Monday, April 07, 2014

Who's YOUR daddy?
(begun Sunday 6th April at 4.15am.)

You have a landline? You can afford to do without? Lucky you. I don't remember exactly when the latest spate of problems with our Telkom line had begun, but it's been some months now. Hardly a week goes by without the set going dead, and we're being given the ubiquitous 'cables were cut' bullshit..
So when it happened again yesterday, I wasn't too bothered, and the GameWrecker had sent Faults another text. It must have been around midday today when he'd had a reply to say 'the problem was in hand', except of course that it wasn't, and our line remains dead.

I'd called the Good man up at No. 16 on his landline to check whether his phone was working, (in which case it would pretty much prove the cable theft story was a porky-pie). He tells me he's using a Neotel cordless phone and has cancelled his Telkom line due to ongoing problems. Not an option we'd entertain, having been told that the health risks caused by cordless phones are ten times those of cellphones.
At 2.20pm I'd tried Agent Balliram's landline, and she'd picked up straight away and had been her usual polite self.
She'd said their line had been down, but that she'd had a call from Telkom just a bit earlier to say it had been repaired. She'd said she didn't know why they'd called her, as she'd not reported a Fault, although it was working now.

How odd is that? Ours is still deader than a dodo, and we're all on the same line. Or are we? I'd thanked her and forgotten about it. Shortly after 3pm the assault to my ear and jaw was escalated suddenly to ridiculous levels, and by 3.45pm I'd chugged a couple of Myprodol in desperation... It made no difference at all, and the pain had increased to the point where I literally felt my eardrum would burst.
At 4.06pm I'd caved and had sent Allen Spence the following text.
"I would like it put on official record that since calling No. 6 to check if their landline was working, at 2.20pm, the levels have risen to where I suspect my ear may bleed. This is your top Quantum Warrior? Still amused, Mr. Spence? Sent 4.05pm"

The excrutiating pain had stopped completely just as I'd hit Send to Spence, and so far it hasn't returned, and I beg that you don't suggest that it's the Myprodol that's achieved that remarkable and immediate respite, for that would be rubbish..
Is my kid's Android phone being used to assist in attaining those shocking levels? She'd been carrying it with her at the Flea Market yesterday when a similar assault had been carried out.. Hmm.. And this arvo, she'd been sitting not two feet from me, busy on her phone, when that agony had peaked.. Bingo?

LATER at 5.30pm

Back in the lounge, and it's interesting to note that the Myprodol can't really cope with this type of assault at all, and the beginnings of that dull ache are lurking again.. Pushing the area that's worst hit, hard with my fingers, doesn't find any sort of abscess or such, although of course I'll oblige my anxious family and have it checked over anyways...

Tuesday 8th April at 4.30am
I'd stumbled across an ad for Rustoleums glow-in-the-dark paint yesterday, and it had set me to wondering again about all the various compounds that are daubed about our property.. Whether all those fungi and lichens that seem to spring up overnight are indeed being manually applied, and are modified somehow to guide the Laser user's path? It appears that when light is applied to the paint it becomes phosphorescent for up to eight hours, but I've an idea the substances dotted about our yard are probably somewhat different? Zinc sulfide? Strontium aluminate?
She'd parked right next to THIS old tree in Botanic Gardens Road, and I'd stayed in the car while she'd trotted down to the shop.. I'd taken a couple of shots of the tree trunk, but they fail to show the extent of the dull ochre and green substances halfway up from the base..
Mother Nature se GAT.. That stuff is a laser marker for sure, although how it works, beats me...

There's almost an air of desperation about the increased levels of attacks lately..
The dedication and diligence employed to my eardrum is quite frankly, astonishing, and I certainly get the impression that the Spook's Handlers have told him to go for it in a big way.. Imagine if you will, an icepick being driven into your ear and neck, and turned about at length.. And yet, when I push on the offending area there is no pain that could be ascribed to an abscess or the like.. Magic, I tell you..
The last time such a concentrated and vicious experiment was carried out, was to my wrist, and though you've not seen the pictures of my bloated limb, you can rest assured it wasn't a pretty sight...

Perfectly safe, Professor Roux? Far from it. Given into the hands of criminals to employ against innocent citizens, the Smart City quantum wireless weaponry is formidable, to say the least.
Anyone else paying attention to all the electioneering photos on Facebook? Anyone else notice the amount of DStv satellite dishes stuck on the silver-zinc sardine cans supplied to the informal settlement dwellers?
Does it reassure you to know that the masses will be controlled and manipulated through the use of this amazing quantum technology?

That there is already an elite band of recruits stationed in each township and settlement, who are trained to monitor and control their neighbours, on orders from higher up?
You've been told that this will lead to a better life for all? Has Pragasen Govender been re-programmed to agree with this bullshit ?
Will the next engineered michief, carefully arranged by our Area Controller, have us back in Trauma, or is it the Mortuary he's aiming for now?
An occurrence that would taint every last one of the Recruits on this stretch, from Sabeera at No. 18, down to Benjamin at No. 2.
How many Project Recruits does it take to screw over one witless Simpleton? As many as is necessary to leave Collin P. Balliram wide-eyed and innocent of any wrongdoing? Free to continue tutoring the youth in the Dark Arts, and to engineer an ongoing reign of terror in this once peaceful neighourhood? Who's YOUR daddy?

She'd said you'd been known for being a bit naughty in your younger days as a cop, Frosty? Would naughty be the word she'd use, were she to know what you were up to these days? Best the truth be kept a secret, right?


Tuesday 8th April 2014 at 6.24am.