Friday, April 18, 2014

(begun at 5.15am Thursday 17th April.)

After nearly two days of employing some fairly remarkable restraint, it appears that my Tormentors have allowed their god-complex to get the better of them, and last night's logs show some serious intent to do me further physical damage.

My old man had been running late, and it was after dark when he'd texted to say he was nearly home. I'd gone up (against his wishes) to open the gates for him and to wait for him to arrive. Lucky I did. There was a tall, thin young man standing on the road in the semi-dark outside No. 10, and he appeared to be checking his phone.
Even in the dark I'd recognised him straight away as the youngster who'd been cutting back godschild's avo branches above their booster shed on Sunday HERE, but of course the GameWrecker wouldn't have known that, as he picked him up in the headlights.

I'd asked him later what he would've done if I'd not been up there to open the gates, and he'd said he would have kept driving around the block until the guy had disappeared. Another carefully timed terror-tactic, or pure coincidence? The lad had disappeared into my Excellent Neighbour's doorway as the GW swung into our gates, and it had occurred to me that he was quite possibly their latest boarder.
It was barely a week or two ago that she'd said they'd had someone climb their top gates and nick a whole bunch of stuff that was lying up there, though I'd not seen anyone at the time, and it's no good me calling to say there's someone clambering about their yard if it's a legitimate employee..

The savage attacks directed to my remaining 'good' ear, jaw, and neck recently, had come to an abrupt halt last Wednesday, although if you recall I'd had our GP check out my ears on the Thursday, and had been given the all-clear except for a small raw patch deep down inside the ear canal. He'd kindly given me some sort of antibiotic at my request, to pre-empt any further nastiness from taking hold, although naturally he would rather I visited an ENT specialist.
In the week since then, there'd not been so much as a hint of that mischief recurring, apart from once when I'd been slow in rising from my bed and had taken a single almighty jab to the offended eardum at 5.10am one morning (logged).

As bored as you probably are, you really should begin to familiarise yourselves with the wide variety of options now available to our quantum 'guardians' in their efforts to bring you to heel through the use of physical pain.
If you've been paying proper attention, you'll have figured out that the term 'virtual' is a complete misnomer, and that repeated use of the lasers directed at the same point, can do one very real damage.
And so it was that as I'd sat curled up in my targeted TV chair yesterday evening, my Shift Monitors had seen fit to once again direct their attention to my ears.
This time it had begun with my left ear, and my fillings had gone on to resume their now familiar dull ache.. An easy target, despite that I'd shut the window behind me, as I sat in the full glare of my Good Neighbour's kitchen lights..
It matters not that non-believers reading my words find it all impossible to grasp, as the majority of visitors to this page are au fait with this astonishing technology, and will get the picture with ease... I must go.

LATER at 9.35am
Our fancy new claxon alarm went off for the second time, untouched by human hand, at 10.38am yesterday morning, and this time my kind neighbour had sent me a text. I'd replied to the effect that the alarm was activating on it's own, and had remarked on the magic of wireless. Is it due to be set off while we're out and about today? We'll just have to wait and see...

So much to think about and very little inclination to actually engage in thought at all.. It's so much simpler to sit here and gaze blankly out of the window at the pretty day. Do they meet regularly? The Breakfast Club? Did she ask that I be shown some clemency? Clemency for what transgression? My insatiable and irritating curiosity? Should I have gone on to say to godschild that as well as being aware of her background, I was well aware that she was heavily involved in the quantum Project?
The water feature running at their home across the Highway, and the fact that she was tasked to keep an eye on the then Sydenham Station Commander, was all I'd needed to know, and it hadn't changed my opinion of her in the slightest.

Man, how I'd love to know whether she's seen any of the actual stolen footage recorded when I'm under duress, and whether she was aware of the introduction of the Fiddler's frequency, and her views on that particular delight.
I'd like to think she'd be horrified at the concept, but the world has sort of gone skew, and the population are learning to accept the most bizarre and inhumane behaviour as the norm, and it's probably me that should be keeping up.

LATER at 11.45am

He'd picked me up in the Polo after 10am, and we'd been sitting at the Sydenham Heights intersection when a text came in to my phone and his phone had rung. I couldn't find my Nokia, but he'd answered his to hear Blue Security saying that three guys were trying to break into our home.
We got back to find our front gates standing open on the road and the big Yale lock had disappeared (skeleton key). The Blue guy was on the stairs and had reassured me that the criminals had run off up onto the street.

Turns out our little dogs had been going nuts in the kitchen as they'd seen the crooks arrive, and by the time Penny had checked, they were at the kitchen door security gate. The same three hirelings who'd tried to kick down Trudy's kitchen door last week, sometime after 9pm? Useful.
What was different about today? When I'd arrived back from my solo trip at 9.15am and had found my Excellent Neighbour's kitchen door shut, I wasn't thrilled, but both the Landy and the Beemer were still parked at No. 6.
I'd sat here at the desk for a while as you can see, and had muttered to the Spook to go away and leave me alone.. Course, I didn't know it then, but he'd had other plans for our morning.

I'd gone up top at 10am to wait for the GameWrecker, and my Good Neighbour's back door was still shut, and my Controller was still home at No. 6. Odd, as he usually nips out just before my old man arrives, or as we're leaving. You thinking what I'm thinking? Penny says she saw Balliram up on our driveway just minutes after the crooks had fled, and I'd love to think he'd come racing over to help, but of course you know that's not the case, and that it's all about the script and making it look plausible..
Once again it seems I must point out the blindingly obvious.. As much as the criminals operating the Smart City surveillance technology (so heavily installed on this stretch) want us out of here, we do NOT have the financial means to relocate, so you'll just have to continue your disgusting terror-tactics for your own amusement.

There are enough of you reading this, who know full well that I'm telling you the truth of the matter, and that you've aligned yourself to a Project whose master-minds will sink to any levels to achieve their aims..
I've just sent a text to Missus Balliram to thank them for calling SAPs, as I figure that was exactly what Einstein had done to make things picture perfect...
And the chap sitting outside the old Assessment Centre as we tore back home? Wearing baggies and sandals? A look-out for your three, or one of them, who'd done a quick clothing change? It's all as easy to organise as falling off a log is it not, and nothing is left to chance..

Thursday 17th April 2014 at 12.57pm.