Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lost in translation?
(begun Saturday 26th April at 3.45am.)

Who's at it, right this minute? Who arrived at my shoulder here at the desk, just five minutes ago, that's kicked the abomination into a steady simmering fire? A couple of you, perhaps?
Want to tellus how far you'd go to demonstrate your devotion to your mentor/Tutor? Let's pretend that Agent Balliram wasn't the one who'd actually woken me at 3.25am, with that seriously spiteful pinch to the side. Let's pretend that he's out right now, attending to a contract in some other neighbourhood, and that you pulled this shift and had felt the sudden urge to make your feelings known, by hitting me like that?

You want to talk about it? You want to tell me how Barnabas' Protege had chosen you as one of his initial proxies, and had taught you the near-godlike powers you now have over your unsuspecting neighbours? You want to tellus how powerful you feel and how grateful you are, and that a slight against Balliram is a slight against you?
See now, if I were the CleverDick at No. 6, I'd see to it that there was always more than one recruit on Shift, so that if things went 'wrong' it couldn't be pinned on any one of you directly..
Care to tellus who pulled the 8am shift yesterday morning, and whether you'd even know it, if your mentor had joined you on the airwaves silently?

It was a beautiful morning with a cool nip in the air, and I'd fancied a bit of gardening therapy, so I'd hauled out the little pushmower and headed for the front lawn. The grass wasn't long, but I just wanted to tidy it up, so there wasn't much effort involved at all.. I'd been happily trundling up and down behing the mower when I finally found myself lined up to the bird tray, at which point some Wag had hit me with a puff of the Throat Choker frequency, out of the blue.

Any idea who that could've been, Freddie? Sometime between 8 and 9am? It had had the desired effect and I'd doubled over with the spasmodic dry hacking (which is so NOT a smoker's cough it's ridiculous). It had stopped after a minute, although there'd been this weird burning sensation in my chest that wouldn't go away. I'd carried on cutting for a while, nonetheless, before I thought better of it and had gone to sit on the verandah for a minute.

My heart had begun racing at that point, and I can't say I've ever experienced anything like that before. Oh sure, there've been times when I've been sitting or lying reading the Kindle, and have become aware that my hearbeat has been speeded up or slowed down to an unusual rate, and I've always spoken out loud to the perpetrator and it's settled down immediately.
Yesterday had been very different, and I'd suggest that little fiasco had some moerse serious intent behind it. So - Which of you would like to claim credit for that eye-popping demonstration?
Are you ALL willing and eager to carry the can, you're THAT brainwashed? Hey, if you're an outsider and were to find that I'm a heavy smoker in my 69th year, and that I don't get regular exercise, apart from a bit of gardening, why would you think twice were I to keel over with a heart attack? You wouldn't blink an eye, right?

Unless I'm very much mistaken, the identical wireless weaponry had been used to terminate Glen Nayager once he had become a liability to the criminals managing the Smart City surveillance technology in Sydenham. That'd be correct, hey Earl?
The fellow had become so drunk on the power that he and his then colleague Agent Balliram had been given by Allen Spence, that he could've sunk the ship before it had really sailed. It seems his former benefactor had turned on him as a result, and it wasn't long before Glen had seen the writing on the wall and had threatened to spill the beans.
Rumour had it that he was shacked up in a flat on Mayville hill, and I have to wonder if it had been there that he'd begun to experience the first weird flutterings to his heart.

That area is, like ours, wired to the max, is it not Mr. Spence, and it would've been a doddle for an Operative to access that apartment invisibly, and to target the fellow's ticker as he lay sleeping. They would've started early on, and targeted his chest regularly in order to weaken it to the point where Nayager had sought medical advice. Shame. Like anyone could help him at that point.
His number was up, and the powers that be were going to ensure that he wouldn't get his day in court after all..
You can probably check the details, but if I remember rightly it was some sort of closed Departmental tribunal he'd had to attend, and chances were that he was going to shoot his mouth off and name a few names.
And there you have it folks. I seem to think it was just the day before he was officially due to drop the cat among the pigeons, that he'd been treated to a terminal dose of what ailed him, and his already weakened heart had given up the ghost, silencing him forever.

If you're already a member of the Elite, why don't you ask to see the footage of me taken out on my verandah yesterday between 8am and 9am. Don't take no for an answer FFS, and listen to what I had to say to my Tormentors at the time, and you may draw your own conclusions. My heart had been hammering crazily at 100mph, and once I'd spoken out loud it had immediately dropped to it's normal steady rate and I'd gone back out to finish the job without any more such mischief occurring.
In fact, I'd lugged the mower up onto the back terraces and had neatened them up as well, without so much as a murmur of protest from my targeted chest.

Someone laying the groundwork for my sudden, but perfectly understandable terminal heart infarction sometime in the near future? Or Someone with little to no control over their blind rages, who'd seen me lined up so perfectly on the front lawn and hadn't been able to resist unleashing that particularly nasty remote attack?
Make of it what you will, but you can rest assured that I will share these experiences with you here, for as long as I'm able...
Like I've said all along - Stefanus Roux's insistence that his quantum technology is perfectly safe only applies without that bunch of little known frequencies that Mr. Isaacs had brought with him from Sentech. Add those to the mix and you have a weaponry more subtle and deadly than anything the world has seen before.

You're welcome to roll your eyes and turn away at my suggestion that Keith Downs is still paying for his perceived sin of openly dissing the founder of the George Soros quantum empowerment fund. You heard he was back in hospital after a second mini-stroke? If I could speak to him, would he say that he experiences knife-like jabs to his skull on a regular basis, or only over the last few months? Would those be remarkably similar to the increasing knife-like jabs I'm encountering, mostly when sitting in front of our TV?

You lot are going to weed out the criminals operating this remarkable technology, Warwick? Really? And just when is this due to start? You've bigger fish to fry than to concern yourselves with the occasional contract killing, and the sooner the population learn to keep their mouths shut, the better it will be for them? From this Labrat's point of view, it was pointless making those cosmetic changes here in 2012, and I doubt anyone at all was fooled by them.
Suddenly recruiting several of the original labrats in this section, to the Cause, was no doubt considered a masterstroke of genius, for it ensured their silence once and for all, and the entire stretch of quantum guardians are now collectively tainted with Agent Balliram's brush.. Lovely.

Continuing to employ the likes of my Special Angel in any way, is quite the clearest indication one could ask for, to show that the quantum takeover of the population holds no benefit whatsoever for the average citizen, and that Elite or not, you're all set to become easily controlled puppets, just as we are.
It's a given that my neighbouring 'Protectors' don't see how easily they're being manipulated, and I've no doubt they consider they still have minds of their own..
Bullshit. At the merest suggestion they should jump, they'll bleat 'How high?' and go all out to prove their worthiness...

Does that sound to you like this country faces a rosy future once the Blues take over? Clean governance? Now why does that stick in my craw? Sure, they'll get my vote if I'm still around to tick that box, but I'm doing it knowingly, unlike yourselves...
May I guess that due to a singular lack of originality, and not discounting the possibility of further carefully timed home invasions, that my heart and skull are due to now feature regularly in these updates?
You'd be wrong to label me as a miserable old git, oozing doom and gloom from every pore... On the contrary, I can find humour in most situations, however dire, and that's pretty much what's kept me ploughing on over the years.


Saturday, 26th April 2014 at 3.17pm.