Sunday, April 13, 2014

(begun Thursday 10th April at 5.25am)

I've been sitting here at the desk in the dark, just enjoying the quiet. It's Thursday, and I imagine the Wizard of Odd next door as he feverishly tries to decide which of his spells he's going to trot out for the day..
Apart from a vague niggling ache to my lower back, that kicks in when I walk down the passage, I'm remarkably pain-free this morning.. There's no pain to the ear or jaw, or jabs to my skull, or no, wait - here comes the BackFire, as I put pen to paper, and my Watcher zooms in curiously... *eyeroll...
Within an instant the flames are licking at my cancer, and the early morning truce is over.
Two little bats are silhouetted against the brightening horizon, as they wheel about in the cool morning air before taking refuge back in our garage roof for the day.

We're both to be stuck with needles later on this morning, in an effort to see whether we're in the clear. Something that would've had me sweating with anxiety a few years back, but that now seems trivial compared to my Controller's wireless arsenal...

Friday 11th April at 4.28am
And so it was. Typically, I'd gotten the story wrong, and I'd thought our blood samples were to be taken at the GP's rooms, but that had turned out to be a separate event altogether.. While we were there, I'd asked the doc to check the ear that's been targeted with such dedication these past few weeks, and he'd done that and had given me the all-clear, although he'd said there was a small raw patch deep down, and had I scratched myself cleaning my ears?
Nope. Not that I was aware of, as I'm darned cautious with the old cotton buds...
If the knife-like pains I've been enduring are indeed laser strikes, it would certainly explain that visibly tender area, would it not? After all, you only have to look at the shredded storeroom curtains to see the damage the lasers can cause..

Do the stolen recordings show that I was less than delighted to find we had to go downstairs to give the blood samples? Another long wait? As it happens, the Blood Department had been anticipating our arrival, and the GameWrecker had been attended to without delay, and once he'd given the staff our details they'd taken his sample and it was my turn. I'd been assigned to a really pleasant uniformed sister by the name of Sandy, who'd done the deed without causing me undue stress, although I'd kept my head turned away during the process..
The GameWrecker had asked me afterwards why it had taken so long, and how many vials they'd filled, and of course I had no idea...

You remember Groenie Groenewald? The bloke who'd come into the GP's rooms to check the aircon units while I'd been sitting there waiting to have that tumor cut out of my hip? How his uniform had proclaimed him to be the Head of Security for St. Augustines, and how the eight vials of local anaesthetic hadn't worked, as poor Sheldon had battled to cut that ping-pong ball sized lump out, while I'd cursed freely with the pain? How a staff member had said a few weeks later, that Groenewald had held that position briefly before disappearing, and I'd gone on to insist that the fellow was from a Special Project Unit?

Where was that charming sister Sandy based? The two young ladies manning the front desk had whispered to each other, while Sandy was filling in my details, and eventually one of them had turned to her and said 'Who are you?' although she hadn't replied at the time... Theatrics for my benefit, or had she, like Groenewald, been brought in from outside to take my blood samples?
She'd been very chatty, and had told me that she'd taken up cycling and had bought an Orbitrek machine and recently lost 6ks, while her husband had lost 9ks... My word, but my aerial went up at that point.
Why the sudden rush to lose weight unless you're a Project Recruit and know the risks of carrying excess body fat?

You think I can't hear myself, and how totally bonkers I sound? Pfft.. I'd asked the GP whether my blood could be tested for anaemia as well, and he'd made a note on the forms... That would be the good old white blood cell count that I go on about, and it's possible that once the Monitors had heard my request they'd made a hasty call or two, resulting in Sandy's arrival downstairs to welcome us... Could those blood samples prove that I'm being microwaved on high, and have been for years? Highly unlikely, but Someone wasn't taking any chances?

At some point later in the day, we'd driven up Francoise Road, and to my astonishment there'd been at least four or five homes with their outdoor lights activated, including THIS one with the black glass window panes that I've posted here before.
It certainly would appear that residents over that side are scrambling to join the quantum Project...

Cowies Hill is still in chaos, as the trenches continue to be dug along the road for the new waterlines bearing the fibre optic network designed to carry the information stolen from resident's homes to a data base in the sky.. We'd driven as usual at snail's pace along the winding road from Pinetown towards Westville, and I'd been fortunate enough to catch THIS stunning picture, taken near the bottom of Cowies Hill (you'll have to wait a while to see it), of a clever lady with a bucket, as she'd tried to fill it from the huge fountain of water gushing up from a fire hydrant...

A poster pic for the quantum Smart City Project indeed. While the residents were without water, there were millions of litres simply going up in to the air before running down the road, in order that you, the ratepayer may have your privacy and right to good health removed totally...
Do YOU know the answers to the questions posed by my CPF Vice Chair to the current City Manager? How long will the Smart City Project take before it's completed, and how much is it costing the ratepayers? Of what benefit will this be to the average citizen?

The Microwave Boffin's son recently relocated to Cowies Hill, and I'm of the opinion that he could give us some answers in this regard.. No? Details of the neighbour spying on neighbour technology are not to be bandied about freely, and the less the sheep know about it, the better?


Friday 11th April 2014 at 6.15am.