Thursday, March 27, 2014

Awkward questions?
(begun Thursday March 27th, at 4.40am)

There's the soft welcome sound of rain falling, and the inevitable squeaking enhancer that comes with it. Those little nunus always sing in the rain, and the Monitors are coached to utilise that fact...
Someone dropped the tight cap over my skull a few minutes ago, and my ears were crushed with the pressure, while the burning itch variation of the BackFire special is being employed to my cancer...
I'm still baffled as to why I was treated with such leniency the day/night before last, but hey, it was temporary, and we're right back to square one.. A touch of uncharacteristically subtle cruelty perchance?

Have you picked up on any of that strange invisible-to-the-naked-eye smoke on your nighttime shots yet? Smoke that appears to be carried along by some sort of artificial wind funnels, and that I'd lay odds is the cause of the black powdery residue to be found everywhere on our property. Several of my pictures show a myriad of tiny pinpoints of light in the air above our yard, taken in fine weather overnight, and I'd have to guess they were the result of Roux's ultra-short laser beams colliding with each other, although there's no sign of smoke in those shots. It's all very confusing, as the bats and birds appear quite happy to swoop about among what you have to know are dense clouds of minute laser beams, no doubt allowing our Stefanus to get away with his 'perfectly safe technology' claims..

Are our feathered friends impervious to the engineered wind funnels and smoke, as well as to the laser beam showers?
Have you noticed any of the give-away signs that tell you your home has been linked to the Project's chain? Any old well-established trees hacked down while you were away at the office? Fresh scars across your little street? A regular puff of raw sewage borne on the air from somewhere nearby? A burst waterline perhaps? A break that ran for hours, despite your frantic calls to the Fault line? Dogs disappearing from the safety of your yards, and Walljumpers making their presence felt?

Any abandoned properties on your stretch of road, adding to the general air of neglect and decay in what was once a neat and safe suburb?
And you blame the incompetence of the Ruling Party for this sorry state of affairs? Subliminal messaging be damned. It is in fact, a highly effective mass brainwashing that you're being subjected to, and the majority of citizens have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker..
Never mind that your adult kids are enrolled to the quantum Army. What were YOU told about the benefits of this vast Experiment? That the surveillance technology would ultimately weed out the corrupt and lead to a better life for all?

Did your Sales Person give you any idea of how long this would take to achieve, or were they extremely vague on that score? Did you happily sign some sort of Secrecy clause at the time? And now? Nearly a decade after signing on, are you happy with the results? While your precious offspring have their moral integrity chipped away during their forays into your neighbour's privacy, and your once peaceful suburb turns into a war zone?
*At 5.20am there came a chirrup from my Controller's remote, and several knives to my cancer announce Someone's increased interest... A shift-change perhaps, as I sit here at the desk, listening to the rain?*

A nation in fear is what we are, and you'd be a plank to think that by joining the Elite you'll be exempt from harm, as has been so ably demonstrated in this the most heavily monitored section in eThekwini...
You're a Project loyalista? Try raising your voice in protest at the increased crime in the area, and see where it gets you. Chances are that you'll be the next victim, Elite or not... It's getting late. Cheers.

Friday 28th March at 5.30am

I'd been up out of my TV chair barely a minute, last night at bedtime, when the Dingaling next door had seen fit to close his grubby fists around the excess fat on both of my hips and to put the squeeze on.. Charming. Sitting up in bed earlier this morning, it was to find he'd decided he was onto a good thing, and although he can make that debilitating pinch disappear at the tap of a key, I've popped 2 Myprodol anyways...It's been a week since I resorted to that route, so what the heck, I'll give it a shot...

Have the latest shenanigans unleashed on the Sherwood residents, filtered back to Spence's favourite Project contractors yet, or do they steadfastly keep their noses to the grindstone and ignore the gossip as they go about the suburbs rigging up the quantum technology to your streetlights?
Allen Spence - A no-doubt well respected Muni employee of long-standing, who'd worked his way up through the ranks to become Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, and whose skills included the ability to lie to your face.. Highly sophisticated anti-cable theft technology, Al? Rigged up on a stretch that hadn't had so much as a half inch of copper nicked, prior to your arrival? Bah! Humbug!

Did Spence's two chums realise they'd come to work alongside some of the very worst criminals deliberately handed control of this advanced technology..? Are Richard of Raw Power and whoever it is that was tasked to create Howard's Electrical, not a tad embarrassed by the fact that the hours of work they've put into rigging up our neighbourhood to the invasive monitoring devices, only to find it's for the crook's benefit, and certainly not the citizens?
Just two, probably qualified and highly intelligent muni officials, who are light years away from the 'incompetent savages' you rant on about...

It was nearly midday yesterday when that text had flown in to say that No. 730 Jan Smuts had an unwanted visitor at 10pm the night before.. He'd been trying to break down their back door, and the Matriarch had somehow managed to frighten him off... That would be the Cottage behind Sue the Book's home, right? A cottage I could've sworn housed at least one Project recruit, if not two? Charmaine? Beginning to realise it's not such a fun-filled 'game' after all? That you and your fellow 'soldiers' can be outplayed at the drop of a hat, and there's sod-all you can do about it? Your mum's text nearly reduced me to tears, I tell you... 'If we all work together we can help each other?' or something along those lines... Little does she know, hey, and that's probably the way you prefer it.. Sad.

LATER at 7.15am
Was it this past Tuesday that my honourable Vice Chair had seen fit to send a further request to the relevant City Officials, requesting information on the quantum Project, as he'd not been graced with a reply to his previous missives? Awkward questions, such as how much the Project is costing the ratepayers, and when do the authorities anticipate it's completion. And the crunch - Of what benefit is this Project to the average citizen here in eThekwini?

It was either that same afternoon or the following afternoon, that I suspect this latest request had received an answer of sorts... He'd been in his office at home at 5pm, when both he and the dog had heard something, and he'd gone through to discover that one of his floor-length glass panes had been broken.. He'd gone straight outside in time to see someone head off hastily down the pavement, while his dog had looked up at his roof, barking her head off..
You may add the expense of replacing that sheet of glass to the costly mischief created with his waterlines, and it should become clear that these goondaboys still delude themselves that they can manipulate my VC through his pockets. Fools indeed.


Friday 28th March 2014 at 8.41am.