Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nothing personal?
(begun Wednesday 5th March at 3.30am..)

*I'm running behind, and in real-time it's now Friday at 6.54am.  The 'scheduled' load-shed between 4am and 6am hasn't materialised yet.  Would I be surprised were the lights to be cut mid update here? Pfft... As I'd hit the On button on the computer Rocky next door had given a strangled bark, as he'd gotten caught in the hasty airwave adjustment over at Fred's...*

It's ancient history but I swear it all begn with THIS foyer light across on the orphanage building.. Care to verify that for us Dr. Pain?  Lord knows which light it 'spoke to' this side, to enable our Controller to deliver his refined tortures back then, and it might well have been one of our own outdoor spots.
Running his light just outside these windows at half mast is certainly contributing to the painfest he continues to unleash on me..
He must have been busy elsewhere just before 1am, when I'd gotten up to pee without a problem, apart from that nasty spinal pinch lurking in the background..
Whatever he'd been up to, he'd clearly finished by 2am, and had barreled on in to ours for his daily feed.  At 2.20am he'd whacked me so hard behind my right knee that I'd come awake bolt-eyed, and I'd lain there feeling each jab of the laser, as he or one of his companions made merry with this latest area of choice..
By 3am they were back working at my spine, and shortly afterwards had driven me off my bed like some large cow heading for the abbattoir (sp).

It was probably the day before that he'd introduced the ache to the left chest.  Just briefly, a couple of times, and I confess I'd smiled at the time at their predictability..  Yesterday at 2pm I'd been on my bed chatting to the GW when my heart had taken to fluttering oddly, and I'd winked up at whoever was monitoring us at the time, it had been that ludicrous...
There's not a bum itch or needle to an extremity that I don't recognise as emanating from one or other of these heroic New Age warriors...
I'd headed to the loo at 7.35pm last night, and as I'd shut the door behind me I'd faced a barrage of the Backfire frequency.. Which of my Controller's Handlers have issued instructions for me to have company even in the toilet, or is it just another of our Sicko's pecadillos?
Do they share these grubby forays with their peers, or do they keep their darker dirtier little preferences among a small tightknit band of like-minded individuals?

Thursday 6th March at 3.15am

I wasn't sure at first but ja, it's the soft sound of rain falling that I can hear...
I've little to share with you these days, other than the variety of aches and pains my Masters continue to create about my supine body.. Crazy as it sounds, I sit here at the desk feeling exonerated in one area at last..
When I'd sat the night before at the PC, I'd literally felt the Myprodol slide a blanket over those shrieking nerve ends, and I'd thought WTF?   For I've always claimed there's no drug on the market that can begin to ease the agony caused by a concentrated laser attack..  Turns out I was correct after all...
Although for what ever reason my pain had been eased so dramatically previously, this morning's demonstrations have proven me to be right again...

I'd taken myself to bed at 9.26pm to hit an increased burst of Backfire and a sudden dull ache in the right ovary area, no more than that...
At 11.45am I'd woken to find the late night shift had arrived and were hard at it, as they'd concentrated on my glass spine.. Those two red and green capsules I'd chugged down at 7.30pm were no defense against the onslaught, whatsoever... They'd been back again just after 2am, whacking away fiercely behind my right knee, and this time they weren't about to let up.  By around 3am it had felt like flames around the base of my spine (good hey Al?) and each time I'd coughed it was the psycho shower-scene revisited...
In spite of my stumbling incoherence, I can only hope they're satisfied by my attempts to describe their prowess in the field of pain administration.

The continued squeak that arrived just outside these windows shortly after I'd sat down here at the desk after 3am, and the simmering coals on my cancer, are proof enough that they remain at their post, these heroic Hit & Run Specialists of the quantum army...   My alter ego himself still indulges in his game of Musical Cars as he attempt to dodge the official limelight, but you can guarantee he is one of those that breathes down my neck as I scribble here, and my hands are trembling as I write..
It must in all honesty be mentioned that while one of them had focused on my spine earlier, another had briefly amused itself by enabling a mild version of the Fiddler's frequency, and the results had been predictable to say the least.
The pain that fuels my pen is completely over-ridden by animal-like pleasure, all in an instant, and a little voice in my head me reminds that I'm OWNED 100%, and I don't give a damn.

I would've thought that the answer to the question asked by Theo on the Sydenham Community News page yesterday evening was becoming more obvious by the day.  That the entire community's morale MUST be undermined to such a degree that they will accept Soros' quantum empowerment funds gratefully, and will relinquish their right to privacy without a fight, as so many respected citizens have done already.. I figure my true character is beginning to reveal itself out there on Facebook, and my level of naive stupidity must have many of you snorting derisively..
My inability to Share pertinent threads to the relevant pages doesn't deter me for a second, and I've learned to copy/past them instead, and to hope for the best...

Officer Bramley and his colleague's success in recovering that enormously expensive amount of cabling was duly plonked down on Telkom's FB wall along with my request that their station be rewarded in some way. The Chirpster had said nada to that  one, as he no doubt rightly regarded my effort as futile and dumb in the extreme.  (Dammit, I wish my hands would stop shaking!) To ask for any form of recognition from one of the telecoms giants is truly laughable.. More so when you consider that for the past two days the signal to our vodacom loaded cellphones is being blatantly corrupted..
Is Jannie van Zyl suitably impressed by his Protege's butt-kissing efforts? One can only hope so.
Manipulation of both your mobiles and your landline is one of the easier methods employed to control at least some of your actions, as I'm sure the Men in Black would gleefully confirm.

Will the Microwave Boffin finally open up and tell his devout, yet clueless wife, the truth?  Or at least a portion of the truth?  Will that unfortunately bigoted yet well-meaning soul grasp the horror of what's been unleashed on this country, or will she continue to hide behind a veil of denial?
That her husband (who is by the way, a genuinely good person), was heavily, although I suspect unwittingly, involved in the installation of an unbelievably advanced technology designed to control the entire population, Elite included.
Can she get her head around the concept?  Can she somehow turn it round until she comes to see this in a GOOD light, or will she realise as I've done that it's the criminal fraternity that the Project Authors prize above all else, and that slowly but surely the masses are deliberately having their last shred of moral integrity removed, before they face their future enslavement?

*At which point I come to, and hear the extent of my futile yapping.. Will you run to your church and pray that I'm wrong?  When your own Pastor, Priest, or Minister has already eagerly embraced financial aid from Project-related sources and will expound on the merits of the neighbour-spying-upon-neighbour technology from his very pulpit?*

I've been fortunate to meet people out there on Facebook who I think won't be the pushovers these would-be Masters of the Universe are hoping for.  Astonishingly good people, who exude an aura of caring, even over the internet.. They should gird their loins for battle so to speak, and not against the decades-long corruption fostered so diligently among the Ruling Party, but against those who've been priviliged to know better and don't.
If I could embrace you all right now I would.  The good, the bad, and the seriously disturbed, you're all the same to me and I feel your pain.


Friday 7th March 2014 at 7.43am.