vets noted a remarkable increase in these symptoms since the inception of the Smart City quantum Project? That it's no longer restricted to older dogs, and that even young animals appear to be having problems with their joints and their hearing, more and more these days?

Would it occur to these highly qualified animal doctors to factor in the wireless weaponry as the prime cause of this increase, or would they simply sit back and enjoy the kerching!kerching! of their tills ringing, while offering their clients all manner of expensive solutions?
Would your better-half be embarrassed or ashamed were they to hear that you were involved in any way in the physical torture of dumb animals, or would they simply shut their ears and go into handy denial mode?
A member of my Vice Chair's family had posted pics of their two fine dogs on Twitter, and within weeks they were both dead of unknown causes. You remember that ?
Not something I'm likely to forget in a hurry, and you'd do well to bear it in mind. Does your job ensure that you have enemies? What better way for them to get at you, than to arrange to go after your beloved pet, remotely?
Take care julle, and

Saturday 19th April 2014 at 10.26am.