Saturday, April 05, 2014

Burned bridges.
(begun Saturday 29th March at 3.40am.)

I love watching the cop shows on telly. The Force in particular, (don't ask me what Channel), and now there's another one called Emergency Bikers.. Yesterday's officer was on duty in Essex and he was using the thousands of wirelessed monitoring devices installed across the UK to pick up all manner of driving offenders.. The lady he'd pulled over in the end, had let her motor vehicle insurance lapse by a full two days, and was therefore driving uninsured, and she'd had her car impounded..

For a while there I thought he'd let her off with a warning, but nope - No such luck, and she'd had to call someone to come fetch her. Can you imagine that system operating out here? Man, the roads would be empty! And yeah - I'd noticed that as he sped along in the bright sunlight, every now and then there'd be an overhead light burning brightly, just as they do out here.. Actually, if you pay attention, you'll see the same sort of thing in any reality show filmed recently in the UK. The odd streetlight active during daylight hours.

How are the Brit authorities going with their version of the quantum laser neighbour spying upon neighbour operations? Cliques of quantum warriors set up in every city, town, and village over there, and numbers growing by the day? Frosty? You're maybe an Area Controller in Romford? It's a given that my sister and her old man were singled out as Labrats in Lichfield, when the Experiment first kicked off on your side, and that my kid suffered the same fate down in London. Was that entirely due to my stupidity, or would it have happened anyway? A bit of both maybe?

Law-abiding as they surely are, they've fallen foul of the Experiment's preference for hiring hit & run specialists as quantum warriors? I've maintained all along that is doesn't matter how honourable you are when you're first recruited, once you're given such total power over people's lives, you'll battle to maintain your own integrity, and to avoid playing god.. What's being done to us here in this tiny corner of the country is in fact taking place everywhere as I write, and there's absolutely no stopping it...

I bang on and on about having your right to privacy removed, when in fact there's a part of me that rather likes the idea of leading a prescribed and ordered life, and being shown what to do and when to do it.
Course, there's no way I had the skills or foresight to figure out just how the authorities would go about achieving this, and that a great deal of physical pain would be involved, as their Agents poked and prodded at you with their lasers, to get you to toe the line..
Had I been assessed early on as a pushover? An oxygen thief of the first order, who would hopefully top herself after providing at least some light entertainment for the Troops?

What happened? Each time you'd thought it was over, this dumbass Duracel bunny kept picking herself up and chundering on, providing a somewhat different scenario than the one you'd anticipated so eagerly?
There was never a hope in hell that I'd make a difference for the better, although I've provided you with a remarkable insight into the kind of characters the Experiment Authors prefer to use to do their dirty work..
Sort of chilling, isn't it? That so many of you, who consider yourselves to be honourable, fair-minded humans, can now allow yourselves to sit back and enjoy such blatant cruelty, without lifting a finger or feeling remorse?

The GameWrecker had taken his last handful of ARV's yesterday morning and he now has a 2-week wait until his blood is checked for the all-clear. (I started my course a day later).
You'll have to forgive me then, if I was startled at mid-morning yesterday, when he'd announced that his nausea was the worst it's ever been.
Or was I? He tells me it'll take up to 72 hours for his system to become clear of that harsh medication, and it'll be fascinating to see whether by Monday morning he's a new man, and his bouts of nausea become a thing of the past.
You'll possibly understand that in my rampant paranoia, I've come to believe that our opportunistic Controller has in fact used the ARV's as a cover in order to target him with even higher levels of EMF than usual...
The GW's extreme nausea yesterday certainly suggests that I may have hit that nail on the head, does it not, and the fact that my old man has always had a sensitive gut compared to mine, would've made this that much easier to achieve...

The carefully created sheet-lightning effect coming from my Master's valley-facing bunker light had ceased last weekend, when it was 'fixed' ahead of the family function held out on his front deck.
Clearly I've not been paying enough attention, as I've only just noticed this morning that the light HERE next to his three aircon units, (and within mere yards of my snoring husband) has once again been dumbed down to run at half-mast..
Would those of you who are sufficiently advanced in the employment of this astonishing quantum laser technology, care to admit that it certainly appears there's some intent to do my old man lasting physical damage? And no, I don't expect you to throw up your hands in feigned horror at my allegation, but to merely give me your objective opinion.
After all, as far as you're concerned, we're merely worthless labrats, and I've no doubt that this latest ploy by my Area Controller will be regarded as an interesting experiment, if nothing else.. Right?

Do you ever ask yourselves why my honourable Vice Chair has yet to be approached and recruited to this so-noble Cause? Why he's been singled out to endure ongoing mischief both physically and to his assets? It's glaringly obvious that he has no political aspirations whatsoever, and that he does what he does for the community because he is a genuinely caring human-being.. Everyone has a chink, and you'll get him in the end, and convert him to your tailor-made version of a New Order citizen, or... Or what?
The attacks on his person will increase, and he'll lose first one knee and then the other, just for starters? My word, but your Cause is beginning to sound less noble by the minute, and it's no wonder that this controlling technology was initially handed to those with less than upright characters, to manage..

I'd been happily weeding up on the first terrace yesterday morning, when I'd heard my Good Neighbour's top door bang shut.. A few minutes later and there came the sound of their kitchen door being opened quietly, just a few yards away. I'd been hit immediately by a wave of the dreaded Backfire frequency, and had spoken aloud clearly, to that effect..
To her credit she'd dumbed it down immediately, and I'd been allowed to carry on, pain free...

I hadn't been quite so lucky later in the day, and after 3pm I'd begun enduring that naar sensation...By 4.30pm the nausea was joined again by the BackFire, and things simply went downhill from there... My Excellent Neighbour's stable-door had stayed open until I'd gone to bed, having spent the evening enduring my shrieking fillings, BackFire, and jabs to both hips, intermittently...
Take it personally? I remind myself that soldiers in any army are forced to obey orders or risk expulsion, and that she has a lot more to lose than I do.. Besides, I'm always happier when she's home, rather than away..

Here's a little experiment you can try for yourselves... Stephen? You're having a well-deserved break, so maybe you could try this one? Cruise around the neighbourhood after dark, looking for blackened walls? Those precast walls that look as though they should be bordering a busy freeway judging by the emissions that coat them so thickly? Pull up and start taking photos with your digital camera set on flash..
Pan around at every conceivable angle in the dark, and who knows, when you study the results later, you may just find you've caught those invisible swirls of smoke, as well as a few magical spheres...

You may also have some success were you to pull up on Jan Smuts Highway and shoot the more blackened side of the St. James bridge that crosses over to the Westville Civic Centre intersection... Though I can't remember whether it's the East or West-facing side of that structure that the laser users are employing so heavily.
Same goes for the Jan Hofmyer bridge, although it must be said that the huge amount of water running freely under that stretch of road has once again caused the patch under the bridge itself to cave in.. Just before the bus shelter?


Saturday 29th March 2014 at 2.34pm.