Friday, April 25, 2014

Troubled waters..
(begun Tuesday 22nd April at 7.35am)

A few deft strokes of the brush, added as an afterthought, and the picture was complete. Only on closer inspection would it be revealed as a forgery, and the furthest thing from reality imaginable.. Your average Joe will happily invest in the prettied-up version, and overlook the telltale signs that it's a fake through and through.. Cest la vie.

Is there really such a thing as the euphoria frequency? A minute adjustment to the airwaves that batter me, that puts me in a state of complete and utter happiness? It might be that it's merely the sudden cessation of the target practise, which I suppose could lead to my system being flooded with contentment as the strain is removed, but I tend to prefer my original idea...
I'd been sitting here at the desk sometime after 5.30am this morning, simply gazing out at the sky and the tops of the gumtrees as they swayed in a strong wind.. An overwhelming sense of peace had come over me and had lasted until shortly before 6am, when I'd gotten up to put the outdoor lights off for the day.

While the ongoing savage physical assaults so favoured by my Controller over the past eight or nine years have certainly given him ownership of every last inch of my raddled old body, they've done little to silence my tongue or my spirit.
Resorting to employing carefully timed home invasions will have achieved little more than to confirm my accusations amongst those of his peers that he's managed to fool so far..

Wednesday 23rd April at 4.30am.

The abomination on my back has erupted into flames as my Watchers zoom in to read my scribbles, and I feel a couple of puffs of a cool breeze, despite that the ceiling fan is off and the net curtains are still.

She'd popped down for a cuppa on Friday afternoon, and we'd settled down out on the verandah to chat. I'd apologised for the faint stench of sewage in the air, and had shrugged it off, saying that my neighbours on both sides had fibre to the home, running through their sewage lines.
I'd been filling the birdbath on Sunday when I'd glanced down the bank under the avo tree, to see soapy water swirling about our sewage manhole cover. It turned out that the GameWrecker had just emptied the bath, or I'd probably still be none the wiser.

A blockage caused by the roots of all the plants that now flourish along the line that runs just outside our boundary wall? Deliberate corruption to our line, easily achieved by a number of means? Hey - It's no trainsmash, as we've both become accustomed to the pong and the flies by now, and in fact, my better-half hasn't even bothered to call the Honeysucker Department as yet.
As he continues to keep a diligent photographic record of both our water and power usage, it may well have occurred to the Corrupt to go after our sewage line instead, but we'll have to wait and see what the Waste Department diagnose when they come out.

It slays me to think that these graduates of the Smart City quantum Project could be expending their time and skills on such ongoing pettiness, but there you have it folks.. Could our Dom over in Capell Road give me just one example of where he's saved the day and used the surveillance technology to actually protect one of his unrecruited neighbours from a planned home invasion or hijacking? Or is this so-called 'Guardianship' designed to play a rather more ambiguous role in the citizen's lives, and to somehow save them from themselves, through the use of manipulation and control? Pass me the bucket, if you please..

How many of the people who attended the Save our Berea's Monster Meeting are already invested in the Smart City quantum Experiment? How many are already aware of the lies and secrecy surrounding the water and power problems that beset the city and it's suburbs? How many of those normally clear-thinking individuals remain astonishingly silent as those like Neil MacLeod and Allen Spence continue to trot out the cover stories at each crisis, and to point their fingers at the Ruling Party as the cause of this ongoing fiasco?

How can these intellectuals not see that Missus Allopi and her Town Planning colleagues are simply following their brief to cause further mischief and dismay across the city? That they've in fact been ordered to ignore the by-laws and to allow all manner of developments to take place where they are least desired by the residents? A ruse that I believe could safely fall under the Project's Distractions section, as much as the tasteless Blade Runner Circus has been designed to draw your attention away from what's really happening out there...

Have any of you dared to question the real purpose behind the Smart City surveillance operations? Do you only now begin to question what once had sounded like the only recourse left to this ailing country? Were you earnestly reassured that you should sit back and remain silent , and that soon you'd see a change for the better, as the quantum army ranks swell by the day?
Not before this highly organised bloodbath has taken it's toll on hundreds more innocent citizens, you won't.

Why does the Leader of the Opposition not shout from the rooftops of this push to remove your right to privacy, and instead, she appears to be distracting you with their so-called attempts to thwart the Secrecy Bill? Does the fact that the DA openly accept financial aid from the George Soros quantum empowerment fund not alarm you just a fraction? Could it be, that if by some miracle the Blues were ever to come to power, you and your fellow citizens would find yourselves out of the frying pan and into the fire itself?
You'll perhaps understand my apprehension.. That the authorities have had almost a decade to deal with the criminally-affiliated Area Controller residing at No. 6 Harris Crescent and to rein him in, and yet, apart from a few minor cosmetic changes to the technology, he continues to be a prized and protected employee of the Project Authors...

An isolated case? Why, Mr. van Zyl, I do believe that's a load of hogwash. *studies the vodacom Strategist... I believe that the more compassionless and savage the Controller, the more your Superiors value them. That the more these Puppets can be persuaded to engineer all manner of mischief and mayhem across the country, the more highly they are prized..
The successes trumpeted in the Press and on Social Media are few and far between, and as one drug cartel is removed, three more will spring up to take it's place..
Prostitution in your suburb? Been there and done that.. Remember?
Taking pictures of the customers and their vehicles and blogging them, helped put paid to that effort at the time, and I find it interesting that warnings are given to the residents that going that route could be considered a violation of the John's rights. Bullshit.

Yesterday my Controller had seen to it that the levels of BackFire that assailed me had been even crueller than usual, and yet I still managed to find moments of unadulterated contentment and happiness.. They may not last very long, but I savour every second of the joy and energy that fill me at those times.. Sure, my hands tremble as I write, and sure, I ask for help daily to endure the engineered pain and mischief that I'm treated to by my 'Guardians'.. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for all the wonderful people I get to meet, Recruits included, and the thought that today might just be the day that the tide will turn in my favour, despite that once a dumbass, always a dumbass...


Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 10.19am.