Saturday, April 05, 2014

Playing both ends?
(begun Sunday 30th March at 6.25am)

Which of my splendidly heroic Shift Monitors nearby, would care to take credit for the 4.30am session? Several of you, working as a collective, or just the one, demonstrating his/her remarkable skills with vicious abandon?
I'd gotten up at 4.20am to take a pee, and had made myself a coffee before heading back to bed just in time to watch the clear starry sky become covered by the bank of grey. All of which I'd achieved without so much as a hint of pain or discomfort, mind you..
At 4.30am I was still up on my elbows in bed, watching the sky, when I was hit by the increasingly familiar pain to my ear, followed by some fairly hectic pressure. Five minutes after that and it was the knives to the base of my spine, before I was finally permitted to curl up and doze off..

When I'd finally surfaced properly at 6am, I'd lain there perfectly still, and marvelled at the sudden deep ache in my knee FFS...
I'd clambered carefully from Cloud 9 like a 90-year old, and a good thing too, as I found the extreme pinch to the base of my spine had been reinstated, and I was in danger of seizing up completely.

Are you not stunned and awed by all of this artfulness? This cunningly skillful use of Francesco's laser/wireless weaponry? Or have you, as I've done, come to regard it as bullying on a seriously shameful scale?
Welcome to the George Soros-funded Open Society folks, where your average and everyday citizen is now encouraged to become a Peeping Tom par excellence, and to take pleasure in administering all manner of remote cruelties to their charges...

Charges? Oh yeah - That'll be in one of the prettier versions of the Project's Sales Pitch.. That designated Area Controllers will be given some sort of guardianship over the suckers on their power circuit...
Sounds great, does it not? Except of course, that in practise that's not quite how it works at all..
In our neck of the woods it turns out that even the brave quantum Warriors who've willingly enlisted to the surveillance Army are prey to the whims of their powerfully-connected Area Controller, and his mischief-making skills...

News had filtered through last night that there'd been a bomb-scare down under the Freeway bridge the night before, sometime after 10pm, although so far, it's not been verified...
For what it's worth, the means being employed to scare every last citizen into compliance, has reached ludicrous proportions, though I'm betting the local AmDram Society have plenty more such theatrics tucked up their copious sleeves, hey Laz?
Four decomposed bodies up by St. Phil's, and now a possible bomb-scare down this side? Are you guys SERIOUS? *chokes..

When I'd trundled up and down my front lawn behind the pushmower yesterday morning, you have to know that my every step was being monitored and recorded, and that the same technology was very much in operation back on Wednesday 26th February, when our young 'intruder' was talked through arriving at ours, uninvited... The inevitable denials?
What many of you don't appear to understand, is that if his lips are moving, he's lying.. Enough said.

Yesterday morning my old man had announced he had the cold sweats.. A full 24 hours after he'd swallowed his last dose of ARV's.. Are his reactions the norm? Some sort of withdrawal symptoms from that poisonous medication? He'd also weighed himself the day before, only to discover that he's somehow lost 7kgs during the past couple of months. Although in his case this is a good thing, he's certainly not been on any form of diet, and I found the news briefly disturbing...

There'd been an organised sewage runoff on Friday night at both No. 10 and No. 6, and I'd been hit by the pong when I'd first gone outdoors early on. An hour or so later, my nostrils had been assailed by a cloud of the overpowering floral disinfectant coming off my Controller's property.
Are many of the recruits having similar problems with Sutcliffe's Fibre to the Home, or is this unique to our topography?
Will the fly population decrease along with the arrival of winter, or will we continue to endure them in numbers, thanks to Groesbeek's games being played with the sewage and stormwater drains in the area?

It's now 7.20am, and I'm late for the morning bathing routine. As I sit here at the desk, Someone has just re-introduced yesterday's unpleasant ache to my ear, jaw and neck, nearest Balliram's three aircon units.. Are my lymph glands to be the target of choice for the second day in a row?


Sunday 30th March 2014 at 10.32am.