Tuesday, April 29, 2014

(begun Sunday 27th April at 5am..)

A virtual hug and a whispered 'we want you to get up now' would probably have had me all too happy to oblige. As it was, I'd lain there stubbornly as my Tormentors went through their repertoire...
I suppose it was about 4am when I'd woken to the unpleasant pinch to the lower spine, and when that hadn't worked, they'd moved on to employ the BackFire, the Ache to my jaw, and then that odd popping-candy effect in my ears. Clearly not enough, and Someone had begun sticking me repeatedly in my navel area before they'd resorted to the Knives to my cancer, and I launched into the dry hacking that comes with a dose of the Throat Choker frequency, at which point I'd caved and staggered out of bed..

Any kids among that lot of dedicated Abusers? Any adolescents who haven't even gotten their driver's licences, and yet are being coached in the art of hurting their fellow-man relentlessly over the airwaves?
We'd both been watching American Hustle on the harddrive last night, and enjoying it, when I'd passed out briefly in my chair at 8.10pm. I'd come to, just minutes later, and had turned to discover the GameWrecker was out like a light on the sofa. I'd woken him and asked if he didn't find that unusual. That we'd both blacked out at precisely the same time? Old people? You think? It hadn't happened again, and we'd watched the rest of the movie wide-awake..

By 9.50pm I'd climbed into bed and had given the two little dogs their inch of wors as their standard bedtime treat, before tucking Sophie under the blanket. As I'd rolled away from her, she'd thudded to the floor and I'd taken my bedside torch and found her crawled right under the middle of the metal bedstead.
See, I'm funny like that. Nailing a human-being with what you like to think is 'virtual' pain is one thing, but causing a dumb animal such discomfort that they will attempt any means to escape is another altogether, and should tell you all you need to know about the character of the quantum army 'Guardians' in our neck of the woods.

Literally brainwashed into believing there's no real harm being done to man or beast, they'll gaily carry out their instructor's orders, with no misgivings whatsoever. They most certainly don't want to be singled out from their fellow recruits as a wuss, and left behind, as their chums rise through the ranks, patted and praised every inch of the way..
Do parents still take such overwhelming joy and delight in their kid's academic achievements, as we used to, back in the day? Or is everything now centred around their internet skills, and how they're progressing as a quantum warrior?

The drive to encourage the local kids into some sort of sporting activity tells me that our Overlords desire an army of physically fit soldiers. And again, I'd aver that the less excess body fat you carry, the better the chance that your system will survive the battering from the unregulated wireless emissions now flooding many parts of the country. Would you rather I didn't tell you of the magic in the air? Of the change that's coming once the Experiment Authors deem their organised bloodbath has achieved their goals? Once every city, suburb, township, and informal settlement is wired to the Project Grid, and citizens may easily be singled out and 'encouraged' to conform?

The way things are going out here, the idea of a regimented and orderly life appeals to you more each day? That works for me too, until I remember that it's our would-be Masters who had kicked off and encouraged the mischief and mayhem that's terrorising the entire nation today, in order to achieve their own goals. You find that inconceivable to believe? Ag, come now. How else could these Masters of Manipulation get an entire country's citizens to willingly agree to the removal of their right to privacy and good health?
Fear was the answer. To frighten you all silly, and to then present you with a carefully sugar-coated version of a schme designed to save both the land, and your bacon with it.

We'll link you all together via your powerlines, and each one may protect their immediate neighbour from harm? A wildly romantic and noble idea that would appeal to many who've been directly affected by the engineered crime sweeping the country.
If you're that keen to join the New World Order that you can overlook the underhanded lies and corruption that surround our water and power supplies, in order to achieve this nirvana-like lifestyle, and you're willing to accept the fact that initially it was the criminal fraternity who'd deliberately been handed this remarkable technology to use in the promotion of the reign of terror covering the land, then good luck to you.

I've learned to live with the knowledge that at any given time of day or night, we have invisible company in our home.. Company that, contrary to the Project Sales Pitch, most certainly doesn't have our welfare at heart.
Will you be luckier than us? Will your lives be handed to someone like my Excellent Neighbour to control, without the interference of a nearby rabid 'Consultant' or two? An Agent, bumped up the ladder to keep him sweet, and whose continued presence ensures that the levels in our home are kept at the extreme. An Agent who continues to cause mischief and mayhem in the area, when we have all more than paid our dues on this stretch.

But that's not how it works, is it? Despite that I've conceded that Balliram's rape of our privacy has indeed changed my life for the better, in that I no longer spend every hour of every day filled with self-loathing, and I tend to laugh at myself more often than not, it's my spirit that appalls my Tormentors so...
The fact that I bear them not one iota of hatred is something they simply cannot grasp, as they try to outdo one another in a vain attempt to change my outlook..
It ain't gonna happen, kiddie-widdies... Though I grumble and curse repeatedly at your often bizarrely cruel and heartless actions, I can't for the life of me help but regard you with pity, and with a certain amount of fondness..
Having to study me in close-up with surround-sound, each and every day, is not a job I'd wish on my worst enemy, and that's a fact...
Peace on this gloriously cool and windy day...


Sunday 27th April 2014 at 10am