Friday, April 25, 2014

The wind at your back?
(begun Friday 25th April at 3.55am)

It's beautiful out there. The crescent moon and the morning star hang high above St. Theresa's, and there doesn't appear to be a cloud in the sky. The wind is up and it's bringing just a hint of winter with it. Enough to have me wearing a cardie and keeping my warm socks on for the moment at least.
My current Shift Monitor can have me whipping those extra layers off in a trice, should she/he choose to enable the ubiquitous heatwave, as I sit here scribbling at the desk.

You're new here? Do you deduce that my referral to heatwaves equals menopause and the accompanying hot flushes? Hell no. My mid-life 'crisis' took place all of thirteen years back, and with the help of a whole bunch of Evening Primrose Oil capsules I'd gotten through it without too much drama. The near-tropical walls of heat that have been hitting me unannounced since 2005, would have more to do with the fluctuating levels of power/wireless aimed at me by my Smart City 'guardians', than anything Mother Nature could produce.

If you're already one of the blessed Elite and have been tutored in the arts of employing Petruccione and Roux's astonishing quantum laser technology against your fellow-man, you'll probably be smugly aware of just how all this magic is achieved. To this less-than-bright specimen, it remains a delicious mystery. Was it last year that I'd sat here at the desk and had turned to look out of the side windows towards my Controller's home a few yards away, to see the tops of the eugenia hedge waving wildly in some sort of fierce breeze that hadn't so much as stirred the leaves outside the main picture window?
How my curiosity had been piqued, and I'd taken myself outside in the dark to the path tht runs between our homes, and had had my ears flattened against my head by an enormous rushing wind that was apparently coming from THIS aircon unit on his wall? Hau!

There's no way I can relate that experience to the funnel of wind that runs along the bathroom wall as I sit mid deep in the bath suds, or to the rush of wind that occasionally lifts my skirt as I sit tucked in my TV chair in the corner of the lounge, but of course they're all a part of this enchanting technology.
I'd gone out onto the verandah at bedtime last night to wait for the dogs to pee, and there hadn't been so much as the hint of a breeze. Suddenly, a slender leafy twig on the mulberry tree that hangs directly above the birdbath began waving wildly in the air. I'd turned towards godschild's booster shed and several of THESE enormous palm fronds were doing the same thing.. That's quite something, as those leaves are big and fairly heavy, and it would take a really strong gust to have them swaying like that.

Typically, I'd been that delighted with the maic that I'd gone in and had tried to describe it to the utterly disinterested GameWrecker, before I'd headed off to bed..
The source of that artificially created blast of wind? Man, your guess is as good as mine. It may have come from the valley-facing unglassed window of that handy little zinc-roofed structure, or it may have come from somewhere over on our Freddie's property at No. 12.
Was that the reason why THIS droog had been up on the booster shed roof the weekend before last, to lop off a large avo branch that was hanging dangerously close to those zinc sheets?Clearing the way for the 'wind?'
Can I make it even easier for you? Can I have it on record that you may chop the tops of my tall palm trees off, as long as nothing is damaged in the process? Something that would surely give you greater range for your carefully created wind funnels?

And no, I would rather a Wall Jumper didn't surreptitiously chip away at those trunks to weaken them to the point where the next gale-force wind will have them toppling over to destroy the walls.
As much as your Tutor Agent Balliram would sooner gouge out his own eyeballs than accept my civilised offer, would I suggest that it doesn't reflect well on you to refuse..
After all, everything is geared to the blessed Line of Sight, is it not, and if hacking down the tops of that palm would improve the situation, why would you hesitate due to one fellow's petty grievances? Has your devotion to the chap come to be tempered with a certain amount of caution? Have you finally realised at last that he could turn on you with ease if you crossed him, and that it's your family that could be targeted next, as we've been, recently?
Ideally, godschild would approach me with the news that the palm will be cut in the near future, but alas, this dangerous game is far from ideal, and my Master's Meanie-Me's will do his bidding or suffer the consequences...

Our diminutive house-keeper had taken herself home to the Transkei for the Easter weekend, and on her return to ours yesterday, she'd told me that she'd been really poorly for the duration of her visit.
Apparently she'd acquired an agonising pain in her jaw that had lasted until she'd headed back home to Clermont, when it had disappeared totally.
Naturally, my first question had been whether they have electricity at her familial home down south, and she'd said yes, they have one of those card systems where you ferd an electricity meter inside the home.

Why would anyone do such a thing? She can barely afford her one or two trips down there in a year, so who would be that cruel and spiteful as to arrange that she was blasted like that by a neighbour trained to operate the quantum laser weaponry? Any ideas, o Spook of my heart? The word reprehensible springs to mind, and once again you single-handedly bring the Glorious Cause into disrepute.. Unfounded slings and arrows? I wish.

While I'm at it, was it simply the hand of Fate alone that had her loved-one pass away on the very day of that all-important Meeting, or was he assisted across the Great Divide by a heroic quantum warrior's interference? I have no idea whether he'd been ill prior to his sudden demise, or whether it had come as a complete shock to the family. What I do know however, is that this astonishing technology is being used as a murder weapon by all and sundry, and it has been since it's inception here in 2005.

Have you conceded as much to the DA Councillor for Ward 31, Martin? Or have you fed him the flowery version of a 'perfectly safe' technology designed to ultimately eradicate the rot from our once fair country? The version that has suckered so many intelligent and honest citizens into signing up for the Smart City quantum army, and has them looking the other way at the enormous lies and corruption necessary to achieve this goal? Sour grapes? Is that what you'd have that young man believe? Will your 'assistance' include seeing to it that his home is no longer flooded with the Throat Choker frequency, and that his jaw isn't again targeted to the extent that it manifests as an abscess? That his knees won't ache, or his heart begin to suddenly race as he lies reading in bed?

You'll do that for him, Councillor Meyers? You'll ensure that neither he nor his mama are targeted in any way? Good for you, though I'll continue to watch them closely, if you don't mind...

LATER at 6.20am

I've just been out front to perch on the edge of our lawn in line with the leafy mulberry twig that had danced so wildly in a non-existent wind last night. I'd turned towards No. 10 and the giant palm fronds that had given the game away, in the hopes of seeing what? An aircon unit where I'd not seen one before? Nope, nada, except for our Freddie's powerful light that's clipped to the picket fencing surrounding his pool. A light that was doused as I watched..
It's a stretch even for my vivid imagination, to consider that the lights themselves can be adjusted to give off those powerful artificial winds, but I guess anything's possible these days.


Friday 25th April 2014 at 1.34pm.