Tuesday, April 29, 2014

(begun Monday 28th April at 5.05am)

I dreamed I was taking a pee. Fortunately, I woke properly before too much damage was done, and after a change of underwear I'd gone through and woken the old man to suggest he also visit the loo, just in case. Teamwork between the aged is vital if we're to survive!

I'd no intention whatsoever of chatting to you this morning, but the continued employment of the red-hot poker to the otherwise painless abomination on my back, has me picking up the pen again.
What was he doing in those days? Shinning up ladders with his mates, day after day, fixing faulty lines, or did his degree ensure that he started off in a managerial position from the getgo?
Our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban has risen to dizzying heights by riding on the back of Sutcliffe's quantum Smart City Project, has he not? Does he sleep soundly at night, knowing full well that there are targets like us dotted about the city and suburbs, whose lives he'd handed on a plate to downright criminals to control?

I'd been tempted to send him a text earlier, just as soon as my Controller had seen fit to reactivate the cattle prod to my cancer, (unavoidable se GAT!!) but I figure chatting to you here will get the message across nicely. Maybe as a qualified Electrical Engineer he could answer some of my endless questions? For instance - It was decidedly nippy last night, and yet the temperature in the bedroom had become so hot at one point, that I'd had to throw off the blanket. How does that work, Allen? And what about that steady noise that appears to come from the ceiling, as if an electrical device is running?
No, not the sound of one of Balliram's aircon units, but a threadier, steady noise, that can only be heard clearly in the still of the night?

Do you still work closely with Mike Oliver of the Electricity Department's Security Division? I've often wondered about that lump Mike has on his forehead, and how odd it was that the Telkom employee sent to terrorise us on that rainy December night had a nearly identical lump on his forehead.. Pure coincidence, or something to do with the job? You heard about that one, surely? How someone had forced that young man to access our property in the pouring rain and dark, and we'd both heard him jump down into the courtyard? How I'd eventually managed to angle my toy pellet gun out of the window and had stung him with a pellet, and he'd put his fist through the window with rage?

How godschild had come out to offer assistance, and yet there'd not been a squeak from the Chickencoop, just feet away from that noisy fiasco? My CPF friends and the cops had come and taken him away, and someone had remarked later on the lump on his forehead, thinking that he'd taken a blow to his head. Hah!
It had been months later that a Telkom droog had been up his ladder at our valley boundary wall, fiddling with the white wireless box, and I'd fetched the Panasonic to record it.
The chap had been really shy, and had tried to duck behind the box to no avail, and it was those results that had shown he had a near identical cyst/lump on his forehead to Mike Oliver's, and it had me wondering whether it's something that occurs due to over-exposure to electricity.

The white wireless boxes belonging to Telkom, that Mr.Oliver had claimed were empty, and that he had no idea of their purpose? Are you keeping up with the DA's electioneering campaign on Facebook?
If you go through DKB's pictures posted yesterday, you'll find loads of the Blues, taken in Umlazi, and one of those pictures shows an entire stretch of poles, each rigged up with a Telkom box. She'd commented that she didn't understand why the Powers that Be continued to refer to the settlements as Transit camps, when many of the residents had lived there for years, and I'd posted a crass comment to the effect that as long as they had DStv they were happy.

A comment referring to the dozens of satellite dishes that can be seen installed on shacks in each and every informal settlement. Unsurprisingly, I found later that my comment had been removed, and you may draw your own conclusions as to why and by whom, and that it wasn't necessarily by Dianne herself...It's the only way to gain full control over the masses? Via the Smart City Project's combination of lasers and wireless? If the treatment that we've received since 2005 is anything to go by, there will be a great deal of brutality taking place among those shacks and silver sardine cans, as individuals are singled out and targeted for the amusement of the quantum recruits placed there by the authorities..

Guardians? Protectors of their fellow human-beings? Utter rubbish. This astonishingly invasive technology continues to be employed to CREATE misery and mayhem, and certainly not to prevent it, despite all the lies to the contrary.
It had been after my late afternoon bath that the Consultant/Agent next door had seen to it that my cancer was targeted, and if you like to kid yourselves that pain was only 'virtual', you go ahead.
Would the Superintendent of Electricity for Durban so much as dare to rap the Sadist over his filthy knuckles for his inhumane and cruel behaviour? My bet would be no. That he's been told to deal extremely cautiously with the Psycho next door, as he's very well-connected and protected by the Big Boys in the telecommunications industry. That's right, hey Jannie?

Diligently targeting my self-generated cancer like that has to be just about as low as your Protege can sink, although hunting down the local animals is a close runner up. Will it be remembered down the line that the vodacom Strategist Jannie van Zyl and Allen Spence are both well aware of these reprehensible practises, and encourage them? Will they go down in the history books with honour or revulsion? Who cares, as long as they provide some form of distraction?
If the diminutive vodacom Strategist, Jannie van Zyl, could bring himself to slide out of the cozy bed he's currently sharing with his fellow crooks at MTN (see illegal tower in Loon Road), would he give a tinker's whether his name is rapidly becoming synonymous with those of the criminal fraternity?
My guess would be that he's adopted the old 'any publicity is good publicity' attitude, as he basks in his notoriety. Pass the bucket if you would...

All credit for my less than flattering rant may as usual be given to the Poster Boy for the Smart City quantum surveillance project, Agent Collin P. Balliram, for once again going above and beyond the call of duty, in order to please his superiors and to satisfy his own sick desires...


Monday 28th April 2014 at 9.11am.